Tables Do Turn

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Tables Do Turn

By: N Chandra Completed

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Whatever Rachna Patel studied in school found nowhere in practice. Rachna Patel kept struggling to secure a meaningful career. Her current employer even fired her. Everything changed for Rachna and her family when her mentor Rahul showed her the way. Rahul Bhargava had it all, from good looks to wealth, and to top it all, he knew his tech-savvy ways to build someone's life and secure careers. Rachna's mother, Urmi, was unaware that she was sitting on a plateau of gold when Rahul freed her Gorakhpur property from the lender. Rahul's plans for a Green Building project turned her life around. The Green Building at Gorakhpur became a key milestone for Rachna. She did not look back since then and rose from strength to strength as she applied one aviation application after another in non-aviation fields. How would her family feel when their cunning lender turned a borrower? 'Tables do turn'. Destiny does smile. Such was the fate of the Patel family women. But will Rahul need them to fulfil his vision and take everyone to unprecedented levels? How would Rachna react when she learns that one of her former employers yearns to become her father-in-law? From a small town girl to a high networth individual, apart from the name she created for herself, Rachna did realise "Tables Do Turn".


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81 chapters
Chapter 1 || Crestfallen
"Is everyone present?" A loud baritone voice asked, looking around at all the staff members of the aviation team gathered. The pilots, engineers, officers, and those who took care of the more crucial jobs of the airport were gathered at one side. In contrast, the cleaners and staff with more minor jobs stood at another side, all smartly and elegantly dressed in their respective uniforms of just one out of the many airports in New Delhi, India. The man with the baritone voice leading the meeting was standing at the center with both hands behind him, dressed in a bright white shirt, well-ironed trousers, and shiny black shoes with a cap and a high-rank pilot badge on his shirt. "All except one, Sir," Anya, his secretary, spoke from the cluster of the airport cleaners. "Who?" The man turned to her. "Rachna Patel, Sir," said Anya. "It is always Rachna!" The man barked in annoyance, balling his fist. "This is the last straw. I am getting her fired." The door suddenly burst open then
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Chapter 2 || Fresh Pass-out
Rachna Patel, a fresh pass-out from an aeronautical school in Delhi, India, and recently fired from a job strolled across the vast lobby of one of the numerous sections of the Delhi airport. She was looking forward to a new job from one recruiter to another. It was a slow walk of shame and disappointment in herself. A potential recruiter had just rejected her. She had been trying so hard to make a career in aviation, and now she had just ruined everything. A possible job had just slipped out of her hands! She avoided everyone on her way and bent her face back up to gather her few things there and drop her student identity badge before she finally turned around and began to head back downstairs. It was hard taking a walk—the walkout of a failed interview. She wanted to walk as slow as she could to look around the airport one last time but then walking so dead would mean meeting others and questioning, and she didn't want that, so she hastened her steps, clutching her work bag tight a
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Chapter 3 || Car Drive
After shopping for essentials, on their way back home, Rahul was behind the wheels with Rachna sitting beside him in the passenger seat when suddenly she told him she wished she knew how to drive a car. But she couldn't due to nobody in her family owning a car though it has been one of her fantasies about driving a car. Rahul asked her if she wouldn't mind if he taught her how to drive. Rachna gladly jumped on the offer, thanking him profusely. He told her he would start teaching her the next day every evening. Her joy knew no bounds. Personally, Rachna's craze was shopping, a car, and long drives, and although she did not know how to drive, she expressed her curiosity, and Rahul was quick to assure her to let her learn how to drive with his car. She couldn't wait! Every single time and the moment she thought of it brought an exciting feeling to her stomach, like beautiful butterflies flying around. Then, after several days of waiting, she could hardly keep calm when it was finally t
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Chapter 4 || Shopping Delight
During one of their drives, Rachna persuaded Rahul to buy the latest dresses and footwear. She held his hand and pleaded, "Please, Rahul, take me to Sarojini Nagar for shopping." Rahul appeared surprised and asked, "Hey, what's the matter. Why are you so excited?" She blushed and said, "I have to show these to Seema." "Seema, who?" Rahul asked. "Seema is my best friend. We do not hide anything between us. She lives in Noida." She spoke. "Have you told her everything about us?" Rahul asked "Not yet, but the time has come to tell her everything, show her what I've got." She said "It means you will visit her in Noida and want me to drive you there." Rahul understood what she wanted. "Oh, Rahul, you are so wise." She appeared very happy. "But on one condition," Rahul said firmly. "What? I will follow whatever you say." She assured him. "That you will wear those dresses and show first to me," Rahul said "But how, I can't wear those in my home." She said "That will not be a prob
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Chapter 5 || Growing Up
