I Sold My Soul Into The Devil (vol. 02)

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I Sold My Soul Into The Devil (vol. 02)

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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Since Ceto was imprisoned for seventy years, he thought that life seemed unfair to him. His life revolved only inside the cell, where he grew old and never get married. Upon his release, he did not expect that the fate of his life would suddenly change where he met the merciless and cruel demon, RM. He sold his soul to him in exchange for his luxuries and new life. But contrary to his knowledge that all of that has a price. Can Ceto uphold the contract he signed with a demon? Or will he give his own soul to the devil if he discovers that he will not be resurrected?

1 chapters
Chapter one
“Ceto Guidicelli found guilty.”What the judge said after confirming the case against Ceto. He was sentenced to seventy years imprisonment for the crime of killing the man he suspected of raping his sister, Grace.At the age of nineteen years old, a college student, his life revolved around prison with different types of criminals.At a young age, he experienced the bitter world and reality of prison life. He had no one to ask for help and no one to talk to, vent his grievances. They all don't care about him and just ignore him.Only then did he realize that he had killed the wrong person. It turned out that he was the leader of a group of gangsters from which he had escaped from prison. Therefore, they tortured and beat him to avenge their dead leader.He almost went through different kinds of torture that he almost died because of the deep wounds he sustained on his body.He was always laughed at, teased and poured hot soup on his head by his fellow inmates there. Furthermore, he al
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