Raed Jahan-The Overnight Billionaire

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Raed Jahan-The Overnight Billionaire

By: Raising Moon Ongoing

Language: English

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Raed Jahan spent three years enduring abuse and mistreatment in the Kulan Mansion as a live-in son-in-law. One day when his wife cheats on him and her rich boyfriend beats him half to death, everything changes. To find out what happens, join us on Raed Jahan-The Overnight Billionaire!


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3 chapters
The Trash Son-In-Law
Situated on the south bank of Helian City, thunderous cloud rumbled above the Kulan Mansion, depicting the raging storm in the heart of the young man kneeling on the hardwood floor."Oh, baby! You're dripping wet! Your pus*y feels so good!""Gentler...Harder...Faster! Ahh!" On the couch of the living hall, a male and female figure were sexually entwined together. Their unrestrained grunts and moans of pleasure echoed throughout the hall, turning the kneeling man's face dark with shame and unconcealable disgust.But what was even more revolting and mortifying was the middle aged couple sitting in the next hall. They could hear the ambiguous noises made by the tangled couple loud and clear. They knew what was happening, were aware they were committing an act of adultery.Yet, instead of reprimanding and scolding their daughter, and making her aware of her immoral behavior, they praised her and even encouraged her from the other side by pointing out the uselessness of their son-in-law.
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On The Brink Of Death
Groans and stifled hisses of pain resounded in the living hall. Jerry Mark rained blow after blow on the malnourished and thin figure crumbled on the stone floor. Crimson blood leaked from his body and seeped into the expensive carpet, turning the face of the naked woman dark with displeasure. "Jerry, drag him away and beat him outside. This Persian carpet is worth thousands of dollars. Even if the trash sold all his organs, he would not be able to afford its cleaning fee." Her short bob was barely discernible under the shadow of the night. Because they had been having sex in the living room, the lights were shut off to maintain a semblance of modesty while achieving their aim of shaming the trash. However, her curves and sweet, feminine voice still charmed Jerry enough to peak a glance. His heated gaze lingered on her bust and slid down to her trim waist and flaring hips. When his sight fell on her private cave, his eyes darkened. He unabashedly stretched his hand, wedged it betw
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Her Mother's Pendant
Sidra knew nothing about gang fights, but it didn't take a genius to know the man had been beaten half to death. Since she was going to visit her grandfather, it didn't hurt to get him admitted. For the entire ride, the driver was on tenterhook. He feared the Eldest Lady's act of kindness would draw fire to herself. If this unknown man died in their car, then the Munir family elders wouldn't let go of this chance. They would do anything and resort to any means to pin her with the crime of murder and usurp the power of authority in Munir Group of industries. "Eldest Miss, how is he? Still alive?" He asked for the umpteenth time. Ignoring the blood and grim coating the man, Sidra placed a hand on his shoulder to keep him from falling off his seat. "I don't know. Stop thinking about useless things and focus on the road. The sooner we reach the hospital, the sooner he can be treated." "Yes, Eldest Miss." The driver sighed and focused on the road.<
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