Ring! Ring!! Ring!!! (The sound of the Samsung cell) Rachna's phone ringing and jingling could be heard even outside the bathroom. Rachna smoothened her wet hair out behind her ears as the water from the shower sprinkled on her. She puffed air and droplets of water from her lips, squinting her eyes as she quickly stretched her hand downwards to turn off the shower's tap. Rachna exhaled profoundly and reached out for her body towel, wrapping it around her nakedness and folding the ends into themselves over her breasts. She tied a towel on her head and slid into her fuzzy kitty cat slippers. It was one of Rahul's cute gifts for her the other day. As part of Rahul's grooming program, Rachna had already visited several beauty parlours, workout gyms, and clubs within a month or so. She was fast becoming an esteemed customer of these. She had already changed and filled her wardrobe at Rahul's place, getting a few more dresses with distinctive styles and designs from different collections.
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Chapter 6 || A Medical Emergency
"Rachna, you have made me so happy today. I am by all accounts the most fortunate individual on the planet." He said. She kissed his cheek. "Wish you realized how honored and fortunate I feel at this moment. I feel so complete." They had spent almost an hour lying together on the bed after another round of lovemaking. Rahul wanted to catch up on things that he had planned earlier. It was a significant shift in their lives. They both needed to relish what had just happened between them. Her mobile phone started vibrating in her pocket just then, and as her laughter died down, she excused herself from taking the call. "Hello?" "Rachna?" "Yes. Bhabhiji?" "Rachna!" Suman's voice suddenly turned to a sobbing one. "What is it, Bhabhiji? What happened? Tell me what happened?" Rachna's voice had taken a threatening tone as her heart suddenly began to beat fast and hard. Why was her sister-in-law sobbing? What was happening! "Come over quickly, Rachna," Suman's voice continued in a s
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Chapter 7 || Marriage Proposal
"You're sure you want to do the dishes, Rachna?" Urmi asked, watching her daughter. "Yes, mother," Rachna replied, smiling. "It has been a long time since I did this." She chuckled. "And besides, I want to take care of the house today. I'm here for Manan, remember?" "Of course." Urmi smiled. It has already been about three weeks since the incident with Manan. He was fully healthy now and back to the normal Manan everyone knew, but Rachna still visited the family house to check on him, and this day was one of those days. She had brought him some vanilla cakes and some chocolates. And now he was out playing with some kids in the neighborhood. Rachna continued with the dishes as her mother watched her, and soon she was done. She dried all the plates and then cleaned off the washing area before washing and drying her own hands. Her dressing for the day was a grey-colored tunic with grey trousers underneath, of the same material. And the scarf was made from the material lying loosely
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Chapter 8 || A Secret Debt
Rahul assigned Rachna the designation he had suggested. She had become the Deputy Quality Manager in his office with a suitable increase in her salary. She worked in the office in public, whereas she mostly remained and spent her time with Rahul as his assistant. They were still working in his office, not bothering about anything or wondering what her family was planning for Rachna until one Monday morning. Rahul reached his office earlier than usual and learned Urmi was waiting for him. He was surprised to see Urmi rather than Rachna for a moment. He was schooling his face into an expression of pleasant surprise. "Hi, Rahul!" She said hesitantly. "Oh, yes, hello! Auntyji, welcome!" He greeted her. They exchanged pleasantries, and he invited her into his office for privacy. Rahul stared at her bare arms as she walked by him, then led her to his office cabin and closed the door behind him. "Have a seat, auntyji," he motioned towards one of the plush leather chairs opposite his mass
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Chapter 9 || Come Closer
Rahul drove Urmi down to his flat at True Friends Apartment as soon as they got to Dwarka. "Welcome to my home," he said to Urmi as they stepped into the living room. The place was sparkling with life, the pristine white walls adding serenity to it. He loved the golden yellow glow that the lights cast around the room, giving but a soft look. "I love it," Urmi confessed with a smile. "I could live here forever," "It's a good thing you'd be visiting more often. You will find everything, food, clothes, and drinks here," He winked at her, pulling her into his arms for a quick kiss before pulling her bag to the room and giving Urmi a little tour. Urmi looked up as Rahul offered her a glass of chilled beer. She hadn't noticed when he had got up from beside her. She took the sip and held it in both hands. She looked at Rahul sitting nearby. "This is so bad of you to put me in this position." She accused him. "I didn't put you in any position. You came asking for my help, remember?" he
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Chapter 10 || Buy Me a Car
Rachna felt she needed a car because most times Rahul was using his car, and there were times she needed to go out, especially when she was going to work, now that she had gotten a new job. She had to have a car of her own for her easy movement and impress the groom. Rachna wore a denim jacket over a low-back blouse with two one-inch straps to visit Rahul's flat. Rahul caressed her back as they kissed. Then he removed her jacket, unhooked her blouse, and opened it. As they broke the kiss, he took her blouse off. As per Rahul's preferences, she was wearing a black lacy bra. She started unbuttoning her jeans herself and let them drop around her ankles. She wore 4-inch high heels, which she didn't try to take off. Rahul picked her up in her arms and took her to the bedroom. He put her on her back on the bed and started to take his clothes off. "So, you can see why I desperately need a car," Rachna said from the bed. "Baby, I know all you are saying, but I don't understand what you ex
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