The Blind Seer : A Predictor's curse vol. 01

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The Blind Seer : A Predictor's curse vol. 01

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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Liam is a thirty one-year-old who is curious about all the mysterious and strange cultures of ancient people. He is a YouTube vlogger known by the name, The Clown Man. But what everyone doesn't know is that behind his clown mask hides a brave and intelligent journalist. He is not afraid of anything and will reveal the truth even it brought a danger in his life. Because of his unique personality and role in life, many people got to know him where he received many supporters and fans. But despite his popularity, a stranger challenged him to interview one of the most feared prisoners in the world, known as The Blind Seer. Therefore, he immediately accepted the challenge to him, and he learned that he was not just a prisoner that anyone could see and talk to. Because they believe that he is a plague and a curse that whoever looks into his eyes will die.

1 chapters
The famous vlogger
“Good evening everyone and welcome to my YouTube channel. Our topic tonight is about one of the talked tragic stories that are now spreading on social websites, Internets, radio, or television. Have you ever heard of a murderer who allegedly killed his wife, but the authorities could not find any evidence or remains of his wife? Why do you think they couldn't find any evidence to prove that he did kill his wife or that he was a murderer? All of that we will find the answer later when I return. Please just comment below what ideas come to your mind about this mysterious crime. I'll be right back, and I'll read your comments one by one.” After a short minute of live broadcasting of my vlog, I closed my laptop and removed the clown mask from my face as I faced the full-size mirror, and then I turned to my bed where I heard the vibration of my cell phone. I immediately picked it up and noticed that I had received a message from my mother reminding me that the electricity bill was coming s
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