Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game" Vol. 2

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Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game" Vol. 2

By: Imbo Ongoing

Language: English

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SystemActionSPGSci-Fimysterydark fantasyGame

In the year 2031, a long-awaited “Play-to-Earn” game under the name “Utopian Fantasy" will be having its Grand Launch. The game features unique gameplay wherein players would have to use their real physical bodies to enter the fantasy world. Due to the rise of global poverty, millions of people saw the game as an opportunity to make a living. One of them is Mikaila - a college student who badly needs money to support her education. The game also features the so-called“Game Events” in which players are forced to participate. Can Mikaila and her friends uncover the mysteries and conspiracies behind the game? Note: This is the second book of the story Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game". You can read the first book on the same platform. Art Cover by @kuma_chan28 Contact him for commissions: kumac215@gmail.com

3 chapters
Chapter 1: He Is Coming!
[Note: This is the sequel of the story Utopian Fantasy: "A Fair Game". If you want to read the first book, you can search it on GoodNovel or MegaNovel. I hope you enjoy the story!]“EVERYONE! RATH IS HEEEERE!! HE’S ABOUT TO LAY JUDGEMENT UPON US!!!”Panic and commotions started in the village.“Divines above! We’re too late,” another villager uttered.“What the hell is happening now!?”“I - I don’t know. Maybe we should ask the villagers, Boss?”A slight pause happened as they tried to process the situation.“Hey, Sasha - daughter. Can you enlighten us? What’s happening? Why is that man yelling?”“Hey! How many times should I tell you that her name is Tusha!? And she’s not your daughter!”“Shut up, woman! I’m not talking to you!”The woman was terrified by the echoing rant.“Hey - hey. Can we please calm down here? We came here to investigate the village - have a meaningful connection with the locals, and not scare them. That’s the reason why Lumine and I agreed to join this expeditio
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Chapter 2: New Settlers' Assignment
“Since our camp is expanding, the demand for basic resources is expected to increase. The first group, the Hunting Group, will be responsible for our food supply. As the name suggests, they’ll be the ones who will ‘hunt’ foods for us. I chose those players with good Hunting Talents.”“I also allowed a few mature kids who are willing to join the group; I only allowed those who are in their teenage real-world years. I also specifically reminded them to be extra careful - never leave the adults’ supervision.”“I originally assigned Virgo to supervise this group, but she’s still sick. And that’s why Orixa is here. I’m asking her to handle the group temporarily.” Marco, then, turned his attention to Orixa, “So, are you willing to handle this one?”“It’s not a tough job, so okay!” Orixa answered.“Thanks, Ori,” Marco replied. “Next is the Group of Specialists. This group consists of players who had significant professions before they came into this world. Most of them are doctors and scient
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Chapter 3: Let's End Your Misery
[What really happened earlier],Somewhere in the Bridging Forest, not far from the Treetop Settlement,Tommy and Papa are wandering in the Forest, looking to harvest Heart Fruits.“You didn’t have to come with me, you know,” Papa said to Tommy.“No. I wanted to help you with your task,” Tommy replied.“But as I said, it’s too dangerous,” Papa insisted. Then he started mumbling inaudibly, “I’m still unstable… I don’t know what will happen if I ever lose control again.”“But I’m not scared! You’re my new papa (father) now, right? As my new papa, I know that you’ll do your best to protect me. And I believe that you’ll never ever hurt me… because you’re a good man.”Tommy’s innocent words warmed Papa’s heart. It inspired him to further resist the weapon’s mind-corrupting effects.The two of them continued searching for Heart Fruits. Not long after, they found a tree teeming with bundles of the said fruit.“I think we can harvest a lot from this one,” Papa uttered.The fruits are situated
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