A Promise Kiss from a Vampire

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A Promise Kiss from a Vampire

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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An eighteen year -old freshman student at a university, Lhord Kanji Vasper who came from a family of vampires. He is very quiet, introvert and has a cold presence. He is not inclined to associate with other people nor does he make friends with anyone, especially if it is mortal. Furthermore, he did not want to interfere with the lives of mortals or have connections with creatures not of his kind. But recently, he met the mischievous maiden, Serene. She loves to watch horror movies and read fantasy books, especially dealing with vampires. So, when she first met Lhord she already had a strange feeling for him. Lhord just wanted to ignore her, but he discovered that Serene had another ability, that was to block the power he had.

1 chapters
Our first encounter
“Cross, where did you come from last night? It's almost three -thirty in the morning, but you still haven't come home. Maybe you went to the disco club again with your mortal friends? How many times did I tell you to stay away from those people? Why don't you just follow your brother? He's smart and hard-working.” Dad said, as he preached in front of the dining room table to my older brother, Cross.“I'm already an adult dad and I know what I'm doing. Don't compare me to Lhord. He's not intelligent, and he's already memorized his academy because he's been a college student for over twenty years. So if I'm with you Lhord, stop your studies and try to go for a fun, not just focus on your life at that university.” Cross told me once he got up and take his leather jacket. Dad was just about to speak, but Cross got out of the house immediately, so he just took a deep breath.“Just don't pay too much attention to what Cross said. You know, that's he always like that.” Mom said as she laid
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