Pay Back of Daryl Daniel

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Pay Back of Daryl Daniel

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Daryl Daniel is the son-in-law of Ferguson, but he is hated by his inlaws. That’s to say that he doesn’t have a great relationship with them, he has very little tolerance for them. They are rude and condescending to him, constantly talking down on him and telling him how dumb he thinks he is. They’ve always been like this, but it’s worse now because they’re , richer, and better than he will ever be He knows they hate him, but he can’t help it. He hates himself so much at times that sometimes he thinks it’ll kill him if he keeps existing. If only he could find peace somewhere else, anywhere but here where he had nowhere else to go, no one to turn to. His luck shines when he's offered a job that made him a millionaire, as he decides to pay his inlaw back for all the abuse they've inflicted on him and his family. ..............

3 chapters
18/06/2022 | MIAMI |11:50 AM| A 62,500-square-foot mansion comes into view with its 62,500 sq ft land. The house was on the outskirts of Miami Beach. The foyer is filled with bookshelves lining the wall on either side and a grand staircase that leads straight up to the second floor. There are paintings hung on the walls, most of them landscapes, and they’re all very impressive looking. A man who looks like he could be a model walks in through an open door on the right of the stairs. He wears a grey turtleneck over a black button-down and has dark, wavy hair. His eyes are deep blue and his lips are plump. He looks at the large, ornate clock on the wall before going back inside to where a woman sits with her legs crossed on a sofa in the middle of the room. She looks like she’s wearing a black dress, but her blonde hair is pulled up in a high ponytail and she’s holding a book with her left hand.She looks up as he opens the door and smiles brightly. “Hi honey, how are you?” Dar
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**When she reaches her room, Isabelle quickly changes into a navy blue dress that hugs her curves perfectly. She makes her way toward the bathroom and brushes her teeth. Once she’s done, she checks herself in the mirror before making her way downstairs. She finds her son and husband sitting at the dining table.She walks up to them and sits across from Daniel. "Ready for this?"He nods unsure, “I think it would be great if I just stay behind," he says to his wife while looking at her face. Daniel sighs knowing fully his wife and daughter don't understand his reason for going to miss the party. He knows his in-Laws would want to shame him at that party, so he tries to look for a reason. His wife, Isabelle, sighs too. "I wish you'd reconsider," she tells him, shaking her head sadly.Daniel sighs deeply, pushing the plate in front of him aside. "Look, I've been trying to convince you to let me do this since we got married, but... I can't anymore, okay?"The blonde shakes her head, "A
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Path to freedom/ Doom
***At 6:30 pm, Daryl stands outside his inlaw's apartment, looking at Aliyah's door, waiting for her to open it. He's nervous as fuck, he feels like he's gonna get sick, and he's also kinda scared. What if Aliyah hates me for leaving her? Nah, she loves me, she wouldn't hate me for that.After he waits for a while, Aliyah finally opens the door and comes out. She walks closer to him and hugs him tightly. "Daddy." Aliyah mutters.Daryl smiles down at her and kisses her forehead. "Hey princess."Aliyah giggles and kisses Daryl's cheek. "Missed you, daddy."Daryl kisses Aliyah again. "I missed you too, kiddo.""Daddy," Aliyah says after Daryl breaks the kiss."Yeah?""Are you going to be with mummy? Please say yes."Daryl smiles widely hearing her ask him that. "Well, I don't know yet, Aliyah. I just think it will be best if your mom and I aren't together” “Is it because of Granny and grandpa?" the little girl asked once more ."Yes, sweetie"Aliyah stares up at her father, "You mis
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