The Assassin's Accident

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The Assassin's Accident

By: BFJ Ongoing

Language: English

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He is an assassin for hire; very skilled in his job. Never makes mistakes. Or so everyone thought. Until he was given a particular job, as usual. He was self confident, but then the unexpected happens. Unexpected, for a person in his line of duty. What happens when he sets out to do his job? Was he successful? Could he really pull the trigger? Everything happens for a reason, right? What could be reason for this happenings? Let's find out!


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33 chapters
Chapter One
My name is Mikhail Berlusconi. I’m a brutal assassin, but I only kill bad guys. Those unscrupulous criminals that make this town unsafe.Today, I was here to meet two people who apparently had someone for me to kill.I spotted them standing in a corner of the fifth floor of an abandoned uncompleted building. A middled aged woman called Rita, and a young man called Mateo.The woman had an impatient look on her face while the young man beside her looked bored out of his mind. When she finally spotted me approaching, she frowned.“Yo man, you’re finally here.” Mateo said, stepping forward, hand outstretched.I glared at his hand until he withdrew it and went back to stand beside his mother.Rita blew air out of her nose, giving me a look of disgust. She then turned to the other man, obviously her son.“Is he the one?” Rita asked.“Yes mama.”“Really, Mateo? This. . . man?” she frowned.She was a tall and slender woman, seems to be middle aged but she still looked good all round with her
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Chapter Two
I hid in the shadows, among the trees. I was ready to put a bullet through her skull and free this town of another murderer.The woman I’d been paid to kill sat by a building bonfire, obviously to keep her cold soul warm.She wore a checkered blue blouse on top of a denim jeans skirt. The fire illuminated her face, and I could see that she was even more beautiful than the picture proved.Such a pity that she had such a vile soul.Aiming the gun in my hand, I trailed it on her. Though it was night and the woods were dark, a year of training as an assassin had made me a good shoot and kill.I’d never missed a target in the five years I’d been in this job.I was just about to pull the trigger when a sweet, melodious voice filled the silence of the woods. It took me a second to realize where it was coming from. It was from her; and I froze, something which had never happened before.She was singing. I remembered hearing that song in a cartoon I’d watched as a child, but I very vividly rem
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Chapter Three
I woke up after another restless night the third time in a row. For some reason, I couldn’t get the thought of Montserrat out of my head.Three whole fvcking days.I couldn’t help but wonder how she was doing, whether she was in any kind of danger.Yes, I’d warned Mateo and his mother not to even dare think of hurting her, but there was no way in hell I could trust that they would listen.What if they’d paid another person to do what I’d refused to do?After an internal battle with myself, I finally got out of bed, took a quick shower and put my signature black leather jacket on a black undershirt on top of black jeans. Then I locked the doors and grabbed my motor.No, I wasn’t going because I cared about Montse or anything. I was only going to make sure Mateo and his mother hadn’t disobeyed me.If they had, God help them.I rode till I got into the woods and parked my bike where I’d parked it three days ago, deciding to walk the rest of the way. I would just take a peek and then leav
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Chapter Four
Someone was trying to kill us. Or rather, someone was trying to kill Montserrat.Montse yelled. Covering her, I dived behind a large tree, slewing in midair so that I cushioned the fall.Quickly switching positions, I made sure she was well shielded by the tree and I was in front of her before pulling out my gun.Her eyes widened at the gun in my hand but she seemed too shocked and confused to ask anything. I searched through the fast darkening woods.Whoever was shooting at us definitely sucked at shooting.I let my hearing and my sight fuse, watching the direction where the bullets were coming from. The person shooting at us was in all black, partially hiding behind a tree.As if realizing where he was wasn’t granting him the angle of precision, he attempted to dive to another spot.I saw my opportunity and delivered one clear shot to his leg. In front of me, Montserrat winced and covered her ears.The person screamed. I waited a while to make sure he was alone before getting up and
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Chapter Five
I couldn’t face her. Hell, I was scared of facing Montserrat.Transferring the shopping bag in my right hand to my left, I unlocked the door and stepped inside my flat.She was sitting in the living room in front of the TV, but from the look in her eyes, whatever was being shown was lost on her.She looked at me as I entered.I walked over to her, setting the shopping bag in front of her and the polythene with takeout from a restaurant on the glass centrepiece. She looked up at me enquiringly.“I bought you some dresses and underwears from the boutique.” I explained.“You bought me underwears?” Her eyes widened in disbelief. I nodded, and she turned away from me, cheeks turning pink, then muttered, “Pervert.”“The shopkeeper selected everything, I swear. She had your figure.” I clarified.She nodded, returning her gaze to the TV and instantly going quiet. Hating her silence, I asked, “Are you okay?”She shifted her eyes to me.“Do you mean to ask whether I’m still scared? Then yes, I
