Their Sassy Sweetheart

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Their Sassy Sweetheart

By: Lauren Eyler Completed

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When a young girl moves to a new town with her Uncle and cousins, she has to complete her senior year at a new school. Her love for tattoos, fighting, fast cars and family is what keeps her going. She tries to ignore everyone to make it through her last year but that doesn't last when she catches the eyes of 3 brothers. The Brothers run the school and town they live in. All 3 are drop dead gorgeous and used to everyone sucking up to them. They have girls all over them every week but none have committed. Their love for all things fast, cars, women and motorcycles, are the only thing on their minds. That is until a new girl shows up and doesn't treat them like everyone else. Her smart mouth, tattoos and attitude intrigue the brothers and they can't wait to have her. Will she give into their advances? Will the brothers give up their fast ways?? Just have to wait and see...... **THIS STORY HAS A LOT OF GRAPHIC SEX SCENES AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS. DO NOT READ IF UNDER 18 OR IF YOU AREN'T INTO THIS TYPE OF BOOK**


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65 chapters
Saskia 18 yrs old5'8"Blonde hair/Blue eyes tattoosLikes: Tattoos, fast cars, fighting & her motorcycle Tristan18 yrs old6'3"Light brown hair/blue-green eyes tattoos & piercingsLikes: Tattoos, fast cars, women & fightingTyson18 yrs old6'4"Brown/blonde hair hazel/green eyes tattoos & piercingsLikes: tattoos, women, fast cars/motorcycle & fightingToni 18 yrs old6'2Black hair/ grey eyesLikes: motorcycle, women, fighting & fast cars Sloan (the brothers dad)43 yrs old6'5"Black hair/ blue eyesOwns Sloan Industries Bella (the brothers mom/Sloans wife)40 yrs old 5'9"Blonde hair/ hazel eyesHousewife Ashton41 yrs old 6'Brown hair & eyesOwns Williams Inc Saskias uncleWes & Wren's dad Wes20 yrs old6'1"Brown hair/brown eyesWorks for his dad Wren18 yrs old 6'Brown hair/brown eyesSenior Mitch & Mark (the twins)18 yrs old Both 6'2"Both brown hair/hazel eyesBest friends to the brothers Mia18 yrs old 5'7"Brown hair/green eyesSaskias friendCourtney
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Chapter 1
Saskias POV:BEEP BEEPBEEPSMASH!!!!!"Oh my god!! Stupid, damn alarm!". I get up, go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. Stepping in, letting the warm water run all over my body releases all the tension in my back. After washing up I step out and grab a towel to wrap around my body and another one to dry my hair. I quickly grab some clothes and throw them on before putting on my nikes. I quickly blow dry my hair and apply some makeup. I'm soooo not thrilled about starting a new school in my last year of high school. But apparently moving was the only option considering my previous 3 schools all kicked me out. In my defense two of them deserved what I did to them and the third was a prank that the principal just happened to get caught in the middle of it. So anyways I grab my bag and run downstairs to the kitchen to see my cousins eating breakfast and my uncle pouring himself another cup of coffee. " Good morning losers!!" I yelled trying not to laugh. Wes flipped me the bi
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Chapter 2
"What the hell?!" I yell at the strange dude. When I look up my eyes widen a little at this sexy tattooed god in front of me. I quickly put a blank stare on my face as I notice the guy smirking at me. "I see you're new here sweetheart." I roll my eyes and sarcastically say "No shit Sherlock. What gave you that idea?" As I go to walk around him he grabs ahold of my arm and pulls me back towards him. " What the hell are you doing?! Take your hands off of me!" I aggressively say to him with a glare. In the process of trying to pull myself free i didn't notice how close we were til I felt his nose trailing down my neck. " Mmm sweetheart you smell amazing. Relax I'm not going to hurt you to do anything. That's not the type of guy I am." "Oh really cause you seem like a fuck boy that has seen more pussy than a gyno." I snap at him. He glares at me and says lowly "You don't know a single thing about me sweetheart and watch your mouth! Foul language shouldn't come out of such a pretty mouth.
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Chapter 3
Sorry my chapters are so short!! I'm trying to extend them out but life is getting in the way but I'll do my best. "Should we wake her up?" first voice said"Are you crazy?! I choose life." second voice said. Hmmmm that sounds a lot like Wren. POKE...POKE...I know these asshats aren't bothering me while I'm trying to sleep like wtf?!"You guys quit it before you piss her off." That's right Wren these idiots are bout to get hurt. POKE...POKE...."Quit being a pussy she's harmless" a third voice said. That's it someone is getting slapped!!!I slowly peek out of my left eye to see the twins and Wren standing there trying to figure out what to do but none of them are looking at me. "okay whatever it's your funeral I'm not in this shit." I heard Wren say as I could feel the two move closer to me. One right in front of me and the other to my right. I felt the air move towards my right knowing they were making the first move my right arm shot up and yanked the person forward successfu
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Chapter 4
