The Witcher's Story

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The Witcher's Story

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Cheng Yan immigrated exclusively to wind up in a middle age Europe like world, becoming Roland, a Royal Prince. However, this world doesn't appear to be equivalent to his previous world, in spite of certain likenesses. Witches are real and they really can do magical enchantments? Wow! Follow Roland's fight for the throne against his kin. Can he win, despite the fact that the King previously pronounced him to be a waste of time and with the most terrible circumstance? With his insight into present day innovations, modern technology and the assistance of the witches, who are known as devils' servants and are being hunted by the Holy Church, he possibly might have a fighting chance.

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    80 chapters
    Chapter One
    Cheng Yan felt as though somebody was calling him."Your Highness, awaken… "He dismissed his head, however the sounds he had heard didn't vanish, rather they turned out to be considerably stronger. Then, at that point, he felt somebody tenderly pull on his sleeve."Your Highness, my Royal Prince!"Cheng Yan opened his eyes right away. He didn't see any of the things he had developed acquainted with — the screen was gone, the work area was gone, thus as well, was the wall which he had put with Post-its. They were supplanted by a bizarre scene — columns of little block houses, a round open square that was packed with individuals, and an entryway formed hangman's tree that was raised in the public square. He was situated on a raised stage from across the square. The seat he sat on was not his typical delicate turn seat, however all things considered, a cold and hard iron seat. Sitting close by him was a gathering whose looks were focused upon him. Among them were a couple of young ladie
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    Chapter Two
    For a while Roland secured himself in his room as he painstakingly checked on the recollections of this new world, to such an extent that supper must be sent straightforwardly to him by his workers.Roland stifled his apprehension about the new climate he ended up in under his solid will to live. He was exceptionally certain that to mix in and try not to be thought by individuals around him he expected to get more data as quickly as time permits.Roland needed to say that the fourth ruler had, aside from wasting time for certain different children of the honorability, no extra things in his cerebrum. Again and again, Roland couldn't recollect any significant data like information on the nobility, the political circumstance in his own nation, or the strategic circumstance with his neighbors. Concerning essential presence of mind, for example, city names, or the long periods of huge occasions, they were totally not quite the same as the historical backdrop of Europe he knew.It appeared
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    Chapter Three
    Roland gulped the last piece of seared egg from his morning meal, took a napkin and cleaned his mouth prior to saying, "So you are saying that you are stressed that the Witch Cooperation Association will hear the news that the witch didn't pass on and thus will attempt to protect her?""It is as your Highness has said," Barov stepped indignantly as he shouted, "On the off chance that the detainee had kicked the bucket it would be adequately awful, however presently she is as yet alive! Assuming that those witches are even sufficiently insane to take infants on the opportunity they could become future companions, how far do you suppose they'd go for somebody who has proactively turned into a follower of Satan? With how carelessly they act, endeavoring a salvage wouldn't be surprizing."Roland was befuddled, he had consistently felt that there was an out of order thing about this present circumstance. For what reason were the Assistant Minister and the Knight Commander so terrified of w
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    Chapter Four
    "Could you at any point obviously portray what happened when the mine imploded?" Roland inquired.Anna gestured and started talking.Roland was amazed on the grounds that he anticipated that she should remain quiet or to irately revile at him, however she answered every one of his inquiries agreeably.It was anything but a muddled story. Anna's dad was a digger and was working when the mine fell. Following they caught wind of the mishap, Anna and the other diggers' families went to protect their friends and family. The North Slope Mine region was supposed to be an unwanted beast refuge with many forked pathways stretching out this way and that. Since the workers were all following up on their own agreement, they isolated at the mine entrance, and just Anna's neighbors Susan and Ansgar were close by when she tracked down her dad.Her dad's leg was squashed under a truck loaded up with metal, delivering him unmoving, yet next to him was another excavator tapping him down for cash. At th
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    Chapter Five
    "The Second Law of Thermodynamics: Heat can never pass from a colder to a hotter body without causing different impacts, or it is difficult to change over heat from a solitary source into work without causing different impacts, or entropy generally increments in an irreversible intensity response."Roland painstakingly recorded this utilizing the language of this world. Initially, the text looked like a moving worm, and he truly failed to see how local people could advance such countless muddled characters.Assuming requested which from the actual regulations was the most discouraging, Roland would pick the second law of thermodynamics. It expresses that intensity will constantly pass from high to low temperatures, subsequently adding turmoil to arrange and expanding entropy. In the end, all that will turn out to not be anything and the universe will turn out to be grimly quiet.Some way or another, this world was absolved from the issue of expanding entropy. It could deliver enchantm
