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Freya is an orphan who was found by a lonely couple kind enough to adopt her as their own. They knew little to nothing about her background and, most importantly, about the magical powers she possesses. Time reveals her true identity little by little, and there are evil forces pushing Freya to use them for bad. Asides her adopted parents, Leila finds love with a handsome young man, Aiden. Will her love for Aiden and her adopted parents be enough to persuade her to use her powers for good? I guess time will tell.

1 chapters
Chapter 1; A Gift
Mary and Jacob race to their small cabin as the rain pours heavily in the chill of the night. They try as much as possible to swerve pass the angry tree branches in the woods as they run without a shade over their heads. Jacob has his hand on Mary's and he can feel her trembling with cold, the poor thing."We're almost there, honey," he says in between gnashing teeth.The cold seems to be getting to him too. They look up and finally catch sight of their cabin a stone throw away. It instills a little more hope; hope that they channel to strength; strength that takes them to their cottage to hide from the face of the pouring rain. They get to the wooden door of the cottage, and just as they are about to walk in, Mary stops her husband in his tracks."Jake?""Yes?""Can you hear that?""Hear what?""That noise. It's like....a gentle cry,""I can't hear a thing, Mary. Let's get into the house before you catch a cold,""No. I can hear it well. It's a cry, Jake, I think someone's in trou
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