Save Them All

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Save Them All

By: CptSpankula Ongoing

Language: English

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Mason Clarke was forced powerlessly to watch his friends, loved ones... and soulmate die. Years have passed and in pursuit of strength, he has somehow become the strongest being supernatural or otherwise. After decades of fighting his last 'hope' proves to be false. In the end, he chose to settle his matters once and for all. Slaughtering all of his enemies, having them die by his hand. Killing them does not however provide him with any satisfaction. Screaming into the dead of the night, he decides to reunite with those he lost, ending his life by his own terms. Fate, intervenes. And doesn't allow for his story to end just yet. Instead, he awoke moments later to find that he had reincarnated into his past-self. Armed with his experience and knowledge of future events, he sets out to live his life anew. And this time he will SAVE THEM ALL.


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Save Them All
*Huff* *Huff*I look for air as I find myself stuck in position, trying to get my bearings. The world around me seems to be playing as if it was a 1950's black and white movie.A scruffy haired somewhat yet handsome teenager, with a tan complexion is grabbing my shoulders shaking it violently.His saying something, no shouting it rather.Looking at him lost, my eyes adjust to the light. Slowly the colours all come together as his raspy voice becomes audible. "Mace! Mace!"'Mace? How long has it been since I've heard that nickname. Everyone who remembers it, is long gone'The woods around us reminds me of the night that changed our lives. Wait, looking closely at the boy in front of me. I realise that there's something oddly familiar about him."Matt?""Mace! Hurry that thing is coming!" He screams as he drags me into a groove in the ground behind the tree, to hide from the unknown creature chasing us.He's hyperventilating is the only sound in the night's wind. Panicking he reaches f
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"Matty!" I calm the boy by grabbing him by the shoulders and using every bit of strength I can to keep him from breaking from the hold.*Kem'pelShen*I recite, the coercement spell in order to get him to follow my orders. My mind spinning at 300% as I try to think of the best plan of action.Who would have thought that for years, doctors thought I was ADHD. The didn't understand the mind of a ….. The genius of geniuses, for years my intellect was fettered by drugs which I thought I needed. For others who could only think of one thing at a time, my mind allows me to be present and not at the same time, it's like multi-tasking if the multi-tasker was multi-tasking, multi-tasking.'Now that's a tongue twister' I inwardly chuckleSimply put, I can think of 300 scenarios at once and break it down into strengths and weaknesses within seconds.*exaggeratio*I chant, thereby enhancing my senses. I hear all the sounds of my surroundings, before focusing it to my two targets.Firstly, I recogni
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As morning comes, the world seems to have changed. It's feels as if the world itself has come into colour. I'm supercharged. Every fibre of my being feels invigorated.While the bite was painful, it was worth it. The bite of an Alpha is a perfect stimulant, if it doesn't kill you (and it could) or change you and you manage to survive it, chances are it's revealed what has been hidden. The fact that you're probable already nonhuman.In my case, the bite acted as a stimulant waking up a dormant bloodline. Which in my previous life got activated way too late.I only found out about my family- after dad…. was gone. I get why he hid it from me all those years, as he wasn't sure if I'd transition or not and just wanted to give me a normal life but seriously he lied to me for 21 years!Gazing into the bathroom mirror, the bite has all but disappeared, even a werewolf's healing speed can't compare.Looking at the teen boy I used to be with the buzzed cut hair, pale skin from staying in doors
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Romeo and Juliet
"As you all know, there indeed was a body found in the woods last night."I sit in the last row, diagonally behind Matt during English as our teacher spoke,"And I am sure your ever-eager little underdeveloped minds are coming up with various macabre scenarios to what happened. But I am here to tell you right now that the police already have a suspect in custody, which means you can give your undivided attention to the syllabus outline which is on your desk"There was a collective of groans, as I hear someone's cell phone ring.Glancing about to see no else reacting to it, I then hear Hope's voice talking.Turning to the source, sitting outside on the guardrail.She's dressed in dark blue jeans with designer tan boots and a handmade one of a kind tan coloured jacket.The daughter of a stylist, I would expect no less. It's no wonder Lacy made her part of her clique in less than 10 seconds.Rummaging through her bag looking for something. Hope Artem, 'The little Huntress'.Matty's first
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Overy Up
So Lacrosse practice went exactly as planned.I never made it off the bench to anything, whereas Matty was put into goal.Without his supernatural reflex he was pelted by balls, however a little magical intervention prevented him from suffering abject humiliation.I cured him of his asthma, so he won't be needing an inhaler anymore, this helped him focus a bit but I couldn't go too overboard with pumping up his skills.All in all Matt impressed, but Jake won the duel, causing Lacy to erupt into applause while Hope looked at him concerned.I guess even without the wolf stuff she is still into him.If I remember correctly tonight is the night that Hope, hits a dog in the rain and hysterically tries to get it treated at the vets.Matt who works there will hit it off with her and they will really bond.All I must do is convince him to ask her out to the movies and not go to the party.I need him inside and away from the woods.I need him and Hope safe away the crazy murder inducing werewo
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For Now
First things first. I need to prioritise.Dealing with Laura’s body or half thereof is going to have to be on the back burner. WhoseLaura?She’s the body in the woods. Ryan's sister and Drake’s niece.I plan on digging it up later as I know where it’s buried (at least the one half) and then I will have to create some kind of false evidence trail which will link Laura’s death to Kate Artem.But that can wait, for now.The first thing that needs to be addressed is the nurse and Drake.Hmm, I need to get the nurse out the way as permanently as I can and I also need to keepcontrol of Drake.I need him to not complicate things by killing Kate’s accomplices.I need time to find them all and have them turn on her, so that I can build an air tight case againsther.Urgh, I’m getting a feeling that this won’t be as easy as I initially thought.In the past we screwed up so much that it exploded in our faces. Never stood a chance.But now, I DO.And I’m not going to waste it.Going upstairs, I
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Fool's Mistake
Upon reaching the facility, I use all the skills I had learnt during my CIA training.Infiltrating the building, making sure no camera’s or employees are ever the wiser. Sure, I could just use magic or my supernatural abilities but where’s the fun in that?Trying to recall a conversation with Drake, I search the facility for the inhouse dispensary.I head straight to the filing cabernet on the right hand side wall.Playing with the handles, I finally find the correct draw. Drake said the handle would make a screeching sound when she pulled it.Inside I find what I’m here for.The cocktail of drugs, the psycho has been using on the patients.It was a weird mix which was able to keep the patients in a coma, and would eventually kill most of them.I say most of them because when she tried it on Drake, his body reacted…. a little differently.One pair of medical gloves later, I transport the evidence to a zip locked bag before trying tofind her work locker.Damn! I forgot a hair pin. Gue
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What Am I?
Morning comes, and I stretch myself awake as I can hear the water running.Dad must be getting ready for work again.Rolling out of the covers. I slowly sit up an stare at my room’s ceiling for a few moments.Before I sleepily make my way to my feet and slowly take out something to wear from my wardrobe.A couple of seconds later , I hear my dad’s yell from the Kitchen, “Mace! Breakfast isready, come on. You’ll be late!”How I missed him , his nagging and overprotective care.I seriously have mixed emotions right now. One part of me is screaming with Joy while the other is filled with fright.I still don’t know how to face him. I mean I love my dad. But he did lie to me for all my life.I never knew about my family’s history until he was long gone and a letter came from theCouncil asking out appearance.Why did he hide it from me? Did he think I wasn’t strong enough? Did he want to die with me not knowing that I could have saved him? And that it really was my fault mom died?“Mace!
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