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    Chapter Six
    In the back palace gardens stood a solitary cabin, encompassed by a wooden wall. The house was worked out of earth blocks and the ground was loaded up with loess, a combination of sand, sediment and mud. There was likewise a lake before the cabin with a circuit of approximately nine and a half yards and with the lake loaded up with a suitable measure of stream water, this climate was hard to consume as well as had a specific made feel, it was by all accounts removed right from a fantasy. Heaped on the ground were a few iron ingots, these came from the smithy and were put there via Carter.The lake was exceptionally enchanting, Roland had promptly liked this spot, yet concerning a research facility, this spot was still excessively unrefined. Roland shook his head, understanding that utilizing a few irregular materials and having them construct an ideal lab was impractical. In the event that he could find a reasonable spot from now on and gathered every one of the assets, he would get B
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    Chapter Seven
    The fire ascended from under her feet yet before long disappeared.This was at that point her twenty-third endeavor.Once more, what's more, she had bombed.On Anna's temple dabs of sweat continually emerged, yet she just utilized the rear of her hand to swipe them away, and the snapping sound of rising blazes promptly sounded out once more.Without any stops to rest, the finish of an activity was trailed by the beginning of the following one. The witch uniform lied along the edge, flawlessly collapsed, If Anna had not demanded doing as such, her new uniform would have previously been singed to cinders.Luckily, with Roland's way of life as the fourth ruler, getting a couple of extra robes for her to utilize was quite easy. He had his house cleaner Tire convey an entire container of robes, accumulated by the servants for Anna to utilize.The twenty-fourth practice had at last been successful, the fire was done ascending from her feet. All things being equal, it showed up on her hand.
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    Chapter Eight
    If Roland had any desire to develop his area well, he needed to seriously focus on areas of strength for construction here. Despite the fact that this land was a no man's land it very well may be effortlessly recovered, when the domain was too little it very well may be extended outwards, yet all discussion was futile on the off chance that individuals weren't willing to remain.In the event that they could be compelled to leave a plot of land whenever, then who might want to buy it? Who might need to work on its creation?After the associate priest left, Roland brought in Knight Commander Carter and requested, "Collect your men, proceed to discover a portion of the nearby monitors, trackers and ranchers, they probably lived here for over five years, and encountered the Months of the Demons. Assuming that there is somebody who can battle it would be far and away superior."After the knight saluted and left, Roland scoured his temple, proceeding to take a gander at the information inco
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    Chapter Nine
    “Not many, Your Highness,” the hunter replied. “During every Months of the Demons there will only appear two to three mixed species demons, otherwise Longsong Stronghold would be in huge trouble.”“Well, you seem to be very observant,” Roland ordered the man to stand up and asked, “what’s your name? You don’t look like a man from my Kingdom of Graycastle.”“Half of my lineage hails from the Mojin Clan, the townspeople call me Iron Axe.”Mojin Clan, the people from the Shamin Kingdom, located southwest of the barren lands, it was said that they were the descendants of giants. Roland searched within his brain for any memories related to the Mojin Clan and realized that Iron Axe did not use the name his clan called him by, rather using the name given by the people of Border Town, and apparently he did not want to have a relationship with the Shamin Kingdom. As for why, since it was obvious that he was from the southwestern border of the desolate lands, he estimated, that there were a ser
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    Chapter Ten
    The weather had been bad all week, and the sky was always gray. Karl van Bate’s mood was just like the weather: gloomy to the extreme.As he walked down the wet stone street, people greeted him from time to time—Karl ran a school in this town. Unlike the Kingdom of Graycastle, where only the children of noble could go to school, here he taught r the children of ordinary people. Therefore, he had a very high reputation in Border Town. “Hey, Mr. van Bate, good morning.”“Sir, is my son doing all right?”“When are you free, Karl? Let’s go fishing together.”Usually, Karl would always smile and respond to them, but today he just nodded, never saying a word.He had just witnessed Anna’s hanging, so in his eyes there was a crack in the once-perfect world—or this crack had begun to form since his departing from Graycastle , but he deliberately turned a blind eye. He used his busy work to numb himself, and to a certain extent, he even used the innocent smile of the students to mend this crack
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