The Blue Moon Secret

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The Blue Moon Secret

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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He was a target of temptation at their school and was often bullied by his classmates. But they are unaware that he has a big secret to keep and a dangerous personality. Yet in an unexpected turn of events, the girl discovers his big secret. She was the first to discover his secret, so he had to kill her to hide his secret. But how would he do that if she was the woman, he secretly loved? Which of the two will he choose? Was it the secret he had kept for so many years, Or the woman precious in his heart?


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6 chapters
The Identity
“Hey, nerdy boy. When I tell you to give me your money, give it right away. Do you want to hurt yourself first before you follow what I command you?” Rowell said to their classmate Marvin as they circled him and laughed.“Stop that if you don't want me to report you to the guidance councilor.”Suddenly, they turned their attention to the deep voice they heard. Rowell, the leader of their group, smiled and approached Kai, the man who grabbed their attention.“And who are you to be a superhero here? If I'm with you, just leave and go back to your classroom if you don't want to be like him.” He said, and pointed at Marvin with a bruise on his face. Kai peaked where he was and looked at Rowell again.“That's enough. You've stopped. It's no longer funny what you're doing to students who have no opponent in you.” He insisted that make Rowell more angrier and pulled him over his collar and brought his face close to his.“You're brave. But let's just see how far your courage will go.” He said
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His Secret
“Didn't I tell you not to do anything silly at your school ?!”I received a strong slap from my Grandfather's angry fist as I knelt in front of him.“How many times have you moved to other school?Almost no one wants to accept you because you're such a troublemaker! How long will you rebel against me, Marvin?” He said angrily to me, as I just bent down and stared at my fist.“Secretary Larry! Are you out there? Come in here and take that boy away from me because i might do something else to him." He said and his secretary Larry Mendoza immediately entered.“Marvin, come on.” He whispered as he slowly supported me on my arm, and then we left Grandpa's office.“Your cheek is swollen. Did your grandfather slap you again?” He added, and he was about to touch my face, but I immediately pushed his hand away.“I want to be alone.” I said as I turn my back on him at once. I went to my room to get my wallet and my motorcycle keys. Then I got out and went to the garage.“Marvin, where are you go
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Save Me
I was kicked out of the school I was attending because of what happened to Rowell. So, as before, I transferred to another school.“Isn't he the one who was kicked out of their school because he hurt his classmate on the head with a baseball bat?”“Oh my gosh, he's scary.”“I hope he just moved to another school and not here. It seems like I want to move to another school because of him.”Whispering filled all around me as I walked through the center of campus. They all followed me by their gaze and judged my character.“Why he's here? Isn't he a criminal?” What the female students I meet said.Even when I was wearing headphones, I could still hear what their mouths were saying and what their eyes were telling me. I know they are not happy to see me here at their school, but what can I do? My grandfather transferred me here, to a public school where more students would judge me.When I arrived at the classroom where the principal assigned me, almost all of them frowned when they saw m
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Who Are You?
“Stop that!”We all turned to the voice we heard. I saw a woman standing from outside the door, but I couldn’t see much of her face because I wasn’t wearing my glasses.Enrico let go of me and then stood up.“Don't mess with it. Just leave.” He said to her, and they seemed to be afraid of her.She grinned and parted her hair as she entered the classroom.“You're the one who should leave. Don't you know? This place is our territory.” She said and suddenly some other female students entered inside while they were all wearing red jogging pants.Enrico didn't say anything but laugh. He turned to look at me again and suddenly left with his fellow members.“The next time I see your group here, I'll make sure you don't get out of here alive.” The woman continued to say to Enrico before he finally went out the door.Then I just breathed a sigh of relief. I was held to my chest while my hands were still shaking.“Hey, you!” She called me, so I looked up at her.“I heard you knocked down Askali
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His Memories : Kai's POV
"Ugh, my headache.”When I woke up, I just found myself inside the old classroom.“Why am I here? What am I doing in this abandoned classroom?” I was curious as I looked around.I slowly got up and went out the door. Furthermore, I was stunned when I met a female student staring at me.Why would she look at me like that? Do I have dirt in my face? I whispered in my mind and then touched my face, but I didn't notice anything strange there, so I just ignored her and left.“Where do you plan to go?”I stopped walking again when more than ten female students appeared in front of me. They were all holding badminton as they stared sharply at me.What is the problem of these students? And why would they look at me like that? What did this Marvin do while I was sleeping?I whispered to myself as I backed away from them. I was stunned when a woman grabbed me from behind and immediately turned to her.“Looks like we can't force you to have a good conversation. So, I'm just going to force you by
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I'll protect you
(Kai's POV)I am currently surrounded by more than ten female students as I sit in a chair and in front of me is their leader named Rana.“What if I don't accept what you're offering to me? What if I don't want to join your group?” I asked her as we looked at each other.She grinned and came a little closer to me.“You're going to die.” She replied as they all stared at me and their faces were serious.I smiled and headed for a moment.She's cute. Only now I've seen a woman who is even braver than me and is ready to protect me even if it means her life.“How can I trust you? How can I be sure that you can protect me?” I asked her, and she drew a smile on the side of her lip, then she raised one of her hands and slapped in her finger.Later, two women entered inside as they dragged the unfamiliar face of a male student into the room.Suddenly, they pushed him towards me, and he even knelt in front of me.Who is this man? And why did they bring him here into the room? What does he have
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