Urban Magic Emperor

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Urban Magic Emperor

By: Smiles Ongoing

Language: English

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Alternate UniverseBadboyDramaProudface smackingurbanrejected

Anton Herringer of the Herringer family was always a reject. He could never learn anything, was a slacker and considered a failure in the modern world. Even with magic, and supernatural powers flourishing amongst Humanity he failed to find an opportunity. When a special accident takes hold of him, he begins his counterattack on life itself.

3 chapters
Chapter 0
Cold rain fell around Anton Herringer, the only sound to slap away the silence accompanying him. Blood trickled down the right side of his jaw, his body slumped against an alleyway wall. A few stray drops fell down onto his blue satin shirt. Staining it slowly, a migraine began to rise from the depths of his skull.His temple throbbed with agony, as Anton's mind struggled to recollect the events that led up to this. How long had he been here? His mind was nothing but a haze, having lost track of everything. He attempted to move, but a sharp pain stabbed through his right shoulder. He clutched it quickly, desperate to halt it. But pain would only flow like a river through him, a reminder of earlier events. Anton bit his lip, "Damn. I never was much of a fighter was I?" He pressed deeply into his shoulder, only making the pain flow worse. Like a stubborn mule, he pressed further into it. His body rewarded him with a greater affliction. His hand did not stop, feebily attempting to sett
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Chapter 1
Anton melted into the backseat of the car he sat in. It's smooth leather upholstrey a welcoming relief compared to the rain of outside. "When was the last time I relaxed?" Anton thought to himself, the tension in his body disappearing as quickly as it came.Every day carried strife for Anton, whether it consisted of hunting for a job. Or suffering the wrath of his in-laws disdain for hm. Olivia did little to keep her family at bay, allowing them to do as they pleased with Anton.Anger burned within him thinking of Olivia's brother, Daniel Herringer. A natural born talent with an affinity for many forms of magic. "That bastard dares to look at me like I am trash. I will get back at him one day!" A day that would never come upon him, so long as he remained trash.Confidence melted quickly into frustration and sadness within Anton. He bent over, looking down at the car floor. "I really am the trash of the family aren't I..?" A faint tear fell from his face onto the car floor, Anton stew
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Chapter 2
Anton's hand erupted in a powerful glow, a pressure built itself up within the center of his hand. "What is this? What. What's happening to me!" Anton withdrew his hand from the inscription, and noticed the glow begin to weaken. He hesitated in fear, looking down at the inscriptions. "It doesn't seem like I'm getting out normally. I may as well try!" Anton attempted to place his hand on the circle, and continued to trace through the inscriptions. They were listed out in a language he could not understand. He ignored trying to decipher them, instead simply following the movement.His body began to light up with each inscription successfully traced. Pressure began to build up inside of him, a foreign power he had never felt throughout his life."Woah...What is this?" Anton wanted to stop, but it didn't feel right. After several minutes of moving around ridiculously, he had dragged his arm across the entire circle. His entire body was now awash with an ethereal magical glow.Magic surg
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