Son in law's laid out plans

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Son in law's laid out plans

By: Ella obida Ongoing

Language: English

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" Do you think you can gain power on your own??? You need a vessel that holds power and that's what this marriage will do for you….. Alexander has been a bone in the neck of the Lucas family and the only way to drive him away is by the maltreatment he receives, Alexander lost his mother when he was younger with a secret that could help his situation with the Lucas but she left untold,Alex isn't a blood relative to the Lucas family and everybody is aware of this except him. After Twenty eight years of living in their bondage, Alex finds out the truth and his true identity as the way to an already bankrupt company. Alex wants to get revenge for his mother's death and the ill treatment he received while in the Lucas family and the only way to do this is by gaining power and wealth,Alex has only one option and it's to get married to a rich heir. Two heirs,One Arrangement,One big plan.


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Endless Tears 1
The Son in law's Laid Out Plan 1.Endless Tears 1.I turned sixteen today. I didn't get any cake or a good morning message from anyone. It was a regular in my family. I always wondered why my younger brother always received gifts and I don't, I thought it was because my mom was not legally married to my dad but whatever reason it may be it wasn't fair." Geez it's getting more uncomfortable by dawn, I yawned, My room was awkwardly small whenever I asked my mom for an upgrade she will pass it off by saying you should be grateful you are given a room like this one, I remembered when I was eight years old and my mom organized a birthday party my classmate mocked my room and all left to play in my brother's room because I had no toys, It was embarrassing but what more could I do. Not to talk of my early teen days ,The Lucas family was always invited to parties but I wasn't. At first, it didn't matter to me but with time it bothered me . Whenever I complained to my mom but my mom just sai
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Endless Tears 2
The son in law's laid out plan.Endless Tears 2.I stood in front of the school building,I was here again a prison where I was the only prisoner it was every child's dream to be at prestige highschool but not me,When I found out I was changing school I was happy I was leaving but eventually I am back here." Look who's back…. Lilia mocked, Lilia was the daughter of a congressman she was one of the people that made it their job to ruin my life,I was older than her but yet she spoke to me like I was some child from kindergarten because of how my brothers painted me as." I thought you said your dad took the dirt bag out, Marcus said." That's what we thought, He's back... Martin scoffed and walked away making glaring looks at me." Stay away from us , Melvin followed.." I don't even talk to you guys,I scoffed." Don't...Lilia hissed.Days turned into months and the bullying didn't stop instead it increased,I was becoming a regular visitor at the restroom because it was the only calm pl
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A brave step
Chapter 3. A brave step.It has been ten years since I started working in my family's hotel, Should I say it has been an unfortunate rollercoaster,The slaps on my face were not only from my so called family but employees now stand in my way." Heyyyy you, It's closing time..One of the employee said,I grabbed my bag and left as I walked to the subway I saw different buildings with my family name,My brothers now work in one of the family's companies respectively but here i was watching and cleaning and washing dishes,I didn't get to the subway instead I chose to walk,My legs stopped at one of the longest building in town,It was the company one of my brother's worked for some reason I felt neglected,I knew something was wrong somewhere and my mom was the only one who could possibly tell me what went wrong but yet she's dead without a trace of her autopsy. I stood at the gate and took a deep breath before walking in,I met a pool party it was like a school reunion or something but why was
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The meet up
Chapter 4. The meet up.I spent the night at Mr Leo's place,I was trying to process what was going on,I knew from what Mr Leo said that he had everything sorted out,I opened my phone to search her name.. Valerie Lyon she was one of the Las Vegas richest young CEO,Aside from her family company she has a progressive fashion brand and she had had many real estate,She once dated the son of a congressman and was even engaged to him,She was Las Vegas top boss." How come did uncle Leo set things up???? I sighed." I have my ways, Uncle Leo walked in." I was doing my research on her and I think I am having cold feet,I said." This isn't any marriage, It's a power driven marriage and she wants to marry you, Isn't that what matters???? Uncle Leo said. " What's my father like ???? I asked. " Mr Salvador is a man of many honors,He was known for his hard work and fair play,He worked hard to make his company number one but he was dragged down by the people he trusted…." What people???? " You
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The meet up 2
Chapter 5 . The meet up 2.I was done admiring the interiors of the house and you wouldn't blame me for admiring them I have been in a basement for so long." I know you must be wondering why I want an arranged marriage right???? Valerie asked." I mean you are very pretty and you are rich and powerful, Alot of guys would be dying to have you as their bride...I said then I paused maybe I shouldn't have said that." Well...I don't believe in love if I am being honest…She was in the same track as I was,I had no believe in love maybe it was because of my mom's experience,She kept saying she was in love in Mr Lucas and he loved her too yet she was his punching bag." Do you believe in love???? Valerie asked.I didn't know what to say to her,I can't say no I don't believe in love I am marrying you because I think you would be of great help for me to be a power house CEO." Well I don't think I have an answer to that,I said." Why ????? " Let's see I guess I haven't fell in love before,I
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