Assassin Knights

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Assassin Knights

By: Bradzmanga Ongoing

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After eating the gravity yokai by mistake shikiel was track down by the world's strongest assassin to be killed but after finding him she decides his powers would be great for killing yokais and one day he might be a powerful assassin like her so she enroll him into the greatss assassination school in the world. Now shikiel has to find a way to keep the secret of him being a yokai or else he will be killed


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Mission #1: The Boy & The Apple
On a building lays the strongest Assassin in the world ready to kill her next yokai while waiting her phones rings.Tap!She picks up her phone."Hello.""Eris, we think we have found the gravity yokai, but it's not fully activate this is our chance to capture it before it awakens again.""Roger that."[School]Siting at the back of the class is shikiel Sora. he has black messy hair and blue eyes with a scar over his right eye. The other boys in the class throws things on him."Look, the nerd's gonna cry," one of the boy shouted, making the class laugh."Why don't you just die already, loser."Shiki gets up and walks out of the classroom, but a girl walks behind him."Wait, hey are you ok," she said.he looks at her from head to toe and answer "what do you want? Are you going to mock me too.""what no I wanted to say happy birthday" she gave him a green apple. He took the apple and Smile "thank you."She went back in classroom and shiki went to his locker and puts the apple in it and
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Mission #2: Hard Core Training
Shiki opens his eyes to find himself tie up on a tree in the forest with Eris standing in front of him in shock. He shouts out "what the hell!!!" Eris closes her eyes and smile "Good morning" " "No, no no it's not a good morning did you kidnap me." "No, I wouldn't call it kidnapping just taking you out without your permission." That is kidnapping. She takes a seat in front of him. "look you need to get stronger without using the gravity yokai's power because you won't be able to use it when attending SFTYA," she said. "Ohk then let's get me stronger than." She gets up and brushes herself off and starts to walk away from Shiki. "Your first test is to get out of those ropes." Shiki stares at her, feeling his cold dead stare. She turns around and free. him we have 2 months to get you strong. You will be learning hand to hand combat swordsman ship gunman ship how to kill a yokai and we need to build your body too. u got no abs. [Next day] [HAND TO HAND COMBAT] Shiki stands with
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Mission #3: Entrance Exam
SFTYA 25th Entrance Exam]Shiki stands out of SFTYA "wow this school is huge, it's like a city." he said.Everyone walks into the Auditorium and takes their seats a man dress in full black walks up on the stage and look at the crowd and start to talk without a Mic. "welcome students this is the 25th exam I am Lucas James the Headmaster of this school." he said"Here are the rules. As you can, see there are desks and chairs underneath the. decks they are test papers."Everyone looks under the decks and takes out the test papers."Now lift your test papers." He said.Shiki and a good amount of students raise their test papers."Good job to the ones who rise their test papers. The rest of you failed.""What?" they shouted."A good assassin always listens now. Get the hell out of my school."The ones who didn't raise their test papers walks out."Ok now.""They were 100 of you and now there's 50 anyway back to me explaining they are 5 academic test and 1 assassination test you have until
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Mission #4: SFTYA
A week has passed since the exam School For The Young Assassin. This school is said to be the world's greatest assassin school and the hardest one to get into only 30 students has passed this year out of 100.TAP! TAP! the headmaster walks up on the stage in the Auditorium."Welcome is good to see you all here again. You guys will be here for 3 years and I'm looking forward to see who will be the next member of the student council. Your form teachers will explain everything u need to know when u get to class. There are 30 of you so you will be spilt into 2 class 15 each. Now good luck and goodbye." Shiki walks down the hallway, going to his class. "I wonder if those two will be in this class too." he pens the door and didn't see them he inhale and exhales. "Oh, well."He walks in and goes to the back of the class and takes a seat at the window.TAP! TAP! TAP! "your early" Shiki hears a voice and turns to his right "oh it's you Imani" he said "I guess we're in the same class." She rep
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Mission #5: First Mission
Good morning Shiki." said Imani."Good morning Imani.""You left the dorm so early I didn't even get to say sorry about yesterday.""its fine."Yolanda walks into the class "good morning guys.""Morning Yolanda." said Imani."Yh morning Yolanda." said ShikiThe teacher walks in with papers in her hand. "as promise I will be giving you guys your first mission. Has a team, so get ready."Shiki Imani and Yolanda stands in front of an Abandoned Hospital "so this is the abandoned hospital." said Yolanda.[3 hours ago]"And for you 3 you get the abandoned hospital on north street." Said miss Olivia."5 weeks ago, residences of north street has been going missing week after week after week. Your mission is to find the yokai that's doing this and kill it."Yolanda walks up and opens the door while Shiki and Imani cuss about who goes in first "you should go in first because you're the man of this team" said Imani "don't give me that crap." Shiki replies."You guys." said Yolanda."so you're af
