Morland - Blood and Sweat

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Morland - Blood and Sweat

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After waking up in a strange new world, Darrel must strive to find a way home, but before his travels even begin he is arrested and flung in a dungeon where he must fight for his life as a Spell-less wizard, gaining new abilities and allies before venturing back into the new world. On the other side of the continent, a descendant of a long-forgotten race seeks entry into the ranks of the legendary Holy Knights to restore his family's honor, but the purpose of his journey soon changes as he begins to understand the true meaning of strength and honor Their adventures will take them across Morland as they explore new lands and encounter a variety of enemies, they soon find out that each one of their choices influences their paths as they both yearn to prove whether power is found in blood or sweat!


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Chapter 1 : Awake, Where The Hell Am I?
- ORIS, OUTSKIRTS - Darrel suddenly jerked awake and then squirmed on the ground as the feeling of pain jolted through his abdomen like an alien parasite, he carelessly clutched his chest and shoulders as he tried to endure the pain. This went on for a few minutes before the excruciating feeling began to subside, he did not know how long it had been since it started, but he felt relieved when it was over. "Gah! What the hell was that?" He exclaimed as he examined his upper body, the feeling was so surreal that he immediately sat up to examine his chest. "Oooh fuuuuudge!" Seeing that his abdomen was still intact Darrel screamed several more exotic curse words towards the sky before pausing to calm himself from the horrible experience, and as he smiled with glee he started to notice the peculiar surrounding. Darrel tried to get up to his feet abruptly, but the pain had made him wearily so he laggard until he was standing up straight, and as he looked at the area around him his exp
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Chapter 2 : Awake, Who The Hell Are They?
- ORIS OUTSKIRTS - Darrel was a smart guy neither was he a pushover, back home people used to call him a fusion between a nerd and jock though he belonged to neither group. He could handle both a football and a calculator, he was the perfect example of an all arounder. His parents had noticed this about Darrel when he was still a kid, there was no sport that he played without displaying a hint of potential, and when his school reports came, it was surprising to find him at the top of the class with the straight A nerds. As fragments of his memories engulfed him, Darrel felt the noise in his ears grow louder until his mind became numb and his head started to hurt. The pain escalated quickly and Darrel felt a warm tickling sensation coursing through his body. "What the?" The veins in his arms suddenly glowed a light blue hue, as a similar color appeared in his vision. The strange feeling and the unusual sight were things that Darrel had never experienced in any dream or virtual
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Chapter 3 : Awake, What the Hell is a Dungeon Prison?
- ORIS, OUTSKIRTS - Darrel's howling could be heard from within the sphere of mana, and the clouds in the sky continued to rotate around the area. "Lieutenant, if this goes on we will have erratic weather patterns in this region for some time." One of the knights clad in golden armor stated. "Will you tend to the squires?" The Lieutenant queried his companion. "It's not like I have a choice." This was the first time the Lieutenant had spoken a full sentence since all he had done earlier was call out to his men when they blundered during their scuffle with Darrel. The Lieutenant sighed as he jumped off his trembling mount, then he brazenly approached the mana sphere that Darrel had conjured. The Lieutenant sighed and then gripped the straps on his gauntlets, then proceeded to tighten them before extending his hand towards the swirling mana sphere. [Fsst!!] The sphere that had been expanding ever so steadily and aggressively repelling everything in its path suddenly popped like
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Chapter 4 : Awake, What the Hell is This?
- ORIS, OUTSKIRTS - In most situations, a cavalry unit consisted of more than four riders, and only a handful of them would be dressed in extravagant armor. However, even though their appearance was like that of nobility, these knights had a dignified demeanor and Darrel could feel the imposing aura they were giving off. 'I don't know about these guys, but ranks and titles are a must-have in any game, not only did this give individuals authority, but it also provided them with new powers and abilities.' Darrel's heart raced, instead of coming up with a solution for his inconvenient situation, he was only scaling it up by giving his brain a more complicated scenario to work out. The first thing that Darrel had ascertained was that this was not a virtual world nor was it a game of any sort, so assuming that the enemies before him were of the same strength as he, would be a fatal error on his part. 'I have to assume the worst, especially since I can't see their status, nor their hea
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Chapter 5 : Awake, Who The Hell Am I?
- ORIS PRISON - A few days passed since Darrel had been arrested and brought to Oris prison, two dozen guards accompanied by iron cuffs imbued with magic-negating runes had been brought to the cart to secure his capture. Darrel's hands and feet were wrapped with heavy iron cuffs before he was let out of the cage, to top it off an executioner's bag was used to cover his head before he was ushered into a solitary cell deep in the modified caverns of Oris. Darrel struggled to find a comfortable posture in the cell with the weighted chains still strapped to his feet, the runic symbols etched inside the cell walls periodically glowed and brightened the entire cell for a moment before the light dissipated once more. "Rune flux number ten…" Darrel muttered. "Day four in isolation begins." On the day he was locked up, an array of symbols glowed in the dark circular cell walls, the threshold gave a snapping flash as the guards locked the door behind them. Hours later a similar event occu
