Every Human in the World

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Every Human in the World

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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Run as far as you can, hide so they can't see you, can you survive in a world full of zombies? Are you willing to take the risk to save your own life? This story started because of a book written by an unknown writer. And no one knows the cure for this contagious disease but himself. The story written suddenly came true.


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9 chapters
Zoey' s POV
In the year 2030, what do you think will happen next?“Zoey, behind you!” I used to just wonder what our world would be like in the upcoming years. But who would have thought that the whole country is now surrounded by zombies? There is not enough food, it is difficult to find water and there is no proper shelter.I'm Zoey Addison, twenty-six years old. And I am currently living with my friend Vincent Herera, twenty-eight years old. The truth is that we only met because of what happened, when I opened my eyes I noticed that people were running and every building was on fire. I didn't know what to do at that moment, so I just ran without knowing what was going on.Until I was stunned when someone suddenly appeared in front of me. I was shocked by what I witnessed, his eyes were glaring while his mouth was full of red blood. Fortunately, Vincent came suddenly, he shot him in the head and his pungent blood splattered on my face.That's when I realized that the story I wrote suddenly came
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A Friend Or Foe?
Just as we did not expect, heavy rain suddenly fell. The sky is very dark and scary lightning is drawing. We let everyone enter their respective classrooms, while Osmar, Vincent, and others stood by.“It's better if we split up, we're going on the first floor, and you're on the other building,” Osmar told us, then Vincent and I went to the other building.Presently, I was using an arrow, while Vincent was using an Armalite, and the others were using sharp knives.We carefully went down the stairs with Vincent leading us.We carefully watch the situation before we crossed to the other building.“Just a minute,” he said in a whisper. He stopped for a moment and looked around.“Help! Help me!” we all turned to the right when we saw a woman running while some zombies were chasing her.I shot each of the zombies chasing her in the head one by one. One of our colleagues immediately approached her while we were shooting the zombies behind her.He carried her on his back and surely ran toward
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Vincent and the Asero's squad
“Let me go!” Vincent shouted, while his hands were tied behind his back and a sack was covering his face.He was just shoved into a room, where they lock the new entrants into their territory and lock them inside like prisoners.They locked the door and his colleagues released him inside. They also immediately removed the sack that was covering his face and turned around to catch his breath.He was surprised, mixed with wonder, when he saw their condition.“Where am I?” he asked.“Welcome to hell, man!” At the same time, someone came to his side and put his arm around his shoulder.“By the way, I'm Ronel.” His says. "And he is Ernes, Niko, Lester, Jonathan, and the one at the end is… Wait. Hey! What is your name again? Do you know what his name is?” he asked Ernes at the same time.“It's Ralph.” He says.Ernes was the one who helped Vincent untie his hand that was tied earlier.Niko, the one in the white shirt, massaging Jonathan's shoulder.Lester, the one with eyeglasses next to Ern
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First to do is run for your life
Meanwhile…Zoey returned to where they were staying (at the school) when they found the place where Vincent and Lopez were taken."What happened? Where is Vincent?” Osmar immediately asked when they met him in front of the school.“Armed men arrested them,” Zoey answered while breathing slowly.“What? Do you recognize who they are?” Osmar said, in shock.“No, but we know where they were taken.” He says.“Then come, let's save them!” after he said, Zoey immediately stopped him.“There are too many of them, and they don't look like ordinary people. Based on my analysis, they look like former fighters.” Zoey said.“Warrior? But why did they arrest Vincent?” He was surprised.“I don't know either, maybe there were other people inside who were also arrested besides Vincent. When I peeked, I saw a man with his right eye covered, and it looked like he led that group.” He replied.“Then we have to prepare. We're going to storm that place.” Osmar said, and they all went inside. They immediatel
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First Day
