The Necromancer

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The Necromancer

By: BFJ Ongoing

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In a world brimming with caped superheroes, supervillains, and beasts, Ramsey is useless. 95% of mankind has advanced to foster superpowers, however Ramsey is one of the uncommon not many that has no abilities by any means. Due to his absence of abilities, he experiences tenacious harassing and segregation. Society peers down on him as a weight. He is reminded regular that he is in a terrible situation, better off dead than alive. However at some point, at the level of his depression, after he is spat on, beaten, and broken, when it appears as though everything is taken from him, a familiar screen appears in front of him, a screen from his favorite fantasy role playing game, allowing him the opportunity to use the power he has just at any point longed for. [Welcome, Host. Pick your Class:] [Class: Necromancer selected.] Watch as Ramsey ascends from frail to solid; weak to strong. From enduring to seeking retaliation. From standing alone to commanding undead armies. From simple man to Lord of Death itself.


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Chapter One
It happened right toward the beginning of the year 2001.Right on dab with the clock striking 12 PM and proclaiming another year, yet another 100 years and another thousand years.Colossal groups assembled across the world to celebrate present day mankind's set of experiences graduating to this new age. It was a period of fresh starts.What's more, a period of new calamities.Something, even now, no one truly knows how it worked out or what it was, yet something came from space.Not outsiders, nothing that sensational. Something far, undeniably less private. In any event, on the off chance that it was outsiders, mankind might have mobilized together. Perhaps they might have brought their dispersed pieces, all their various beliefs and boundaries and people groups, together to restore something if by some stroke of good luck there was some positive objective they could see and detest together appropriately.However, what occurred on this new year, indeed, there was not a great explanat
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Chapter Two
At the point when Ramsey was a kid, he generally imagined about being a hero. It was a completely deadened dream considering essentially each and every youngster likewise pondered being a legend sooner or later. To a great extent obvious thinking about that it was basically difficult to circumvent catching wind of legends these days of legend love.Ramsey caught wind of a thousand different bedtime stories about how the incredible legend, Vanguard, vanquished villainy with his strong clench hands, saving innumerable lives as he finished the Age of Villainy.At the point when he became older, he continually saw legends on the telescreen with their bright outfits and capes and large muscles and enormous grins. He saw as the legends did individuals of consuming structures and when unnerving Variants appeared, how they dipped in to pound the beasts and make all the difference.Legends sprung up in holographic commercials or television shows or virtual entertainment or streaming destinatio
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Chapter Three
Today was the much anticipated day.The day that Ramsey would leave for Blackwater Academy, the absolute initial step of a long and presumably hard excursion to vindicate his folks.Ramsey awakened at five thirty AM, thirty minutes before an official was booked to get him.Exactly as the clock struck six, a foundation official appeared at his loft entryway, spreading the word about his presence clearly by pummeling his clench hand into the entryway a few times in what was the most ridiculously savage thump Ramsey had heard.Ramsey was prepared and pressed. His loft, the house he had carried on with in for what seems like forever, was wiped on a mission to finish vacancy, prepared for one more leaseholder to move in. Blackwater would give food and sanctuary to the four years it took to graduate, so what he carried with him was generally private stuff that had a profound load to them of some sort or another - Memorabilia from his late parents that incorporated a family picture with Rams
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Chapter Four
Blackwater Academy was situated on the east shore of the United States, its compound found right close to a huge pit gouged out by A-Class Variant quite a while back. The foundation got its name from the darkened waters in the pit. Remainders of the beast's blood and carcass that had sunk where it counts to the sea depths underneath.The actual pit shaped a characteristic harbor driving out to the Atlantic Ocean, and a little port city called Haven remained there, probably being the principal cause of provisions and individuals coming all through Blackwater.All things considered, Blackwater was very separated. Frightfully so.Getting to Blackwater comprised of a two drawn out drive followed by a one extended helicopter trip over immense wraps of congested timberlands invaded with Variants.Backwoods like these were typical after the Monstering as Variants brought forth reliably all through the world, with specific regions generating them at enough rates that getting them out and sett
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Chapter Five
The Training Grounds were very noteworthy, no doubt. They were to a great extent found outside and comprised of a few 500 meter sweep rings fixed with transcending metal walls that filled in as fields.The walls were made of thickly built up metal, however their plan was smooth and cutting edge with flickering lights of different tones dabbed around their surface, showing the situation with different moving bits of tech inside the walls.Ramsey gazed at the fields while remaining in a solitary document line with the remainder of the Frame understudies. They were, true to form, isolated from the remainder of the principal understudy body, yet a superficial look gave Ramsey a gauge that there were roughly 200 or somewhere in the vicinity 'typical' understudies.As far as numbers, Blackwater was little as most sufficiently positioned legend foundations worked with understudy bodies numbering above and beyond 1,000, with unquestionably the most noteworthy level institutes like Shield and
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Chapter Six
As coincidentally, Ramsey and the remainder of the Frame understudies wound up in a similar field: field number 1, making the all out number of understudies in that field from 50 to 54.In any case, the calculation that determined power reasonableness in a real sense decided all the Frame understudies to be zero danger, thus why adding them to a generally full field didn't change anything."How would I even move mixed together?" moaned Adam, just his face noticeable from the improved protective cap of his Frame powersuit. He was in a proper T-present state like a dumped game person, and right now, different understudies were snickering at him.Ramsey saw his Frame transcending before him.It was a two-meter-tall humanoid suit of sectioned dark metal plates. Thick loops of wiry dull dark link were noticeable under the plates, working as a shock retentive layer and an adaptable lattice that behaved like the 'muscles' that upheld the suit's 400 pound (~180 kg) weight.An unremarkable, ro
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Chapter Seven
"Oh my goodness, it's Seth Solar in the flesh," came the awed voices of Alter understudies as they gazed toward the arrogant smooth back creep like he was the second happening of Jesus.Ramsey noticed cautiously.Of the dozen Alter understudies that had surrounded around him, six were distracted gazing in amazement at Seth, gaping at him. The other six quickly retreated in fear and began to run, not wanting to split Ramsey up and take his focuses.This implied a certain something: Seth Solar was hazardous.As savage and perilous to his individual Alter understudies as he was to the Duds like Ramsey.Ramsey painstakingly surveyed what he could do against Seth, and probably, he understood he could sit idle.The 'Sun oriented' family name was one that nearly everybody knew. Modify organs and their powers had an inherited part to them, and the relatives of solid legends would probably get serious areas of strength for comparably connected with ones from their folks.Accordingly, strong to
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