Alexa The Dark Witch

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Alexa The Dark Witch

By: priskila.wi Ongoing

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Alexa Jocelyn Heart is an orphan because her parents abandoned her in an orphanage. She grew up with unusual physical characteristics, compared to other children her age at the orphanage, which made it difficult for the girl to make friends. Things got worse when Alexa was a teenager. She cursed a girl who was a rival there for wanting to burn her room so that the enemy's body turned to ashes. What is the fate of Alexa next? Who is she and what power does she have?


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The Ancient Prophecy
“Elzrath gratzionth uchteriatzh De Magia, Azrothianth gradionth tracteantz gestrianchot De Magia, derth Grazdianth De Magia grasthiontz brantzthie!”“Everything in the underworld is subject to the Goddess Magia. All sorcery comes from the Goddess Magia, and all who oppose the Goddess Magia must die!”***On a gloomy nightA husband and wife are seen entering a dark and unkempt house. Anxiety appeared on the twenty-year-old woman's face. Her inner seemed to refuse, and it warned her to leave that place immediately. However, she cannot do that."Are we doing the right thing, honey?" asked the wife doubtfully.The husband nodded in response. The tall, stocky man with a bushy beard and sideburns did not want to leave, even though his partner doubted the decision. What they were about to do was the natural thing to do. The woman's body, which was bulging at the stomach, was now tightly clenching her coat as if shivering from the not-too-late night atmosphere."We have to know how the condi
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We Do Not Have A Heart
Lavena and her husband left Madame Lizhard's house to return home. They are not willing if required to kill their beloved baby or throw it somewhere. The choice given by the fortune-teller makes them awry, and reluctant to choose. Tristian still continues to hold the hand of his wife, who has been accompanying him for three years.At first, Tristian and Lavena rejoiced because the prayers and their wishes were finally granted. However, upon hearing the prophecy from Madame Lizhard, the joy immediately turned into sorrow. The feelings of husband and wife were really raging, but they could not do anything about it, because as ordinary humans, the two of them could not go against the will of the gods and goddesses.A horse carriage located near to there was waiting for the husband and wife. They walked slowly, so as not to disturb Lavena's pregnancy, which was getting old, so those bad things did not happen, for example, falling.When they have arriving there, the coachman opened the doo
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Arrive in The House
Two hours and fifteen minutes laterA horse carriage was seen arriving in front of the fence of a magnificent residence, ancient style, with a very wide yard. The middle-aged man who worked as a coachman could clearly see that there were several people guarding there. The guard standing near the gate saw that the carriage carrying the familiar masters and ladies, especially the face of the horse carriage coachman, so without hesitation, began to open the large fence.The horse carriage was finally able to enter. Before leaving the area, the coachman turned to the guards of about fifteen people. He felt grateful, even though he was drowsy, so he drove the horse carriage carefully, in order to avoid an accident. Now, he and the other two passengers have arrived at their destination safely."Good night, Mr. Wront. Thank you for your kind help," said the coachman. He addressed those words to one guard there. He does not forget to nod to the guards who were waiting there, so that action wa
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A Warning
Tristian has finished putting his nightwear on his beloved wife's body. The tall man did not even forget to change his own clothes, so he could be more comfortable, especially when he rested. When everything was finished, the owner of the pair of emerald-colored eyes was silent for a moment. He looked around, including the clothes he was wearing, then turned his gaze back to Lavena.The man's face looked tired, but it did not dampen his desire to convey his wishes to the Goddess Asiles, who they worship daily, in order to provide a way out for their small family."Finally, it is all over. Now it is time to go to bed, but before that, I must pray to the Goddess Asiles in the shrine downstairs. Should I leave my wife, who is still fast asleep alone? How is her condition later if I leave her?" Tristian muttered, confused.Amid the doubts that hit his heart, suddenly, the father-to-be with a tall stout body walked towards the window, which was tightly closed. Arriving there, both hands tr
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Don’t Kill Me, O Goddess!
A young woman with a bulging belly seemed to walk in the dark. The young mother-to-be looked worried but still tried to calm herself while rubbing the belly a few times. She tried to observe her surroundings as if hoping for light that might appear from various directions. However, what she expected did not come true.“Where am I now? Why did I even come to a place like this?” she muttered confused.The wife of Tristian Varden Writh did not know where to go, so she only guessed, and relied more on intuition when she wanted to make a decision. The cold air was feeling on the pregnant woman's skin, but Lavena tried her best to keep walking, although she was not sure which way to go.It was so quiet there. In fact, there was no other sound, other than her own footsteps. The longer she went on, the conditions there remained the same. There had been no significant changes, so the feelings of anxiety, fear, and confusion mixed into one in the heart.“Goddess Asiles, what should I do? Why is
