The darling son in-law of the fifth family.

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The darling son in-law of the fifth family.

By: Chi chi Ongoing

Language: English

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Nicholas Hawking, vows revenge after a tragic incident by the fifth family, that caused his life to be meaniless as he lot all he had and his family to the hands of the fifth family. Three years later, he came back from china looking more handsome, smart and wiser with the aim of getting his revenge from the fifth family, who he calls the nation thief. The only means in his mind is to marry the last daughter of the family to get what he want. For that, he made a contract with the lousy fashionista and became her wedded husband much to the dismay of the family. Getting into the family, he did everything he could to get the family trust and that is by becoming their darling son in-law.


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14 chapters
Nicholas Hawking
The dinner hall of Mountain shark hotel was occupied with elegant and respectable people, all having a nice time talking to each other while waiting for the man of the hour to show up. Of course, the man of the hour who I have been waiting for and who my target is that night. The emcee announced the family I now dread so much, presence, and everyone stood up with a standing ovation. I looked towards the door and watched my enemy walked in, alongside his daughters and his wife, all grinning from ear to ear as the cameras and the attentions where all focused on them.Seeing their smiling faces and proudness made me cringe in anger. I tightened my hold on the knife I had securely hid in my pocket and I clenched the knuckles of my other hand into a fist.They shouldn't be smiling. They shouldn't be happy. They should be sad as I am. They should be frustrated. They should lose everything just like the way they took mine.I hide beside a wall as I watched them from the terrace. One of his
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Fifth Family downfall
Three years later......Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe sounds of cameras clicking, loud gasps, screams of admiration, and mutterings, filled the ears of Nicholas as he stood in the airport hall, occasionally glancing at his wristwatch and looking at the entrance door, not minding the attention he was receiving from the ladies and few men stopping to take a glance at him.Well who wouldn't stop to look at the heavenly and perfectly looking man before them? He looked like a god who lost his way and found himself on earth.Nicholas sighed quietly when his assigned assistant came running towards him, with three security men behind him. He adjusted his tie and glanced at his watch again. "Welcome Mr. Hawking. I apologize for been late, I was held back by a huge traffic." his assistant said through his unsteady breathes and smiled nervously, avoiding an eye contact with the man who he have heard off. "You made me wait and I hate waiting." he said flatly and digged his hand i
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Been cheeky
"I am Nicholas Hawking, the president of Kings power corp, one of the biggest oil company in the world and I am planning to expand the branch in this state, so I am here for a business, but I need a help." he said and leaned forward again. "I need a pretty girl by my side here and I think my search is over." he winked at her and relaxed back on his seat. Amira smirked and drank from her cup of coffee. "You think you can get anything or anyone you want? You are an American but you haven't been living here so you don't know how things work this days. Why do you think I will want to say that yourself, Mr. Nicholas?" He tapped his long fingers on the table and licked his lower lips before his eyes fell on her. "You look rich so my money and position wouldn't entice you, so why try been cheeky when it wouldn't work on you? I am been real with you here. I don't believe in love at first sight so I wouldn't say I love you. But why should I let go of a pretty lady, seati
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This will do
Lex walked to him with his head bowed and his hands behind him. He stopped behind him and cleared his throat.Nicholas gulped down the remaining wine in his cup and handed the empty glass cup to Lex. He adjusted his robe and looked out through the transparent glass wall, at the same tower he saw when he was coming to the hotel. He folded his knuckles into a fist, causing his palm to reddened and his vein visible. He wasn't in Atherton yet but will be there in a week after completing his mission. "Boss, you have a call from big boss." Lex said and stretched the phone towards him nervously. Nicholas collected the phone and went to seat on the only chair in the room. He placed the phone on his ear and the baritone voice of the big boss resounded in his ear.After a few minutes of speaking with him, Nicholas dropped his phone on the bed and faced Lex. "I need to get the girl I met with last night to my side as soon as possible as I have no time here in Los Angeles." he wen
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Does he do magic?
Amira walked down the pathway leading to her room, along with three female security guards behind her and her assistant beside her. She was dressed in the red fitted slit sleeve gown she got that morning before her meeting with the cosmetics director and was done with the meeting. It was noon and was the best time to go to the pool to get some fresh air and enjoy the sun, as she always love to do, but that wasn't in her mind as she was occupied with the thought of Nicholas. It was as if she was jinxed or spelled by the man as she could not get him off her mind. He was in her head which only got her wondering how he did made out her in his web and who the hell he was to have made her want him more.Does he do magic? Did he give her a potion and make her attracted to him? She just couldn't think straight.The door to her room was opened wide by her assistant and she walked in together with her assistant. Amira sighed tiredly and threw her bag and sunglasses on the bed. She stood by the
