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Lin Long, a young man full of ordinary dreams. He had only encountered a lot of bad things. Until one day, fate sympathized with him. And he was given a special gift, The System 2.0 by Multiverse Lord Chen Ming! *Multiverse Lord Chen Ming was from Martial God Gamer*


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Chapter 1 Lin Long
Hot red ferrari Slowly moving to park in front of the shop The door of the car slowly opened before a sweet blonde man got out of the car and entered the convenience store. Lin Long, who was standing at the cashier, looked at him before speaking."welcome…"Before Lin Long could finish speaking, the young man walked into the bathroom that had been set aside for customers. Lin Long sighed. and continue his work He still had an hour left before his work was over.This year, Lin Long was already eighteen years old. He lives in a small apartment in the city.Lin Long was an orphan who grew up in an orphanage, he did not know who his father and mother were. He only knew that his name was Lin Long. But even so, it doesn't matter. As long as he lives happily, that's enough.He graduated from high school with pretty good grades, but because he was an orphan, he didn't have enough money to afford to go to university. He decided not to continue his studies and worked hard to earn money. Hopeful
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Chapter 2 Gamer System
Lin Long wanted to save money, but once in a while it would be fine.Lin Long came down from the apartment and rode his bike straight to the restaurant where he regularly ate."Look who came! Actually, it's an orphan from a poor neighborhood. "Lin Long arrived in front of the restaurant and frowned. He didn't expect to meet someone he didn't want to meet at a time like this.He met Min Tae, a young man about the same age as him. Accompanied by a group of gangsters, he often spends time with them.Min Tae was the one who messed with Lin Long the most. Because he has no father or mother to protect him. This made him a target for these people.Lin Long shook his head. He didn't want to mess with these people. He didn't care and wanted to walk into the restaurant."Min Soah, how are you?"Asked Lin Long, he looked at a young woman standing in the restaurant waiting to welcome customers. Min Soah was the only woman who was good to him. Min Soah was a very beautiful person who made every
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Chapter 3 Teaching of the unverse lord
"This is power!"Lin Long clenched his fists before smirking. He hurriedly shook his head. He wasn't a white-haired, evil-looking demon prince.He had now gained the most excellent knowledge. Whether it's regulating his breathing or using Muay Thai, as for his psychic powers right now, he can only lift light things like a can of water."Even if all the powers are only at the base level. But it was enough to take revenge!”It reminds him of when he was insulted and attacked. Lin Long could feel the hatred. He wanted to take it back, and while he was thinking about Min Tae The system rang.[As Chen Ming, Master of the Universe, used to say Ten years of revenge, it's not too late. But why wait until then, ten seconds is enough.]"..."He really didn't understand this universe lord. Lin Long only shook his head. But ten seconds was enough, and it was very similar to him now. If Min Tae and his men were in front of Lin Long right now, he was confident that he could manage the entire gr
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