Angel's World : Beginning of the End

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Angel's World : Beginning of the End

By: Just Another Author Ongoing

Language: English

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Would you sacrifice everything to save the universe? What if it meant loosing your home, your planet, and everything you know? Leaving your family to possibly never see again? Would you? A romantic space opera that covers just that, while adding a little fun, a bit of love, danger, and betrayal. Please enjoy. Please leave reviews and comments if you want to see more to this novel!


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In the Beginning
The world as we know it is simple. In the suburbs of a city much like one you know, people wake up, go to work, go home, eat and sleep. This cycle repeats day to day with only slight changes for fun and family. Humans in general like to think we are special, intelligent, and lords of our domain. But we are but a spec of sand at the bottom of the endless ocean of the universe. On this spec of sand, in one of those standard suburbs, near the city like most others with trees and roads and tall buildings, in a smaller home is where we begin.The sun peeks through the blinds of a bedroom window. Deep chestnut brown pools tiredly creak open as a bar of light pushes through the blinds and creeps up olive skin of a mans face. A soft groan can be heard as his eyes squint closed again. With stiff joints and tingly sleep still in his limbs, he pushes back the warm embrace of his covers and places his feet onto the floor in the cool morning air around him. Fuzzy carpet grasps his toes as he grog
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Angel blinked again hearing that and before she could ask her to repeat it again she was cut off. "Angel I am not gonna repeat myself again. Now get your fuzzy butt to the bridge!" Coleen says and ends the message with a click. At least she thought she did but the line was still open.As Angel hurriedly tosses on her uniform and makes sure her captains straps of crimson red are affixed around her biceps she hears muted through the speaker "gah this girl, so much of a pain in the mornings, I can't believe I have to be her assisting officer." Angel twitches an ear in annoyance as some other voice then says "ma'am I think the line is still open...." trailing off. Suddenly Coleen shouts "OH SH!!T!!" And quickly turns off the line.Angel grumbles to herself "just because I am young everyone treats me like a burden" and then quickly leaves her quarters and heads to the bridge.The bridge of the ship is large and spacious. A huge window can be seen in the very front of the room with hologra
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The ship quickly made its way towards terra tripsolus solar system, at the same time a large dark shadow also sped towards the same.Angel made a grrr sound as she heard this mans whine regarding his nap. Snapping back to the channel she sighed "Moe it is a class A giant type relic. Your nap will have to wait. " just as she was finished talking the green haired girl once again blurted out "Ma'am calculations are complete. The relic will reach the planet 2 shards before us". Coleen seated next to the captain sneered "dammit we won't make it in time to prevent casualties". Angel also cursed and barked into the private com "Also prepare for damage control, looks like you are going in hot"Time to fanelians is graded in steps, mites, shards, passes, phases, and cycles. While these do correlate with seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years, there are stark differences between them. Steps is regarded near seconds but as it is a grade of the time it takes to physically make a s
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While the giant grey relic speeds towards planet Earth, a fanelian battle cruiser also speeds this way, although a bit slower. On the bridge of this ship the captain and her immediate crew continue to discuss the current conditions of their mission."I hope Moe is ready to deal with this relic, this is his first mission sense the class A enhancement procedure" says Coleen from next to the captains chair.The girl with green hair and eyes seated at the defense coordination console turns around "Ma'am, he has been fully tested and the strain on his body from the process is within tolerances. My only concern is the unknown specialty of the relic. " she says in her soft cute voice. Green eyes blink before turning back to her screen. "There is a large energy cloud surrounding the relic right now. Our scanners can not even get close to reading its energy signature. There is one thing though..." she trails off looking to the captain.Angel looks over at her and makes a motion with her hand "
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After the loud roar the shadow turns back towards John. His face turns white, "it is looking at me" flashes through his mind. Without the sun in his eyes his vision clears. John can see the grayish skin covering the giant humanoid shape. What he thought was a head is simply a large mass coming out of the top of the shape. Those red lights cover most of the top section and 6 can be clearly seen.The large mouth of this nightmare starts halfway through the "head" and ends about where the belly button would be on the shape. The creature looks like a rough mold of a person made out of clay. The whole surface is irregular. The arms end in three rough digits with a squarish shape. The legs end in larger ends without any "feet" to speak of. All the appendages don't seem to have any joints and simply curve over the whole length.On its back the skin begins to deform and form those tentacles again. 12 push out over its head forming a rough semi circle behind it at the ends. John is still froze
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The laugh continues for a little bit of time. Then it dies out replaced with a deep raspy voice. "That tickled, what are you supposed to be little gnat?"While it's words are spoken, the hole begins to seal up. It's massive body begins to reform. In moments it has completely rebuilt itself, like nothing ever happened. Even the tentacles sprout back out. Their target now is a little different.Looking out from behind the melted remains of the truck John watches a green haired man float down to the ground near the giant monster. He can't believe quite what he is seeing and hearing before him. Are they taunting each other?! He remains as quiet as he can, taking only a short glance at his mangled leg. He fears it may have to be amputated.Moe on the other hand has no clue John is even there. What he does see is this annoying clay looking relic in front of him. "Oh look, it's still standing..." he doesn't even wait for a response and quickly fires a blast at the monsters leg blowing it to
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