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There is nothing I can do now.
Hours later.........Amira groaned in frustration and moved her fingers across her hair. The more she keeps trying to forget him, the more she keeps wanting that Nicholas. Not even the man K brought, helped her to get her mind off him. Looking at the male slut K had brought, all she saw was the face of Nicholas not his. Her mind was going crazy and she was getting tired of it. She have to make Nicholas hers, before she completely goes nut.K could only watch her mistress trying to get the thought of the man out of her head but couldn't. A while ago, when she thought she was going to have a good rest, the man who she sent in came running out telling her that the woman in the room drove him out. She quickly rushed into Amira's room and found her moving around and grunting in frustration and she have been doing same for the hours she's been there.There is nothing she can do for her mistress this time as she was out of ideas. The idea she brought that she thought would be good enough act
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New information
The next day - late noonK strode back to her mistress's room happy about the new found information which she found about the man her mistress can't stop thinking about. A very useful information that can be helpful to her mistress in getting the man to herself.For three years, K have been working with Amira and so know a lot about her. After an incident that happened in a dinner party, it was said that Amira was traumatized as she witnessed a murder scene and was almost murdered herself. After her mom's death a month later, she totally lost it and lost her memory. K was hired as an assistant, five months later. She knew nothing about her life before she lost her memory and only know about her life when she started working for her.Her mistress is a spoilt brat. Of course, the last daughter of the Augers will be a spoilt brat, but she still decided to stay as her assistant as she sees her like her little sister who died the same day Amira lost her memory.Even when she tried leaving
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Need to lay for it repair
She sighed and leaned forward, resting her arms on the table. "You do have some nerve man." she said and rolled her tongue round the seam of her lips. "You did place me in the cage of wanting more of you which no one has ever done and now I am so interested in you. You just did a damage and need to pay for it repair."Nicholas lips curved in a lopsided smile as he stared at the woman before him, who seems to want more of him like she said. He could see the want in her eyes as she stared hotly at him, not looking away for a minute as if if she does, he will be taken away. He nodded and licked his lips gently. He leaned closer and rested his chin on his knuckle and his elbow on the table. "So tell me what you want. Do you what to know where I live or anything else? Remember I told you you will ask those questions and now is your opportunity." "I don't have a question but I have a deal to make." she said. Nicholas raised an eyebrow wondering what the deal
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It's not a big deal after all
The next morning......Amira walked out of the bathroom with her bath robe and her hair damp. She picked up her ringing phone on the bed and looked at the screen.Seeing who the caller was, she gasped loudly and threw the phone on the bed.It was her father calling. There is only one reason her father will call her and that is because of her marriage to Nicholas which must have gotten to him. She knew he will find out about it but wasn't expecting it to be so soon, barely fifteen hours after she left the court with Nicholas. She knew what to expect from her old man. A scold, an ear full and he might go as far as telling her to divorce Nicholas immediately. The old man doesn't care about her feeling and is only worried about his family name which the contract marriage might cause a damage to.She placed a finger in her mouth and chewed on her nails as she watched the phone stopped ringing, but much to her dismay, it started ringing again.Mr. Eduardo Auger will never stop calling her
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End of Mr. Baldwin
Amira looked outside the transparent wall and drew in an unsteady breath. Nicholas was right, she have to introduce him to her family or there is no use of her name. She promised him and they signed a contract together, but her father wouldn't support that.Mr. Eduardo cares about his reputation more than anything else on earth and so can do anything to keep it. He can go as far as eliminating anyone who threatens his good reputation and make everyone else quiet about it. That is her dad, who cares for no life except the family's name and his money.Knowing she married Nicholas for a year will definitely make him go mad and he wouldn't mind eliminating Nicholas. Her father is a cunning man and can easily find out about it. Nothing hides from him. He does have eyes everywhere. He is definitely going to be interested in finding out about Nicholas knowing that he decided to use her family's name and not her using his name.Going back to Atherton will create a lot of trouble for her, beca
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