Sinful Apocalypses

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Sinful Apocalypses

By: TheGrandMagi Ongoing

Language: English

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Synopsis Loading... Leo went out door to buy a present for himself, today it’s his birthday and it supposed to be the most wonderful day. He’s 18 today, that means he’s an adult now and that deserved some proper celebrations! But it all happened when he’s picking out the present: an Apocalypse, a genuine Apocalypse! The earth shook and the sky was ripped opened, zombies and monsters wondering through the streets… Leo managed to get home somehow, but something’s changed, not only on the outside world, but also within this family… Warning: Not a story for everyone, read at your own risk.

101 chapters
Chapter 1
The year was 2042, a mega metropolitan city had spiraled in the heart of the nation of Anuria in addressing the country’s overpopulation. A massive city built from scratch in the bowl-like landscape between the mountain ranges defining the city's perimeter. New Londo, or New City, was given its name to re-define what a city in the 21st century should look like. True to the culture of Anuria, everything in New Londo was massive in scale. From the roads of great Broadway to the towering skyscrapers of the financial district, every infrastructure was built for its magnificence. Leo lived in this city all of his life, after 11 a.m. this morning. That's right! It was Leo’s birthday today and his mother had entrusted him with a mighty $100 bill to buy whatever present he wanted from the store as a gift. She was a practical mother; Leo won’t be disappointed by a gift he didn’t want. It was a trait she had adopted due to the early passing of Leo’s late father. Leo was excited as he patient
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Chapter 2
Leo was careless. He was bitten when a rowdy man ran past him and pushed him back, buying himself time for escape. In the heat of the moment, he was thrown off balance and bitten instead of the rowdy man. It was a light wound, but a bite nonetheless. While his mind feared for his life, his body reacted otherwise with steady heart beats. ‘Will I turn? Like in the movies? I have not seen any dead people turn yet. Maybe…’ Leo continued to make his way home. It had been a while since he was bitten and he checked himself while making his way towards the Deli. ‘No signs of turning? No adverse reaction? Good.’ He heard a gunshot in the direction of his house. Jogging towards the Deli entrance, he saw his mother holding a gun, pointing at a corpse. The hole in the corpse’s head indicated that a bullet was wasted on a zombie that’s already on the ground, for Sarah was already holding a baseball bat, ready to go if it ever gets up. Another corpse laid at the counters with heavy damage done b
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Chapter 3
Leo slept for almost a full day. He woke up in the late morning on his bed with sunshine beaming towards his eye. Hearing movement coming from her son’s room, Catherine knocked on Leo’s door.“Honey, are you awake? How are you feeling” She cannot stop worrying that the worst could still happen.“Mom? I am feeling great right now. What happened yesterday?”“Oh, nothing much, you fainted, and we carried you to bed. I am so glad nothing happened to you!” Catherine barged in the door with the realization of her son’s recovery, only to be greeted by Leo’s morning wood that had not died down since yesterday.“Mom...!” Leo quickly covered himself with a blanket while giving an embarrassed call to his mother while blushing.Catherine’s face also flushed red, but she still approached and sat next to him, giving Leo another round of marshmallows to the face. Leo let his mother embrace him and said nothing. The hug went on for minutes, he had to hold his breath. By the door, Sarah was already ho
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Chapter 4
It was late intothe night. Leo stripped himself naked and jumped onto the bed. The heat ofsummer night was unbearable without air conditioning. Unfortunately, the solarpanels simply don’t store enough energy to run the AC at night. Fortunately,thanks to the clean energy policy adopted by the city, the majority of homesstill can enjoy a civilized life, even in the apocalypse.While thinkingabout the ruby-like jelly he ate earlier today, drowsiness quickly overtookhim. What came shortly after was the excruciating pain throughout his body.Yet, Leo remained unconscious, due to a protective mechanism in his brain. Fromthe twitching of his body, the intensity, this time around, was visibly morepainful.Catherine camefrom the direction of Sarah’s room. She was just checking up on her daughter tosee if she had any injuries. She only found light bruises that turned red,which gave her a feeling of relief. It was now her son’s turn to be checked on.Creeping throughLeo’s bedroom do
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Chapter 5
The date is August 24th, 2042. It’s a national holiday, celebrating the founding of Anurica. Normally, fireworks would have been going off from midnight till morning, making it a sleepless day. Fortunately, the city finally enjoyed a quiet morning, nobody dared making a sound attracting the hordes.The family trio had woken up and were at the dinner table. The success of yesterday’s pillage ensured that the table was filled with an abundance of food that only served as a light snack to the siblings.“We are going to check up on Aunt Sharon today, we found a path that is relatively safe.” Sarah brought up her plan as she finished her milk.“Right, I hope you can find Sharon in her room, she may be clever, but my sister is not the type that would stay indoors even in this situation. She never picks up my call, even now. Does she know how much I worry about her? She just...” Catherine showed a rare occasion of endless rambling in front of her children.Leo gave his sister the look saying
