The craziest inventor in the Astral world

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The craziest inventor in the Astral world

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William James, a scientist and intermediary in forbidden cosmic technology as well as a second-class criminal... Since he lived alone and isolated from his race, he has never met almost any human being, all his acquaintances have become monsters, demons or aliens...., as he advances in Age, William knew that he could no longer maintain his youth by relying on chemical drugs, and found himself between two options… death, or… death… at this moment, he was 190 years old, and he was literally in a position where Death smiled and waited patiently.... [Enough energy has been provided to start, and the chip’s abilities will be applied to the soul without the body as requested by the master.] After William heard this, he smiled a crazy smile. For the past five years, he's been working on this invention that will change his life... his future... and maybe his past as well. “Yes sir, Class II criminal jumped off the top of the seventieth floor, I repeat, mad scientist William committed suicide.” said the helicopter driver while staring at the corpse of William James in a terrifying sight.. His body was bloody.. but with a smile on his face.


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The mad scientist
William bited his lips, sweat dripping from his forehead, wiping the blood with his hand that had a strange white glove on it. And he kept working،Every few seconds, he would turn left and right to make sure no one was watching himWilliam moved his hands quickly and lightly, and in front of him was a set of working tools that had a strange and sophisticated shape.In front of him, a set of advanced computers was turned off, reflecting the tired face with his crazy features, which were getting crazier every secondThe room in which William worked was scattered and disorganized, with extra parts and technological gadgets, as well as unfinished inventions scattered all over the place. The view of the room was uncomfortable .William straightened his black glasses, and kept pressing buttons on the advanced keyboard" Not much left... Soon I'll finish it "William was still immersed in his work, and he was pressing various buttons on the sophisticated keyboard in front of him, during
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The twelve stars with red moon
In a small gloomy room, a drop of water leaked from the rickety wooden deck, and fell on the cheek of the sleeping young man on the floor, with some tattered blankets over his emaciated body.But in spite of this, the young man did not wake up, and it seemed that he was accustomed to the water seeping from the roof, because he lived in an abandoned cellar in the attic, The water and snow always made a huge mess inside his room, as the water rose by five millimeters above ground level , and every day he would wake up, He was starting to take the water out of the room for a quiet night, but even so, the same scenario continued to happen.In his room there were two doors, one on the left leading to the lower floors of the house, but he did not use it nonetheless, and seeing the faces of those hideous creatures below made his day go by like hell, often using the door. . On the right, leading to the roof, the young man each time clinging to the pipes and slowly descending like a feral ca
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Star base
William went to the edge of the roof, and grabbed the top of the gas tube tightly lest he fell, he was used to it, but after all he had to be careful, for if he fell from such a height of 30 metres, he would be reduced to wreckage..Fortunately, he had already wrapped his hands in bandages, otherwise his hands would be very damaged.The young man gradually descended like a vagrant cat, he hadn't tried this in dozens of years, he was feeling a strange feeling doing this after all this time..After he finished getting off the pipe, and put his foot on the ground, the bandages on his hand were already torn, and even his hands were slightly damaged.That's because that damn gas tube, it was never smooth."Hmmm… I need more bandages."He didn't care much about it, because of his limited expenses, food was a problem in itself, let alone adding bandages and sterilizing supplies for wounds, so he only bought cheap bandages that would last him for a while .In that filthy back street he was
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Mss simien 
William put his hand in his left pocket, and took out a set of coins."A dirham .. and nine riyals. I will buy a box of bandages for two riyals, and a large box of pasta for three riyals. I will save four riyals in addition to a dirham."One dirham is equal to twenty riyals. The dirham, the two dirhams, and the five dirhams, up to ten, are a coin made of copper and zinc, while the higher coins, i.e. twenty dirhams, fifty dirhams or one hundred, are paper currencies made of linen And the ink.William walked all the way to his favorite shop, not his favorite because of the quality of his products...or the high level of was just a simple shop with a few customers, a shop for cheap snacks , and Other cheap products.{ open }The young man looked at the words "Open" written on the door with a happy smile, it would have been bad if the store had been closed, and he would come back empty-handed, and he would overcome the hunger with that damn soup that the Stewarts offered him..
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astral Lantern
