I Got An Apocalyptic System

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I Got An Apocalyptic System

By: Firelotus001 Ongoing

Language: English

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Lost his parents to Betrayal, his grandmother to sickness and now he is left alone to finish what his parent started and stop the end of the human race. Save the World alongside our Hero


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34 chapters
I Hope I Chose the Right Person
"Bro wait up!" A silver-haired teenager run out of the school building alongside other students who had just finished their exams." Dude can't you wait for me !" " Run faster," His friend Eagan said without slowing down, he lick the lollipop he was holding and even increase his pace." Dammit, how are you my best friend you meanie!"" You should have exercised more " Silver, the nickname given to the silver-haired teenager Eagan's best friend and only friend. "Why would I need to? I've got killer looks " Silver pointed to himself to show his "killer looks". Truthfully, he is good-looking, both he and Eagan have always been on the list of the most handsome "princes" in their school.Eagan, seventeen years old is five feet and eight inches tall. He lives with his grandmother after the death of his parents, he has green eyes like a field of grass and black curly hair.Eagan and Silver have been best of friends since their diaper day and they're practically inseparable.Finally ca
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Saved a girl, Got a System
That night when Eagan got home his Grandmother was waiting for him along with his nanny Nina.The grandmother who has been worried about her grandchild working even though he had everything, waited for him to get back home from work with his dinner readily prepared."Glam I'm home" Eagan called out as he entered the house "How was your day? was working stressful? can you do it? I told you I'll add to your allowance if it isn't enough! why did you insist on working? you look so tired " His grandmother complained as he looked him all over he kissed her on her forehead and answered her questions" My day was fine, work wasn't stressful it was fun, of course, I can do it, you don't need to add to my allowance I have more than enough already I'm just working to get more experience"" Still.." Eagan cut her off" I promise I'm ok and I'll quit when it starts affecting me... I'm hungry you won't starve your grandson will you?" He asked playfully his grandmother giggled and led him to the d
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First mission Prepare for End Time
" Oh by the way System, how many people can see this thing floating in front of me?" 'ONLY YOU CAN SEE AND HEAR ME" Good good, It will be awkward explaining things to people"Eagan stood there thinking ' I have a couple of hours before resuming work I can make plans and then get some things before going to work '"System you said I can exchange points for food and necessities why do I have to buy them again?""Would you rather use points for food or for weapons to defend yourself against monsters?"" You got me there. I can use my college savings to buy these things I wouldn't want to frighten my sickly grandmother unnecessarily. There probably won't be anything called the school in the apocalypse so there won't be a need to save money right?" After Eagan got over his initial shock of having a system pop out from nowhere and got enough information. what to do he got dressed, had breakfast and set out to complete his mission."First Mission Prepare for the Apocalypse "### " We'v
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I Got points for informing people?
Beep BeepEMERGENCY ALERTA NEW TYPE OF VIRUS IS SPREADING FAST AROUND THE HOST IT IS ADVISED THAT THE HOST VACATE EVERY PUBLIC AREA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, CONTINUOUS STAYING IN PUBLIC AREAS MAY CAUSE THE HOST TO BE INFECTED.He got a red notification from the system which means it is a serious warning he'd usually get a blue or purple warning not red. The sudden information about the spread of the virus around him changed his mowhichas noticeable to his co-workers"Are you okay? is everything fine at home?" Dave askedHe contemplated on whether to tell him the reason behind his mood change or just look for another reason'should I wait for the government to announce or should I tell them?'"THE SYSTEM HAS NOTICED THE HOST IS IN A STATE OF INNER TURMOIL AND ADVISED THE HOST TO TELL HIS CO-WORKERS ABOUT THE VIRUS AND ITIS IS UP TO THEM TO BELIEVE OR NOT"Thank you "The preparation for dinner was going on so the restaurant hasn't opened to customers yet" hmm... I need to tell you all s
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Legacy Left Behind
For the nth time since he got the system, the went shopping for food with his best friend in preparation for the doomsday that is already knocking at their door.Advising his best friend to stay in the door and also telling him that in case there's any trouble they could come stay with them, the two friends separated and promised to keep in touch with each other as long as the internet is up."THERE'S A PROBABILITY THAT YOU'D NEVER SEE HIM AGAIN," the system said once they parted and Eagan felt pained"I know, but I can't protect everyone at least that's what I have been telling myself since I know the world is going to face a disaster. I'll do everything I can to protect the people I love " Hearing that the system kept quiet When he got home he met his grandmother in their living room with her doctor sitting beside her. His grandmother's mother looks ghostly pale compared to how she was in the morning went he left home. " Hello, Dr Becca" he greeted the doctor and sat across th