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It Wasn’t An Ordinary Dream
The next dayA twenty-year-old woman immediately opened her eyes. The woman's expression was pale as if she had met a ghost. The light of the sun had entered the room so that the young mother-to-be realized that it was morning. “Oh, my… for the shake of Goddess Asiles. What happened to me? Thank Goddess it was just a dream,” she mumbled, quietly.Lavena was silent for a moment, then her right hand touched the bed. The young woman frowned because there was no one next to her, so she tried to sit down, even though with great difficulty. Soon, she could see the area was empty. After successfully doing so, the thin pink lips parted, and her face looked surprised.“Where is my husband? Is Tristian already awake? But why can't I hear my hubby getting out of bed, huh? Is he okay?" Lavena muttered, confused.She heard birds chirping from the outside, so this made the woman, who has a height of a hundred and sixty-five centimeters tall, turn her attention towards the window. The mate of Tristi
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A Though Decision
"What? I disagree, Hubby!” A woman with long, curly blonde hair seemed unwilling to accept what the other person had said, so she firmly rejected the proposal. Meanwhile, the husband seemed to understand if the spouse objected because it would be difficult for them later.“Wifey, if you have other ideas, please share them, so that we can have an agreement that is for the good of our little family. Please remember one thing that we want the best for our daughter and, of course, for the entire family. Dear, do you still remember about the emperor's decree, that—"Before the man, who had a thick beard and sideburns, had time to finish his words, the other person had cut him off first. "Yes, I still remember that, whoever is proven, in this case, has a report from Madame Lizhard, then... the child's parents must bear the consequences themselves."The words of the young woman who was pregnant were a little choked up when she entered the last sentence. The husband and wife look lethargic, t
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Try to Looking for Another Hint
At 05:00 PMA twenty-year-old woman is seen standing in front of the wide-open window, which is in her room. Lavena looked up at the blue sky where there were many white clouds there. A light breeze began to hit the face of the young mother-to-be.“I have to keep my child who is still in the womb, no matter what the risk. She is innocent and does not deserve any torture from anybody. If I can hide her in this place forever... but it is impossible, because when she is born, then when she grows up, she has to go to school, and of course, must enter our society. She will get married with a man someday," said Lavena, quietly.The beautiful and intelligent woman closed her eyes, while her left hand rubbed the stomach area. Not long after, there was the sound of a door being opened from outside, so that a twenty-year-old woman had to open her eyes and turn towards the source of the sound. It turned out that the person who entered without knocking on the door was a burly man."Wifey, I have
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Come Here
"Where am I?" murmured a green-eyed woman.The pregnant woman looked confused, because now she was in a strange place, so all she could do was rub her eyes. However, when she stopped doing so and then reopened her sense of sight, she still saw the same sight, so fear began to creep into her heart.The darkness was so thick, had covered the situation around the twenty-year-old woman. The wife of Tristian Varden Writh began to feel anxious as if afraid something might happen to her. Both hands began to fumble around but could find nothing to hold on to. There was no sound in that place, so the fear grew even more in her mind.Suddenly, the blonde-haired woman remembered something, so without hesitation, she immediately stopped what she was doing. The situation was still the same and nothing had changed, so it started to make Lavena believe that the place where she was now was indeed very familiar to her.“This... This is weird. Could it be that I was in the same place as last night?” La
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How Dare You!
When they heard such a voice, the husband and wife became frightened. The twenty-five-year-old man's steps came to a halt. They looked around, but could not find what they were looking for. After having finished doing this, Tristian and Lavena looked at each other, as if trying to convince themselves that what they had heard was not a mere hallucination.“Hubby, did you hear that? Someone was calling our name," Lavena said, confused."Yes, Wifey. I heard that voice too, Wifey. I thought I was dreaming,” said Tristian. The emerald-eyed man agreed with the words of his beloved wife. "How about we go there? That person already mentioned our name, so we were supposed to be there. Who knows? We can get any information.”“Is not that dangerous, Hubby? We know nothing about that person.” The pregnant lady refused because she felt something was odd. However, her beloved husband did not seem to agree, because the head of the family's curiosity was so strong that Tristian shook his head spontan
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