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Chapter Six
The next day, Montse convinced me to let her go out with me so we could go buy groceries.Even though I didn’t see it as sensible, I didn’t want her to feel like I was controlling her life.“Did you see how she was staring at me?” Montse asked, looking at me incredulously as we got out of the car and set to go into the house after returning from our shopping. “If looks could kill, you wouldn’t even get my ashes to keep. And you’re telling me you don’t know why?”“Why don’t you tell me why?” I said.I was holding the bag of groceries we’d just bought in both my hands so I indicated for Montserrat to fetch the keys from my pocket. She did.“Isn’t it obvious?” She asked as she inserted the key and unlocked the door. “She’s jealous!”“Yeah sure.” I said wryly, following her into the house.“Seriously! Are you sure she’s not your ex-girlfriend?”“Very.”I’d only ever seen that woman two times, today being the second time. The first time had been three weeks ago when I’d gone to her grocery
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Chapter Seven
It was 12:02 am but I was just returning home. I unlocked the door slowly. Montse should be asleep by now, and I could finally go and have some sleep after such a stressful day.I stepped into my apartment, closing the door, then came right to a startled stop. She was sitting in the living room, her eyes glued distractedly to the TV.When she turned to look at me, I expected to see anger in her eyes. Instead, her eyes lighted up, and she smiled warmly at me.She patted the space beside her on the couch, indicating for me to come and sit down.Seeing her still awake had thrown me offguard, but I managed to stabilize my composure and walked to sit beside her.For a while, none of us said anything, pretending to be watching what was showing on the television.“Haven’t seen you in while.” She finally spoke.My chest tightened. “It’s just work. It keeps me busy.” At least that wasn’t a lie.“I see.” She said simply.A silence followed before she finally spoke again. “I know this will sound
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Chapter Eight
For about a minute, we stared at each other in a stunned silence. Then finally, hurt and disappointment flashed in Montserrat’s eyes before she turned and stormed away.I hated the disappointment in her eyes so I went after her immediately, not giving a damn that I was naked. She ran into her room and attempted to shut the door but I was quick to brace my hands against it.Some seconds of battle later, she seemed to realize she couldn’t match my strength and stepped away from the door. The door flew backwards, and I was thrown into the room.“Montserrat.” I said.“What? It’s not what I’m thinking?” She sneered, voice full of cynicism. “Ha, I guess you had a gun to her head then. That’s why she fv¢king screamed your name to wake the dead.”It was the second time I was hearing her cuss. The first had been in high school when she’d defended me against her then best friend who’d accused me of sexual harassment. With this, I knew she was very upset.“I’m sorry.”“What are you even apologiz
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Chapter Nine
They had shot her twice, one in the belly, and the other in the head.I crouched beside her slowly, taking in her lifeless face and the red hole on her forehead. I brought my hand to caress her cheek and realized they were shaking.Shaking from pain and rage.Those bastards. What did Helena ever do to them? What was she doing here in the first place anyway? I thought she’d already left.Had she tried to stop them from taking Montse? Was that why they’d killed her?“I’m sorry.” I whispered.I had never apologized to anyone since my parents were murdered. Ironic that the first person I was apologzing to, after then, was a corpse.She was the only person I’d ever seen fit enough to call a friend. And they’d taken her away from me.Those bastards had better prepare themselves because I was coming for them. Hard and merciless.Getting up, I grabbed my black jacket lying on the couch. I felt through the pockets and fished out my phone. I was gritting my teeth so hard I was surprised they had
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Chapter Ten
That night, Montse had a nightmare and woke up panting. After I called her down, she told me that Helena had come back to the house looking for me.That was when those men had come to kidnap her. Helena had tried to stop them. That was why they killed her.*-*-*-*“I’m sorry, Helena.” I whispered, spreading the last bit of sand on the grave I’d just covered in my backyard.As much as I wanted to give her a proper burial and all, I knew I couldn’t do that without the police getting involved. Even though I wasn’t her murderer, I could still be arrested as a suspect because she died in my house.It would only get worse if investigations were carried out because the police could find out that I’d killed the people who murdered her.The last thing I wanted was to spend time away from Montse. It was only good for me that Helena had no family and I wouldn’t have to lie to anyone.I went back into the house to clean up the mess and the blood. I couldn’t help the reality that Helena had died t
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