Tamed By My Stepbrother

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Tamed By My Stepbrother

By: Seunpeace Ongoing

Language: English

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"Ryan we can't do this!" I pleaded, knowing I had already fallen into his temptation. He trailed his thumb softy on my collar bone, our gaze met and I melted instantly in those alluring eyes of his. "Yet, we can't deny our feelings," He uttered huskily and captured my lips with his, every ounce of restraint in me drained off as I succumbed to him. ~~ After two years of living in Bradford, UK with her broken father, Hailey recently moved back to Albany in New York to stay with her mom's remarried family to complete her finals in a new high school in her stepfamily's city. The weather, her stepfamily's lavish and luxurious lifestyle, and most importantly her stepbrother, Ryan, were all troubling for her. Ryan, The handsome, popular, and athletic rich guy of the school was every girl's dream while Hailey thought having a popular stepbrother like him would make her stay a lot easier in her new school, instead it turns out Ryan has made up his mind to wreck Hailey's life to the worst. Soon enough, Hailey noticed that Ryan has been having a grudge toward her for years for reasons she couldn't place her mind on.


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Autumn, two years ago.Ryan and I kissed our way into one of the guest rooms in his home, almost stumbling on whatever thing we came across as we couldn't let go of each other. We closed the door immediately after getting inside the room, finally breaking our heated kiss while we breathed out heavily as we stood close to each other, our hands playing with the hem of our clothing and our skin radiating heat of how toxic we got immersed in each other presently, making me give him a bright smile.“Don't smile at me like that. You know, it drives me crazy,” Ryan said huskily as he slipped his hands under my blouse and unhooked my bra.“How?” I grinned, smiling at him more profusely while placing my both hands on his broad shoulders, as a cute smile lit up his handsome face too.Who could have known I would be in this crazy condition, most especially with my stepbrother?We just finished hanging out with his friends at the pool party and secretly escaped our way back home without anyone n
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Spring, two years after, It was already getting dark when the taxi dropped me in front of my mum's new family home. The journey from Bradford in the United Kingdom to Albany in New York was quite stressful as I tried to hold the handle of my luggage and a big traveling box to stand firmly in place on the ground. I stared at the magnitude mansion that took the natural environment as sacred, though it was modern to every single detail, it was built around the trees protecting them. Three interlocking levels show the versatility of color in the two-storey mansion. Featuring large panes of glass and even wider viewing platforms, while the stunning horizontal wooden panel makes a clear path to the front door. The cold breeze fanned my face as I fought the urge to stop the tears that glistened on my face. I used the back of my right hand to wipe my eyes and breathed out. 'I can't still believe mum left dad to live this kind of life, so selfish of her,' I thought angrily as I began to pu
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After putting finishing touches to the edges of my hair, I grabbed my black school bag and walked out of my room, closing the door gently behind me.Today was going to be the first day in my new school and I prayed everything will go well, with no issues with the students, especially my classmates because most students in school tend to pick on the new student and if you're beautiful and from a wealthy family, you'll be saved from all that because everyone would want to be with you.Which is just hypocrisy…I got closer to the dining room, drawn by the aroma of toast bread and bacon when I started hearing giggles and chuckles, making me curious as I walked into the dining room single-mindedly interrupting my mum and stepdad who were kissing and tickling each other as I coughed lightly and avoided their gaze.“Good morning, Hailey,” My mum chirped, nervously moving away from my stepdad when she noticed my presence.“Morning,” I replied flatly.“I'll get going to work, see you later,” M
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HAILEY's POV. I finally got to the house where the party was taking place, thanks to Brielle's description, I reached the front of the apartment which was blaring out hip hop music. I already told mum that I wanted to go see Ryan, leaving the party section out of it… She doesn't need to know about that. I was putting on black jeans and a navy green jacket as I covered my head with the hood, I knew I would be the odd one to be dressed here, especially when girls around my age would be putting on skimpy body con dresses and any other dress that would expose their body to a night party. I got irritated by the smell of Liquor and smoke from cigarettes as I lowered my head while using my arm to cover my nose. Furthermore, I got inside the house crowded with hormonal and crazy teenagers as they rocked and danced to the beat of the music. I looked up and glanced and luckily no one knew who I really was, some guys just glanced at me and passed, maybe because of the way I was dressing. I
