Unforgettable Sweet First Love

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Unforgettable Sweet First Love

By: Xiulin Ongoing

Language: English

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Elise Black is a woman in her late 20s trying to pursue her dreams of becoming a fashion designer while also trying to raise her two kids. She knows nothing about the kid's father or anything about her life five years before she went abroad. Despite everything, her life is quite peaceful until he shows her Aaron Garcia, her new boss, a seemingly cold and indifferent man, claims that he is her ex-husband and decides to chase her once again. Will Aaron succeed in chasing her? Will Elise ever be able to get her memories back? How did she lose her memories in the first place?

5 chapters
The Garcia clan
There was dust flying everywhere. Sounds of gunshots and bombs exploding filled the air mixed with the smell of blood and the agonizing screams of people.Among the chaos, a man with blonde hair and dark blue eyes was fighting with a man dressed in black from head to toe." Why don't you be a good boy and hand over the documents, Aaron?", said the man dressed in black.Aaron just swang his fists at the man aiming at his face and then leaped into the air and kicked the man's stomach with his foot. The man was kicked back a few steps and he was on one knee with his hands were gripping the soil." Never", said Aaron.The man slowly got up and smirked. He punched Aaron and kicked his back, making him fall face first on to the ground" Your mother always says that you are a little birdie with its wings clipped off but it seems like you have grown your wings and are ready to fly out of your cage", said the man" I never lost my wings...", said Aaron as he slowly got up and reached in to his
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Aaron lay on the hospital bed, lifelessly. His face was pale and his life was hanging on by a thread. Next to the hospital bed, a woman sat on a white chair, stroking Aaron's hands. The woman wore a beige shirt tucked into blue high-waisted jeans, a coat that was a shade darker than her shirt, and black ankle boots. The woman's dark black hair was let loose and her electric blue eyes were red and swollen, indicating that she just cried. The woman was called Elise BlackShe admired Aaron's handsome face.She asked Aaron when he would wake up softly when another woman barged into the hospital room. The woman was Aaron's aunt, Rhianna Garcia. Rhianna wore a white V-neck wrap crop top with a bow tied on the left side of her waist, a white and blue striped knee-length skirt, light blue flats, and an orange handbag. Rhianna's jet-black hair was neatly done in a bun.Elise greeted Rhianna warmly but Rhianna only looked at Elise coldly before handing a stack of papers to her. Elise looked th
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After dinner, Elise returned to her room and changed into solid dark blue satin pajamas with blue slippers. She went out of her room and onto the balcony right next to her room. She admired the stars and unconsciously, began to stroke her flat stomach." Nice view right", said Brandon. Elise nodded.The two stared at the night sky silently." So, what are you going to do?", asked Brandon." What do you mean?", Elise asked." What are you going to do with the pregnancy?", asked Brandon.Elise turned around with her back against the railing and smiled faintly." They are my kids so I will raise them", said Elise." I hope that you won't regret it in the future", said Brandon.The two were silent for a while before Brandon started to speak again." Mom has arranged for you to go to London to give birth if you decide to keep the pregnancy. The Gracia family's influence in London is pretty weak whereas we have a lot of influence in London. You can safely give birth and come back and live
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New chapter of her life
At the airport." Hugs!"Daisy and Elise hugged when they met at the airport. Liam was completely ignored. Daisy was expressing how much she looked forward to this trip. Elise listened carefully." Attention. Boarding of flight XXXX will begin in 10 minutes"" Come on, let's go", said Daisy.Liam grabbed the carry-ons and headed for the counter. Daisy and Elise walked hand in hand behind him. Elise looked behind her.Elise had a hard time saying goodbye. Her family and friends were here. She was reluctant to leave them behind. But she still forced herself to turn around and leave without ever looking back...In the private hospitalAaron begins to show signs of waking up and the Garcia family is in chaos. Some were happy while others were gritting their teeth in anger." I knew it. That woman was a jinx. The moment she left, Aaron showed signs of waking up", said Rhianna." Regardless, Aaron is about to wake up. This is a happy occasion", said Mrs. Garcia as she balled her hands into
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Little demons
Five years later..." Jasmine, Leo, please stop running around. What if you get lost?", said Elise as she dragged two heavy suitcases.Daisy was dragging a suitcase while trying to get a hold of the twins." I thought that your children would be cute and obedient. Well, I was wrong. They are two little demons", said Daisy as she gritted her teeth.Leo was born before Jasmine and was a head taller than Jasmine. He had wavy sunflower blonde hair, dark blue eyes, with pale ivory skin. On the other hand, Jasmine had straight medium champagne hair with her mother's emerald green eyes and rosy pale skin. Jasmine and Leo both had cute and attractive features that made them irresistible. Only Daisy was at odds with them." They are cute. You are the only one who hasn't fallen for their little trap. Even Liam has been swindled by these two", said Elise." Liam is their father, well at least to the two demons. They only listen to him. To him, they are indeed very cute", said Daisy." But I thin
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