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First Day at the Shelter
"Your parents would have been proud of you If they were here" She held his hand tightly her face and voice full of sad emotions, he swallowed the tears building up in his throat and replied"You always told me they're watching over me" Eagan replied"of course they are... I converted all the assets belonging to myself and your parents to money, you'll probably not need them during this time but you'll need them once all this is over. The base can house ten thousand people at most, it has farmland for raw food and life stocks and there are people there who have been taking care of everything, leave Nina to supervise them once you move in. I talked to Becca she'll move into the base as a doctor and one last thing. Nina isn't human she's an AI"Eagan looked surprised, the lady he lived with all these years isn't human. is this some kind of joke or was he just not attentive enough to notice?" Are you being serious? You told me she was an orphan you picked up!" The grandmother sighed and
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Journey Begins
Thanks to his parents thinking all this through, several lives would be saved.Eagan picked up the box his parents left for him and tried to open it but it didn't budge, suddenly a needle came out of the keyhole and pricked his fingertip drawing out don't blood.SCANNING BLOOD SAMPLE A mechanical voice came of out the box which startled Eagan and he almost dropped it SCAN COMPLETED DNA MATCHED... SELF-DESTRUCT MODE DISENGAGED. The set-up amazed Eagan and he thought "what a brilliant invention, I mean it was going to self-destruct if it was someone else who got it, how amazing"With all this, he was happy he wasn't sharing a room with anyone as Nina and silver had their separate rooms.The first thing he noticed as he opened the box was a written letter addressed to him.HEY THERE KIDDO,Happy eighteenth birthday from your handsome dad and beautiful mum. We hope you've been well and haven't been giving your grandmother a hard time. I'm sure you've grown up to be a fine young man lik
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Focus on Not Turning Into a Zombie
" There's is a supermarket around that corner to the left, we'll stop there to get some resources hopefully it hasn't been looted completely. we'll be divided into five groups and each group will be led by one of your trainers, one group will be on the lookout for intruders and zombies while two groups will go into the supermarket to gather resources and the other two will go into the surrounding houses to check for survivors " Adam instructed.Everyone got assigned to their groups of four persons per group and stepped out of the bust to carry out the mission given to them.Eagan group is led by Matt a Trainer and the members were Eagan, Shannon a lady who worked on the farm on the base and Nick Eagan's co-worker. Their team was assigned to check the building opposite the supermarket for survivors and as they got close to the building someone shouted from the upper level"Hey! Please help! please help us!" it was a blue-haired boy waving his hands frantically through the window on th
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You'll have to Earn Your Stay
The two men with the knives slash and stab. the zombie head with Nick and Shannon assisting from the back. "I'm loving this, let's do this often!" Nick said excitedly amidst all the shooting"I honestly thought I'd die or something while leaving the base this morning, I didn't think it'll be this enjoyable to shoot at zombies "The survivors heard their voices and the ruckus from outside began packing their things so as not to the time of the rescue team after killing the zombies. They packed all the necessary and important things such as food, clothes toiletries and some of their photo albums.Eagan knocked on the door after killing off all the zombies "Hey anybody in there? he asked and the door opened immediately revealing the blue-haired boy from earlier."Hello" he greeted firmly"You were the one who called us the other time?""Yes that was me, I'm sorry for attracting the zombie to you" the boy who looked frail and young bowed his head "it's okay"" Can you please take my si
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It Looks Uglier
" I never knew Festus taught you how to shoot" Adam commends as they shoot at the zombie covering the survivors to safety."Huh? you know Uncle Festus?" Eagan asked surprised that Adam knew his uncle, but 'it shouldn't have been too surprising as uncle Festus was also involved in the building of the base' he thought" Of course, I'm very familiar with him after all he was our trainer alongside Marcus .... you might not know this but everyone you met on the base had nothing when we met your grandmother, she gave us a place to stay and a purpose to live for ... and in return, we promised to serve you till our last breath"Eagan felt touched by the confession made by Adam and was stunned for a few seconds." I'm sorry ... I didn't know anything ... I was just informed about all this on her dying bed and everything seems new to me and I'm just barely holding on"" It's a promise she had to keep, your parents made everyone promise that you'd have a normal childhood and you won't get invo
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