*This chapter will have multiple POV's and some SMUT. Just fair warning*Toni (Grey Eyes) POV:I watched as a mischievous smirk appeared on the tattooed goddesses , known as Saskia, face as she scanned the room. The moment she walked into first period I froze. Normally I don't care about new students but something about her caught my attention. I don't know if it was the way she walked in with that confidence/attitude or her beautiful blue eyes or the fact that she's got tattoos everywhere. Mmmm yum! After she called me out on the staring I tried to focus on what the teacher was saying only to space out as my thoughts drifted back to her. Before I could ask for her number she was already walking out the door. I watch her walk towards some guy and those knucklehead twins. I hear the third guy yell her name "Kia!!!!!" She laughs at him and yells back "What assface!!" This gets her and the twins laughing as the third guy fakes a broken heart. I couldn't help but smile at their antics as
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Chapter 5
*** Multiple POV's ***Tyson's (Mountain Man) POV:Getting out of my truck this morning, I stretch and walk around to where my brothers and best friends are standing around talking shit. I make sure my aviators are on as I look around the lot filled with people we've know for the past 10 years. Just as I was about to look towards my idiot friends I see a badass black motorcycle flying in the lot with a black jeep right behind it. By now everyone in the lot is staring trying to figure out who these people are. I watch the person on the bike dismount and rip off the helmet. I see a wave of long blonde hair. Wait a minute long blonde hair? I look at this person again starting from the top going all the way down past that sexy ass of hers. Wow she's hot I think to myself.At this point I realize the guy in the Jeep has stepped out and is yelling at the girl "Are you out of your mind woman you almost gave me a heart attack pulling that shit already this morning!!" My first reaction is I kn
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Chapter 6
Kias POV:I catch up with the girls as we all walk into the cafeteria. I mindlessly follow the group to a table in the back by one of the large windows. Courtney and Rachel get up to grab us some food while the rest of us get comfortable at our table. My mind is filled with what happened between the brothers and myself. It felt so right but I could never pick one over the other. Would they even want to share me? Oh my god that makes me sound like a whore. What am I thinking they're a bunch of manwhores and I don't need that drama in my life. I tune back into what Mia and Wren are talking about as the girls sit down 5 trays and some sodas. "Thank god they made pizza today cause some of that other shit they make looks like dog food" Rachel says while taking a bite of her slice of cheese. "So is anyone going to address the elephants in the room involving the brothers and our sweet Saskia?" Courtney asks with a smirk. I glare at her and toss my napkin at her "There's nothing to discuss.
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Chapter 7
**Some sexual content, violence and hints of abuse in this chapter**Flashback 10 years agoKia's POV:I was hiding in the downstairs closet as I watched my dad and some red head talking and drinking. She looked familiar. I think she was one of our neighbors a few houses down but I couldn't remember. I watched as she sat on my dad and he didn't try to move her away. I wish mommy was here but she apparently had to work late. That had been happening more lately but she tells me we need the money so I deal with it. I hear a weird noise and look up as my dad is unbuttoning this womans shirt as she was moving around on his lap, weird. I wanted to cover my eyes but I couldn't help but start to get angry. My dad was touching someone that wasn't my mommy and I knew she would be upset about it. She told me that when people love each other they kiss and do other things that only those two do with each other. So why is my daddy loving on this woman? Does he not my mommy anymore? What about me?
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Chapter 8
Kia:KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!!! Everyone stops their movements looking over at the door. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!! I quickly push the guys off of me putting my thong and shorts back on as I yell "What?!!" "You guys might want to get dressed and come downstairs since Wes just pulled in the garage so you know Dad isn't too far behind him." Wren tells me through the door. I look back at the guys as they finish getting dressed and adjust themselves. I smirk while opening the door to see my cousin "Ya'll are a bunch of freaks!" I roll my eyes as I push past him heading down the stairs. I hear some familiar voices and some giggling. I walk into the kitchen noticing Wes flirting with Rachel and she didn't seem to mind. Alright get it girl I wiggle my eyebrows at her, she glances at me quickly and sticks her tongue at me. I go to the fridge pulling out a bottled water when I hear another car pull into the garage. Hmm must be Uncle Aston. I walk into the living room seeing the brothers, Mia & Wren sitting
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Chapter 9
Kia POV:After everyone left last night, I sat on the sofa watching tv with Wren when Wes and Uncle Ashton walked in taking a seat on one of the loveseats. I knew exactly what was happening next. "Kia we would like to talk to you about what happened today at school. Wren said you lost it on some girl who wouldn't just walk away but that you made several attempts to squash the situation so I'm not mad about any of that. I'm concerned about your mental well being and how these episodes are affecting you." Uncle said with a concerned look on his face. I sigh as I look around seeing my families expressions of concern and worry "Look guys I know you are worried about me but I'm one tough chick, you guys know that first hand" They chuckle a little at that. "We know you're tough cuz but you know we are just looking out for you" I hear Wes say as he stands up "I'm heading to bed. Be good cuz and I'll see you tomorrow" "Me too kiddo I'm beat" Uncle says while yawning. "Good night guys thank y
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