The day I said I love you

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The day I said I love you

By: twelfth_moon Ongoing

Language: English

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Isa Gabriela Gonzales extinguishes the last flame of her life, with ease she will close her eyes but different from what she had expected the still time flowed once again and now the things that she left before will come again seeking for her decision. To come back to her teens and live the life she wants and lost the innocence that had protected her consciousness for so long. It's now time to steal the resolve and choose the path that she truly wants. Will she follow her heart or her selfish desire of being with the one she wants to spend forever with by paying an unbelievable price that couldn't be pay back of any amount?


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A poem written by ikalabindalawang buwan once left a question in my life, why should you be frighten of death when it comforts the souls and ready them for their next breath to live? But this vague question wouldn't imprint something to you if you haven't read the poem yet.path of roses in shattered crimsontranscends the void and space possiblea second chance, a time to spendkill to live or to fall in abyss―see what you are missing.this short, never everlastinggrew in time, the tiny seed death is warmdeath is comfortabledeath is loveso this I sayone last time; I love you.It still gives me the chills, the tears and the question to ponder and yet once I had think of it for a hundred times will it get satisfied and go back to the back of my head. That, had been the start of my day since I had been living in this prison white with smiling panacea looking at their square equipments that beats when its normal and make a sharp noise that can hurt your ears when there is somethi
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It's time
"Miss Isa! You shouldn't be diving already inside the game right after you ate! That would make your stomach upset! Please listen to me!" The frantic nurse is chasing the lively me at the hallway when the head nurse glared at us and we lose the pace of our running but after she diverted her eyes away from me, I took the opportunity to take off and that made Jane lose me for a huge distance. But is it my imagination? Her eyes soften and was about to tell me something but held back and walk away? Strange.While I was fleeing the gold light suddenly lit up and all the sister nurses all rush and let me go. This is a perfect opportunity so I wouldn't make a big deal out of it."I will buy you cake the next time!" I waved my hand before going back to my room. Doctor Perez ordered me to rest for 30 minutes after eating and then walk for a good 30 minutes before lying down but I just couldn't wait till then since I will have a little time to play then!Reaching my room, I hurriedly close the
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To begin again
Isa had forgotten how much time had passed since the pain in her stomach subsided. The ripping might be successful since in her stomach felt a hollow nothing. It's scraped clean. The darkness is twisting and some times rotating but doesn't affect Isa. She felt that this space is just for her and maybe this tiny lot is reserved only for her. "When's my reaper arrives?" Isa is surprised that her voice came out even when she doesn't felt that her lips moved. For some reason, darkness that she had been afraid for so long is not that scary to her right now. It's not heavy albeit it's comfortable like riding the clouds with roaring thunders that rumbles and making the clouds to wave thus turns into a form of a massage. It felt comfortable but lonely. Making Isa to remember what is her life inside the hospital for the last three years of her life. Somehow, it's nostalgic and sad yet, she is someone that doesn't want to dwell in the past thus just set her mind to the bright side and thin
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"Haah...Haah... How I miss having a car or bike to ride with... Thing long walk is too tiring!!" Isa couldn't help but grumble before avoiding the protruded rock in front of her but in exchange, she bump into a hard object that made her fall into the ground. "Ouch! How--" She was about to shout when she felt something is in front of her. Opening her eyes, she couldn't believe that it wasn't an object that had bump to her but a person with a big body and a wide smile."Are you alright child? Did you come from the Sanctuary?" His deep voice made Isa step back a bit before maintaining a good distance almost as if she is before a predator that could eat her anytime. The man senses perfectly what the girl is thinking and he didn't complain. Showing both of his hand, he smiles once more but that made Isa flinch because it's too peculiar for her. The man suddenly become clumsy and don't know what to do. He gather some air and said in a loud voice."I AM ANTON OF THE GAHK TOWN. I WILL NOT DO
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"Fate is a predestined cycle that put everything to place and it its will to make you as an exemption oh! Most Exalted!" ―. ―Gahk Town, midday. There is still endless pouring of people coming back and forth from the Sanctuary and to the Gahk Town to seek entrance to the Kalawit country. There is a strange atmosphere enveloping one of the benches at the transportation station that made people lost to their tracks and pause just to see the loving scene of a father and daughter that is saying good-bye to one another. "Please use the money well. Don't be stingy alright? Don't talk to stranger and accept anything from them even if they told you it was free. Also--" Before the sermon could go long, Avarisa shove her little hands over Anton's lips that made him instantly shut up. Seeing that he quieten, the little girl heave a sigh of relief and smiled to him before giving him one final hug. "I will always remember to contact you dad. I---" The tensed muscle made Avarisa paused and the
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