The Revived

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The Revived

By: Author Latte Ongoing

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Upon awakening his eyes, all of a sudden all the people important in his life were gone. He had no idea how he had led to the railing and how his fate had changed. Until he discovered that someone was controlling his life.


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6 chapters
Chapter 01
“Congratulations to the both of you, Gun and Ran.” Lyndon, my best friend, greeted us on our wedding day.On this day, we celebrate the most important day in our lives and the day when we swore in front of the church. We been in seven years relationship, so we also decided to get together and build our own family. I have nothing more to ask for but to have a happy family with her.I came from a broken family and I know the feeling of being alone and eating at the dinner table without the parents. So, I promised myself that I would not let my family go through my bitter and sad experience then. And I also promised Ran that I would love and take care of them until my last breath.Two months later, Ran suddenly called me because she said she was not feeling well. So, I hurried to our house and left my company early because I was so worried about her. But then, it turned out that she was just lying on me and the truth is that she wanted to show me her PT result where it turned out that s
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Chapter 02
When I opened my eyes, I was already inside the interrogation room as I sat in the old chair and handcuffed. I felt lethargic and my vision gradually blurred. My heavy breathing was the only noise I could hear as I looked all around me. There was a light bulb above me that serve as a light in that dark room.I didn’t see much around because every corner of the room was dark and my whole body was so weak. Until I heard the door open and the footsteps of the shoes echoed towards now where I was.“You're finally awake. How are you feeling, Mr. Gunny Felix Francisco? Do you hear me?” He said at once he stopped in front of me.I slowly looked up at his face and watched him carefully when the light hit his face, and my eyes widened in shock when I realized who the man in front of me was.“Christian?” I said then he grinned.“You seem to have come to your senses because you now remember who I am. Do you know where you are now? Or aren't you even wondering why your hands are handcuffed?” He a
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Chapter 03
“Thanks a lot.” I said as I turned and ran away.I don't even know his name, but I'll never forget how he helped me. For the rest of my life I'll remember what he did to me and one day I will return to him the goodness he showed me.I met a stranger inside the prison. I don't even know his full motive for helping me, but I didn't hesitate to accept what he offered me. He showed me every direction or way there how I could easily get out without anyone else knowing and seeing me. In addition to that, he handed me a key, so I was able to get out of my cell and escape.I'm now walking carefully towards the exit as I look around me. Whenever a policeman passes by, I immediately hide and wait for them to pass before I continue. It wasn't easy for me to escape from there because every step I took was equivalent to an intense fear from my chest. Until I got out of the exit door, but I was very surprised when I looked around.“Where am I? What kind of place is this?” I whispered to myself.I d
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Chapter 04
“Tell us why you killed him?” The prosecutor told me while I was sitting in an electric chair, and they were forcing me to confess about Kevin's death.“No matter what you do to me, I won't tell you anything because I didn't mean to kill him, and that's the truth.” I replied, while my whole body was weak because of the power of the volume of electricity they were punishing me with.“It wasn't on purpose? Did you think you could fooled us? If you were able to kill your own daughter, it wouldn't be impossible for you to kill someone else, right?” He said while I slowly looked up at him and I smirked on my lips.“If you don't believe me, then what answer do you want to hear from me?” I said as I felt my entire body tremble.He came closer to me and lifted my face while whispering in my ear. “Say you killed him.”I laughed at what I heard, so he suddenly slapped my face hard, causing him to leave a mark on my left cheek after scratching it with his sharp nail.“Don't let him eat or even d
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Chapter 05
“Ran? Aria.”As I saw them, I immediately hugged them both tightly with tears in my eyes.“Honey, wait a minute. What's wrong with you? Did you had a bad dream?” I heard Ran say, that's why I immediately stared at her face and I couldn't believe that they were in front of me now.I can't explain everything to her and how they happened to be here by my side, but if it was a dream I would rather not to wake up anymore.“Ran, just always remember that no matter what happens, I will still love you and Aria very much.” I said then she smiled and nodding her head.“You better get up there before you're late for work.” She said, that's why, I looked at her again with a look of surprise on my face.“Work? What do you mean?” I asked her as I looked around in entire room where I saw a policeman's uniform.To my surprise, I immediately stood up and approached the uniform I saw.It's impossible.It's almost identical to the uniform I wore when I escaped from prison, also it has a hole in the righ
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Chapter 06
Just two weeks later, Ran also lost her life. I don't know if I can live alone without them by my side. I'm not sure if I should live in this world without a reason why I have to continue living. So, I thought of ending my life so that I could be with them in the afterlife.I headed to the rooftop of the hospital, and then I closed my eyes before I jumped to the tallest building. Then my vision darkened, and my mind became blank. I thought that was the end of me, but when I opened my eyes I found myself standing in the middle of the highway road while the cars were constantly honking at me.I looked around and stare at my hands. Furthermore, I can't believe despite everything that happened to me, I'm still alive with no wounds or even scars on my body.How did this all happen? How come I'm still alive? I remember that I jumped from a tall building, so it was impossible for me to stay alive.My mind is full of questions now, but I can't find an answer. I have no idea what is happening
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