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Chapter 6
It was night time, the moon was almost full and the sky was clear. It had been an hour since her mother left Sarah’s room to check up on Leo. She slowly got off her bed and quietly approached her little brother’s room in her lingerie. The door to Leo’s room was left wide open and her mother still seemed to be inside. “What is mom doing in there?” Sarah whispered to herself, planning on taking a peek. The first thing she saw when she peeked through the door was her mother on her knees, bare breast against her little brother’s abdomen. She was giving Leo a tit job! Sarah was not innocent enough to not know what mom was doing. She stood still at the door and silently watched her mother giving her best. ‘This is quite exciting as well’ she thought. As time passed by, Leo finally let off his load, filling the condom to the brim. The amount of thick ooze left Sarah amazed. Mother then carefully took off the condom, made a simple tie, and put the bulging condom on the ground with the othe
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Chapter 7
For the next few days, the family went on their usual routine. Catherine stayed home and took care of chores, while the siblings went out to scavenge for supplies, bust some skulls for jellies and occasionally hunt some man-eating beasts. The biggest game they found was a stray wolf that seemed to have roamed down from the mountains; it was a fierce fight that broke Sarah’s trusty bat she had since middle school.Then at night, Catherine never skipped a milking session with her son, but never moved beyond using her breast and her hands. She had become so used to feeling her son’s monstrous rod up close, that her guilty conscience towards her late husband started to fade away. Every time she reached an orgasm; she couldn't help but to compare her son’s behemoth to that of his father, wondering how it would feel if she did it for real.She also noticed the cum filled condoms she hid under the bed always disappeared the next day. She suspected Leo found the condoms underneath and threw t
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Chapter 8
Leo and Sarah were rewarded generously for their endeavor. The crimson jellies they extracted were all above average size with the jelly from the leader being the biggest one they ever seen. Leo ate the biggest one and Sarah ate the other three. The siblings only save the smaller ones as health potions, all the big jellies were attribute points.It was only noon, the crimson jellies served as their lunch. The siblings cleaned their hands and started to move towards their next and final destination on campus. If they had talked with the survivors on the campus, they would have warned them to not approach the campus theater at all costs. A monstrosity lives in the theater, luckily, it stays in the theater.There was a performance at the theater on the day the black mist appeared. The theater building still hung the flag advertising the college concert band. Both Leo and Sarah understood this meant bad news; an ominous feeling grew within them as they got closer to the building. Few zomb
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Chapter 9
It is a bright day with a clear sky. The sun drifts high above the clouds and illuminates the city with its usual brilliance. Usually, the city’s mountain range serves as natural barriers to more violent weather. Blocked by the tall mountain ranges, blessings of the elements seldom reached the city. The streams flowing down the mountains formed rivers that ensured the city a natural supply of abundant, clean water. The combination of all these features made the bowl-like landscape a golden spot to build a great city. Yet from afar, beyond the mountains, dark clouds were forming above the ocean surface, heralding the end of summer.“Is it just me or do you seem different today sis? Did you put on makeup?” Asked Leo the moment he saw Sarah by the dining table humming and eating breakfast.“Make up? Maybe. You can take a guess,” said Sarah with her usual confidence. The luster of her fair skin seems to be alive and glimmering with light, hints of feminineness are hidden behind her youth
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Chapter 10
At the same time, the temporary HQ of Anurica’s Department of Defense.“Commander! We received a report that the black mist appeared again from New Londo. It will reach here in approximately two hours and thirty-six minutes,” the technician reported.“Sound the alarm! All units and personnel report back to their quarters and lock their doors. Initiate level 4 danger and full quarantine at base. Lastly, send out the warnings ASAP!” the commander quickly gave out a list of orders.“How many cities will fall this time?” the commander said to his longtime friend and advisor next to him.“None,” the advisor responded.“Pardon?”“Judging from the density of black mist reported, it should be weaker than the first time. The research team already hypothesized that the black mist is something that triggers evolution by mutation. Those that didn’t turn into those monsters won’t turn again by the same level of stimulation,” the advisor then lifted his glasses and continued to explain.“But, from
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