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HAILEY's POV. I tried to sink into what Ryan just said to me as everyone became silent and gathered around us. I glanced at Brielle who was now giving me a smug look, but I was less concerned about her as I directed my gaze back to Ryan's cold-stricken face. 'What the fuck are you doing here?' His voice rang in my ears as it began to pierce my eardrum. “Ryan!” I started softly, trying to make my voice as calm as possible. “It's me, Ha-Hailey!” My voice cracked as I stared at him hurt and pained, endeavoring to make him know and remember I was the same Hailey he always fancied about back then. I attempted to move closer to him and touch him, but he backed off immediately like someone was about to pour acid on him, as I heard the girls begin to giggle among themselves. Brielle rolled her eyes and scoffed as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned on the wall as she smirked and gazed at us. “I told you to stay away from me, Hailey, You shouldn't have shown up that ugly face
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“Come on! Brielle, you just fucking wet my carpet,” Ryan groaned annoyingly as he cupped Brielle's face with his palms and stared softly at her, and my jaw fell in shock.“Do you know how much I got those designer carpets?” He questioned her calmly as they both directed their gaze to the carpeted floor, ignoring me like I wasn't the victim.I was too surprised and thrilled to move, watching Brielle mutter 'sorry' to him sheepishly.“It's okay,” He smiled warmly at her, brushing her hair to the back while Brielle giggled slightly, tugging a loose strand behind her ear as they both gazed into each other's eyes.What even crushed me was when he leaned to kiss her left cheek, making her blush profusely.My heart sank, staring at what the both of them just did, ignoring me totally like an outcast. I couldn't take it any longer as I boiled with fiery and turned around and pushed my way through the crowds running out of the house angrily.I finally got to the street, especially escaping the
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HAILEY's POV.I sucked in my breath, waiting for what Ryan was about to say when he walked closer to me while we stared intimately at each other.He stood a few inches away from me, and I was waiting for him to talk as he stared at me remorsefully.“I'm sorry,” He apologized softly, while I stared at him blankly, registering what he just said.'Did he just apologize to me?' I thought, staring surprisingly at him.He moved a bit closer and stretch out his arm as he grabbed my left wrist, which I yanked away from him furiously.Does he think he could treat me like a douchebag and come next to just start apologizing, and he'll get off the hook like that?“Don't,” I warned him, stopping him with the palm of my left hand, shunning him as he run his hands through his silky auburn hair as he sighed at me.“I know I was a complete jackass to you yesterday, I wasn't in my right mind when I acted that way to you… I was drunk, and I'm so sorry,” He apologized, I looked him straight in the eyes t
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HAILEY's POV.I was so happy that I smiled at almost everyone who passed my way down the hallway, while I drowned in my thoughts about how I and Ryan had finally made peace at last.I entered the classroom and Ryan was speaking to some of his friends in class, I glanced everywhere searching for Brielle since she always follows Ryan around like a kitten.She wasn't in class and, I guessed, she wasn't a literature student. I noticed how she stayed at arm's length when Ryan, Micah, I, and Jace were the ones so keen about the project.I made my way to my seat as Shirley waved at me, showing me her Silver braces around her teeth.“Good morning, Shirley,” I greeted her, placing my bag on the table.“Good morning, someone looks so happy this morning,” She told me as I blushed slightly.“Is it that obvious?” I whispered asking her about settling down to sit when I felt someone tap my shoulder lightly.“Ley!” That deep voice rang out, I turned around immediately and saw Ryan staring at me in t
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HAILEY's POV.I closed the door of my room with a slight thud, I lazily dragged my feet to my bed, getting tired of today's work at school. I dropped my school bag on the bed and removed my blazer from my body and flung it on the bed.Furthermore, I sighed, packing my hair into a messy bun and jumped on my bed sitting down. Likewise, I am so determined for my presentation tomorrow as I wish to go to Aiden's college, so I will be with him.Smiling to myself, I slowly unbuttoned my school shirt, throwing it on the floor when I was done, and unzipped my skirt after it as it slipped to the floor.I hopped into my bathroom to take a warm shower before I settle down and study for the presentation I'll be having tomorrow morning.A few moments later, I was done showering and put on a simple straight gown and jumped on my bed, laying on it flatly. I stretched my arm to grab my bag and draw it closer to me.I unzipped my bag and brought out my phone to go through my presentation work on my Goo
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HAILEY's POV.✿✿I rolled from side to side on my bed contemplating skipping class, I tried to remember what I learned about the presentation, but I couldn't even try to retain anything in my memory.It felt so clouded…Suddenly, I stood up, that dickhead who caused all this would be in school, I thought.'He's going to give me a better explanation why he did this, he will tell me what I did to deserve all this,' I fumed as I put my books and my phone into my bag and zipped it up furiously.I walked closer to the mirror to check out myself, my eyes had sunken in causing dark circles below my eye sacs, it was because of him, I couldn't sleep as I called him endlessly to no avail last night.Adjusting my short pleated school skirt and buttoning the one button on my Navy-blue blazers.I walked back to my bed and grabbed my back, slumping it over my shoulder as my fingers curled around the straps, and I headed out of my room.I jogged down the stairs and made my way directly to the front
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