Iam not werewolf

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Iam not werewolf

By: Abd el-nasser Ongoing

Language: English

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A werewolf lives a normal life between living among humans and eating some of its victims at night to satisfy its hunger, but will it remain so? Why did that woman intervene? Continue or no I don't care


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6 chapters
Chapter One: Werewolf? I am a sick person, a hateful person, a hateful person. I suppose that my liver is sick, but, in any case, I know nothing of my disease, and I do not know what my illness is. I don't consult a doctor, nor have I ever done so, though I respect drugs and doctors, besides, I am so superstitious that I respect drugs, whatever it is (I am educated enough not to believe in superstitions, but I do believe in them nonetheless). ). It is my malice that makes me refuse to consult any doctor, which I do not think you can understand, when I understand it well. Although I cannot make it sufficiently clear who it is I want to humiliate with my hatred in this case, I am fully aware that I cannot do anything to the doctors by not consulting them, and I know very well that I am doing this to myself, and no one else. However, that does not change the fact that it is only hatred that prevents me from consulting doctors. My liver's sick, okay - let's go to hell! It's been a long
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chapter two murder Waking up early with the sunrise, looking at the sunrise from the roof of the small house, the size of which does not exceed sixty square meters, getting down from the roof and walking for a little while . Half past five in the morning until six in the morning From six until six thirty I prepare my breakfast from seven, I have finished cleaning the house، At half past seven, I will start my work in the alcoholic beverages shop from one o'clock in the afternoon, taking a break until one o'clock, and return to work after that until five o'clock. Five o'clock I'm outside the shop, taking a little walk back home, where I live at the top of a hill, a little far from the village, complete calm at night, sleep without a fan of motor-cars. Or vote for the intoxicating liquor store with its weapons and people fighting together over a glass of wine. Or some girls who like to have fun here and there for the money sleeping in the woods is really cool. Hearing the sound of cric
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Failure to complete the task, due to betrayal
Chapter Three: Failure to complete the task, due to betrayal. Getting up early, looking at the sunrise from the roof of the small house, taking a walk in the morning, preparing breakfast, a normal routine for a normal man. I took a day off from work: this is the seventh day of the lunar month, about the twenty-second day from the last time I ate human meat, finishing breakfast, wearing heavy and unobtrusive clothes. Pick up an umbrella for the rain, as the rain, thunder and lightning were really rough last night. Get out of the house yet. Two or three steps, your D-Cross shoe might get stuck in the mud because of the rain and the lot of soil on top of the hill. He looked at the sky and said, "Winter is beautiful. But spring is the most beautiful winter." Winter brings water down from the sky for those who do not have water tanks from the house, but it makes the earth a quicksand and a small pond on every side. ، And perhaps also, a lot of rain makes plants die, unlike spring, in a m
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Incompletion of the Mission Because of Treason, Part Two
Chapter four : Incompletion of the Mission Because of Treason, Part Two De Crosen said he has an important job now and can't accept the invitation. The woman's face showed signs of sadness because she had just been rejected. Then she came back and said: Well then, my son, you can come at any time. The old woman turned down and grabbed her little truth to me and stopped her on the ground . I started fiddling with it and took out a white paper with some words written on it and gave it to de Croce and said, Hold on, my son, this is my address. You can come to me any time you want. This paper contains my exact home address. When you reach this address, you only have to ask about my daughter's name. She is a doctor and famous as I told you. ، You just have to mention her name. I also wrote her name on that paper so that you don't forget that.. The woman was silent for a while and sighed and then continued, "Where is your way now?" ؟! De Crosen looked at her and said, "Actually, I'm goin
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The task is not completed. The reason for betrayal, the third and final part
Chapter Five: The task is not completed. The reason for betrayal, the third and final partDe Croce stopped looking at the newspapers and at the picture of the man who was going to kill him, let out a long sigh and rested his head on the chair. He put his back completely on the ceiling of the chair and began to recover, but soon closed his eyes and fell asleep inside the train and then woke up until a man working in the cleaning came to take the dust from the train And some garbage that the passengers had thrown before - the cleaner saw it and went to him and said, "Sir - sir, wake up, where are you going? The train has stopped now Are you coming back or is this your stop now? ؟ " De Crosen seemed to open up gradually, not knowing that he was asleep. This was the first time he had ever slept, outside the house or outside his comfortable bed. The social isolation that de Crosen had obtained was unparalleled Before, talking to people was little. Accepting anyone who is new to his life w
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Discovering Some Facts
Chapter Six: Discovering Some Facts Five hours ago, at ten o'clock in the morning, in a café in the east of the big village de Croce, he began to enter the café slowly. Several people were sitting on different seats of different grades and prices at another table of the middle class. Someone sitting on it with his true face hidden. De Croce asked the waiter to sit next to this man and told him that he was his friend and so on. The waiter bowed after that he was told De Trossen B to bring a cup of coffee and then He began to sit in the dialogue of this person. He began to pry and said, "Hello, my friend, I have ugly rabbis for you, but we can solve this issue quickly, I think." This man began to lower his black glasses, which he was gradually throwing away, then looked at de Croce and said, "Did you talk to me, brother?" De Croce replied and said, "Who else is sitting here at this table but you and me?" This man replied and said, "Okay then.. Do you even know who I am? So come on and t
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