The Asero group continues to shoot the zombies that are chasing them. As Ernes drove the car even faster.“We have a problem!” He shouted.“Just drive!” Ronel said to him.“I'm running out of gas!” After Ernes said that, his colleagues suddenly turned to him."What are we going to do? Are we going to die?” Ralph said confused.“Shut up!” Ernes shouted at him, he frowned and cried like a child."If you don't stop acting like that, I'm going to drop you here!” Niko said angrily to Ralph, and he immediately wiped the tears from his eyes.“Ralph, we really can't do it anymore we need your help,” Vincent shouted when Ralph suddenly turned to him.“Huh?” he said in surprise.“Such a coward,” Ronel whispered."Ralph, hurry and throw yours!” Jonathan shouted.“Throw which one?” he asked."Stupid! The pomegranate! You want me to throw you?” Ronel said angrily to him.“You probably know how to use that, don't you?” Ernes said, but he just looked at him, and his face showed the innocence of that
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The Roger's Squad
“Wait. What's happening?” Zoey's lookout outside immediately ran inside the manor, when he saw several black cars belonging to Drigo and returning to the manor.“They're back!” He shouted.Osmar and Zoey suddenly turned to what they heard. They did not expect that they would soon return to the hacienda.“What are we going to do? They are coming.” one of their colleagues said in a panic.“It would be better if you free the prisoners first and immediately put them in our car outside. Zoey and I will take care of this.” Osmar responded to him.“Okay, go ahead!” After saying that, he immediately went to the other house where some innocent people were imprisoned, including Asero's family and friends. Together with some of their colleagues, they helped to free it and get it into their car while Zoey and Osmar were left inside, where they are currently surrounded by enemies.“There are too many of them!” Osmar whispered to him.“We can do it!” When he said that, he immediately took out his l
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(Before Vincent arrives at the manor.)“We're all dead,” Ernes said, after the car they were riding in stopped in the middle of the road. Fortunately, there weren't many zombies there, so they worked together to push it, to find a nearby gas station."I am tired. Are we still far?” Ralph complained. Vincent showed them the gas station they went to before, where they were also caught and found by Drigo's squad then.“Just a bit, we'll be close.” He said.When they arrived at the said place, they saw some zombies walking there.“There's a zombie!” Ralph hid behind them at the same time.“Ronel and Ralph, just fill the tank while Vincent and I take care of the zombies,” Jonathan ordered them.“Wait, there's a convenience store nearby.” Vincent suddenly said.“Then the three of us will take care of that,” Ernes said while he was with Lester and Niko."Wait a minute. Will you leave me with him?” Ralph said, referring to Ronel.“If you don't want it, just go home,” Ronel said to him as the
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Back story
Drigo stumbles upon a school where Zoey is currently staying. He was just peeking outside while Shana was walking behind him, she was the girl Vincent helped who was being chased by zombies.“Don't move,” she said as she pointed the ax she was holding at Drigo's neck.His eyes widened and he raised his two hands.“Who are you? What are you doing there?” Shana asked him.Drigo slowly faced her with his two hands raised.The girl suddenly covered her nose when she smelled its unpleasant smell.“Help me, I have nowhere else to go. Don't worry because I'm not infected. Look!” at the same time, he turned around to make her believe him.The girl put down the ax she was holding and was still covering her nose."People here are already asleep, so don't make any noise at all. Do you understand?” she says.“Yes, of course. I promise I won't make trouble, I need a place to stay.” He said begging.Shana peeked inside and saw that no one was guarding there, so she signaled Drigo to be careful when
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While Zoey, Vincent, Osmar, and the entire Asero were talking in their room, Lopez suddenly entered and immediately closed the door."Lopez? What are you doing here?” Vincent asked in surprise. He turned to them and looked anxious.“W-we have a big problem!” He said trembling.“What's going on outside?” Osmar stood up and went to the door, but Lopez immediately stopped him.“We're all done.” He said.They were all surprised inside, and they peeked through the window to see people running, while there were also zombies scattered outside.“How did they get in here?” Zoey said in surprise.“The woman we saved the other night, brought a zombie inside the other building.” He said as his voice trembled with fear.“What?” Vincent said, in shock.“I told you so! When I saw her for the first time, I had a really strange feeling about him.” Zoey said.“What are we going to do?” Ralph was nervous.“Wait, I forgot to say something. There was a man with her downstairs, the man who kidnapped me and
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