The Devil's Gift

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The Devil's Gift

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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Hakim is a Monkey Great Sage Evil or the Equal of Heaven, who is a brave and valiant warrior. But because of the sin he had committed, he was punished by the Deity of Heaven for blinding his two eyes so that he could not see and hurt innocent creatures. However, he was given another chance by the Deity of the Sky, who could only restore his sight to normal when he found his missing unbreakable sword. Where he met the young lady and a fortune-teller, Kassandra. Who was just a normal person and had the same face as his former lover, (Carmela). Will Hakim, still be able to restore his sight even if he found out that only Kassandra was capable of regaining his sight? Or will Kassandra's still be able to help him even if the compensation is her own life?


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The uninvited guest
The old priest, Padre Roman, suddenly woke up from his deep sleep when he dreamed of the sign that God had shown him through his dream.He was sweating profusely and gasped as he got up from his bed, and he definitely put on his glasses. He looked at the time and noticed at exactly three o'clock in the morning that his clock had stopped running, and he felt as if his mind was urging him to go to church because he had an unexpected visitor waiting for him. Furthermore, he immediately got up from his bed to find out if his confines were true.Likewise, he fervently prayed first and asked God for courage to protect him from anything would, might happen to him that night because he felt that it wasn't an ordinary visitor that waiting for him inside the church. Furthermore, he let out a deep breath first, and he certainly opened the door.His fears were suddenly eased when he saw that only a boy was waiting for him.But every step he took seemed heavy as he approached the boy with a tail b
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The Merciless Devil
“Love is a powerful and very magical method that sometimes even a stony heart of yours can melt and soften. Isn't it?” Cupid said, as he smiled as he watched the two lovers kissing on an old and vacant lot.While the Monkey's great sage, Hakim, was sitting next to him, and he was quietly listening to him as he used his imagination to understand every detail it told him.“Did you know that what you usually shoot with your arrow does not always match with the right person?” the Monkey Sage said next to him, while Cupid suddenly scratched his head and looked at the arrow of love he was holding.“Isn't it? Are my shots really wrong every so often? Do you think I also made the mistake of shooting you in those moments—” Cupid stopped speaking for a moment when he noticed that what he was saying was no longer pleasant regarding the past of the monkey sage and that love is also the reason why he was blinded and punished by the God of the Sky.“What did you say? Did I hear you right when you a
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The Deities
Hakim is a monkey sage devil or heavenly equivalent. Where he did not expect to meet the most trusted of the Goddess of the Sky, Carmela.Although it was against the Law of Heaven that they could not fall in love with the slave of evil or demons, Carmela had violated the strict command, and they abused the goodness of the Deities. However, the Deities have decided to recapture and return Carmela to their kingdom and force them to be separated by the slave of darkness, Hakim.But because they violently imprisoned and hid the young lady forcibly in a secluded room of the kingdom, and no one knew about the place where she was except the Gods of the Heavens.Hakim's anger suddenly flared when he heard that his beloved had been arrested. He ruthlessly killed the guardians and warriors of the kingdom of heaven.Blood was shed in their kingdom, many were killed, many were injured and wounded and many were terrified of violent events.Hakim destroyed every sacred place he passed by, and even
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