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Bonus Mission #1: Characters Info
Imani Navia HikariImani is a beautiful toned skin and well endowed 15 year old girl despite having a petite built. She has long blonde hair that's braided on both side and clip together with a diamond pink clip she has blue eyes additionally she wears a pair of golden earrings with a choker while can been seen wearing a variety of outfits her main attire is her school uniform: an open light blue jacket with the SFTYA crest on the right side with a white shirt with a red tie and a white short pleated skirt with a pair of black thigh-high socks and a black shoes. Height: 163 (5'4) weight: 60kg waist: 64cm (25) hip: 86cm (34) bust: 89cm (35).Shikiel SoraShiki is a lean toned young man of average height with a muscular physique with black messy spiky hair that's style in a taper fade with blue eyes he has a scar over his right eye. his initial attire consists of the SFTYA uniform: Light blue open hoodie with the SFTYA crest on the right side with a white shirt with a red tie and a blac
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Mission #6: The Gravity Paragon
Shiki stands in front of Imani in his hybrid form. Imani looks at him in shock. "what the hell? You're a yokai." she said."Imani, I will explain later, I promise."FWOOSH!The yokai throws a punch but shiki catches it with his left hand Shiki close his right hand his hand turns dark green and his tattoos turns light green Gravity Impulse drive: Gravity Fist!!! BOOOM!! Shiki punches the yokai sending him flying.FWOOOSH!!Shiki leaps off the ground into the air above the yokai and hits him with a barrage of punches.WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!The more I hit him, the more he regenerates. Shiki thinks to himself he looks over to Imani. "go and get Yolanda don't worry about me I will be right behind you.""OK" Imani takes up Yolanda Yolanda looks up "is that Shiki?""Yes, he will explain later."Shiki spins and kicks the yokai, sending him flying to the ground.BOOM!!Shiki jumps down and walks away, but the yokai wasn't done. Shiki senses that he wasn't dead, so he turns around only to see the y
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Bonus Mission #2: Impulse
Impulse, also known as magic things or fruits, gives their users special powers when eaten or absorb. There are 3 types of Self-Powered, Blood-line and Cryptid persons who utilize these powers are called Impulse users but the ones who have Cryptid Impulse are called paragon.Self-Powered Impulse: gives the user the same power as Cryptid but with no special transforms. When using their power, they gain 2 pupils.Blood-line Impulse: Are Self-Powered Impulses powers that are passed down from family to family, mostly from parents to children.Cryptid Impulse: Are the rarest among all the Impulses these fruits possess yokais inside of them when eaten it gives the users 3 special transformations first one is normal/hybrid this is the normal State of a person who eats a Cryptid impulse they have weird markings on their skin when activating their powers and they have 3 pupils instead of the normal 2 that a Self-powered. yokai form the user gets more tattoo on their body and hair and eyes beca
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Bonus Mission #3: Cryptid Impulses/Yokais
Cryptid Impulse: Gravity YokaiImpulse Form: it takes on the form of a green apple. Instead of having one stem, it has five one big stem with four others on it. At the bottom of the apple it has a black star.Yokai Form: in human form, the gravity yokai takes on the form of a tall woman, a well-endowed and curvaceous figure. She has long green hair that reaches her waist with green eyes that have 4 pupils each. She has green tattoos all over her body, with a 2 pair of greenhorns and a pair of black wings.Paragon Transformation: When accessing his powers, Shiki tends to go into his hybrid form, which makes his heart beats like a drum just like every yokai's heart. His hair turns white his eyes turns green and he gain 3 pupils with green tattoos starts to cover his body he also grows a pair of green horn in his head he also gains a devilish mask like smile which shows his teeth and he gains the habit of laughing a lot which every paragon does when in this form.Cryptid Impulse: Bloody
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Mission #7: The Bloody Clown Paragon
"Huh? a yokai too?" said Imani."yes and no.""Oh wow, you combine both your parents' power. Only a rare amount of people can combine more than one impulse. If a normal person does this, the impulses will explode and kill them. I guess you're one of those people."I have to stop him and bring back Shiki, no matter what Yolanda thought to himself. The gravity yokai smiles. "Come at me. You are going to stop me, right?"Yolanda dashes towards her WHAM! they exchange blows Yolanda backflips into the air but the gravity yokai grabs her left foot and slams her into the ground GAH! The gravity yokai lifts up her right foot to stomp Yolanda, but she creates cards out of blood and sends them flying towards the yokai. She dodged four of them, but the fifth cuts her/shiki face.So that's the bloody hell blood-line impulse, huh? She thought to herself she starts to laugh yolanda gets up and jump and spin kicks she. [Deep inside Shiki's body] "What the hell have you done with my body? I can
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