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Chapter 6 : Awake, What the Hell is a Bluff?
- ORIS, PRISON - One of the guards on Darrel's side snorted at his proclamation as another nudged at him with his hand. "Keep moving!" Darrel was led out of the prison mines and out into what appeared like a courtyard. On closer examination, Darrel noticed that it was merely the outside foot of the mountain surrounded by a few important-looking tents and structures. 'How quaint.' The structures appeared to still be under construction, the barricades were arrayed further encompassing the camp in a short wall of spikes. "Why am I out here?" Darrel grumbled to the guards, but neither of them responded. "Why did you bring me out here damn it?!" After exiting the prison mine the guard's demeanor changed, they appeared more focused and barely batted an eye at Darrel. The guards moved in two files and stood in two parallel lines with Darrel at the center. "So you must be Darrel?" The voice came from inside one of the tents and by the sound of it, the individual may have been a giant.
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Chapter 7 : Awake, Why The Hell Can't I Control Magic?
- ORIS PRISON - "Luca? Is that you?" Darrel exclaimed. "Oh am I glad to see you." Darrel clutched Luca's hand in a brotherly embrace, even though they had barely met a couple of days ago Darrel felt a connection with Luca and was pleased to see a more familiar face. After the sudden greeting, Darrel pulled the note from his ragged pockets and when Luca saw it he quickly pushed it back into Darrel's pocket. "Hold on," Luca whispered. "There is a time and place for everything." "Okay, alright." "Remind me about it tomorrow." - ORIS PRISON CELL - The cell was quiet throughout the night, but Darrel was still unable to get a good night's sleep. Whether this was a fault of his anxiety after Luca promised to explain more about the note the next day or the fact that he was trying to sleep in a room while surrounded by criminals. 'A magic-user without any spells.' Darrel recalled how he had been stomped earlier. 'The sacred knights huh?' Darrel chuckled at the thought, to think that h
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Chapter 8 : Discussion, The Greyheart's 108th Dungeon
- ORIS PRISON CAMP - The extravagantly armored Knights gathered in the largest tent where the bare ground had been adorned with a thick carpet that bore the Empire's emblem. Cushioned armchairs were arrayed in a circular pattern around the wooden table, and on that table, several figurines depicting flags, soldiers, and monsters had been placed systematically. This gathering was unlike the others that were annually conducted in the capital, where they would sit around a large golden table and each would share tales of valiant deeds that they had accomplished during their travels. Due to recent events, the meeting they were having here held a different purpose and such gatherings were rare among the knights. The Holy Knights were known throughout Morland to be symbols of great power and justice, and it was rumored among the mortals in Morland that if all thirteen knights were to gather in the same place at once, their combined presence would be enough to purge evil in a region. A
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Chapter 9 : Arise, Son of the Dragon
- HILLTOPS, SOUTH OF SIGUL - The faint glow of embers dissipated as the fires went out in the cold night, Hielgan tearfully laid his hand on the mound of ash then proceeded to scoop a handful and place it in the urn next to him. The cremation process had lasted for nearly twelve hours almost two times longer than that of ordinary mortals. This was mostly due to the natural resistance his people had against fire, at first he had felt relieved as he did not want to further part with this particular mortal, however, the sight of his body bracing through the inferno even in death reminded him of how much he had been influenced by that person that he burst into tears. "Father…" Hielgan clenched more ashes in his hand and poured them into the urn, the warmth of the ashes reminded him of his father's warm embrace, and the very last words he had spoken to him resounded in his mind. 'My son, I saw you forge a new path beyond these horizons where many of our people took to the sky... with
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Chapter 10 : Arise, Strength of the Dragon
- PLAINS, QUARIA REGION -The grassy plains welcomed Hielgan's arrival after he had left the rocky mountainous region.His first destination was southeast towards the second royal capital of Morland, the kingdom of Quaria.This was a large city located on the southern part of the continent, the historical texts state that Quaria was named after the deity of strife and mischief Quara, and legend has it that it was Quara that deceived Lazuriel the first Emperor's brother into defection.Under the influence of Quara, Lazuriel's actions brought about the 'First Rebellion' commonly known as The Great War. The war was fought on several battlefields including the planes Hielgan was walking on, many mortals lost their lives during that time.After walking for a few hours Hielgan found a river brimming with fresh water, he took his empty goatskin and drew some water."That covers the water." He muttered.It had been three days since he left his home, and now he had run out of food, the water w
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