William had a relatively quiet night, and no one else in his family had disturbed him again, so he fell asleep after getting his noodles.He had already finished high school, and he should apply for his undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Astral Sciences...But, does he really have to? He had learned everything about technology, he was just going to waste his time in a place that didn't suit him?In addition, he will have to work in Roshan's laboratory for fifteen years, because someone tampered with his work document, choosing to work as an independent researcher, but then he found that the document he sent to the college says that he wants to work in Roshan.After he got up, he arranged the worn covers and put them to the side, and walked in front of his laptop, which was covered with a plastic cover to prevent getting wet.After he removed the lid and opened the computer, he entered the "dreaded forum" .... It was a mysterious forum on the Internet, only illegal scholars entered
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Bad day
In the basement of Craig's cement mill, William, who already knew the right way, found an intersection, turned right and continued down the stairs.When he arrived at the chemical smelting room, William's eyes noticed an indistinct hazy body, William slowly approached until the boy who was wearing strange glasses was revealed."Hello, you can call me Strange Sam," said the boy from the other end, with a strange smile."Lord of Madness, you can call me that," said William, trying to make his voice look older. If he had resources before, he could have made a voice changer, but now he can only use this primitive method to disguise his soft voice."I brought what we agreed on, SD cameras, TO-batteries that can be disassembled, and a kilo of light metal.. We will do it quickly please, I have tasks to complete," said the stranger, in a hurried tone.William approached strange Sam, and took from him the chest containing the resources they had agreed upon.Sam took out a folded paper from his
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Do you think this a joke ?
Under the lamppost on Chrome Garden Street, William leaned exhausted, having just had one of the scariest moments of his life." Miss Simien..."People were passing on the same street and staring at William's tired face sitting under the lamppost, but no one thought to help him or even call an ambulance.Minutes later, William got up and felt that all his bones were broken, a feeling he couldn't express by screaming or whining.The boy headed towards his damned house.It's 2:19 at night.William was staring at the gas pipes that led to his room on the roof, but unfortunately, he could not go up, he felt that he would die if he stood any longer, let alone 30 meters.William turned left and right to make sure he was alone.He squatted down, and began absorbing the astral energy into his inner lantern to bring about some healing for himself."Hof.. hof..hof."William's body was sweating a lot, and even now he was still in shock...not because he was hit by the car...but because of what he
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After William collected the pieces and created and memorized a flying robotic insect that would film what he was depicting, he put the rest of the items back into the box and hid them under the cupboard.The reason he made this insect, was simply to spy on the circumstances of this damned family, as he remembered strange things in his previous life and could not find an explanation for it, at least he wanted to understand what was happening around him more.William connected the flying camera and his computer to see everything that was being recorded by the camera.He got up from his shabby wooden chair, his body still disfigured by the beatings, still hurting to an indescribable degree, and yet, a strange smile never left his face.The flying camera, in the form of a small insect, was so well shaped that it could not be recognized by an ordinary person.The camera's eyes flashed red announcing the start of work, then it flew out of William's hands and passed under the right door.On
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Robert Roshan 
" Hello William James." From behind the servant Richard, appeared the twenty-year-old, Robert Roshan, the son of the head of the Roshan family, and the possible future head of the Roshan group of companies.William almost understood what was going on, but nevertheless he felt that he was going to waste his life aimlessly again... and that was what he feared most.William didn't say a word, if he said something wrong, it would only make matters worse."I accidentally hit my car yesterday, and I really apologize for that," said Robert with a warm smile, but William was aware of this little cunning."No need to apologize, sir," said servant Richard mockingly. "Nothing happened to him anyway... His bones seem strong despite his emaciated body.""What do you want?" William broke his silence, and asked, though he almost knew the answer.It is clear that hitting a car and surviving is not an ordinary thing, which explains to Richard and Robert that William is astral, but of course. He doesn'
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In trouble with two craizyies
'Huh?' Damn I'm in trouble!! ' William tried to cross from the side of this huge person's body by bolstering himself with astral energy, but this person grabbed him by the neck nonetheless."Ugg." William was suffocating when that huge fist grabbed him, causing him to lose his voice, his face turning red and his breathing faster.Behind the shelf, strange Sam was holding his phone, and as soon as he heard the voice of William and the big man behind the shelf, he got up quickly and went to take a look'There's a voice behind the shelf..don't tell me it's the boss? ' Sam was looking nervous, but nonetheless he gathered himself and turned around the shelf.When the strange Sam spotted the face of the huge man holding William, he let out a smile of relief."Huff... you really frightened me, I thought the chief had come in person," said Sam, addressing the big man, whose name was Evan."Claude sent me here" said Evan, in his horrified voice, as he advanced toward Sam, 'and look, I've found
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