In love with her killer

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In love with her killer

By: Starwrite Ongoing

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Her world began to crumble when she wakes up and finds herself married to the man who killed her some minutes ago. It seems almost impossible but it happens to Evelyn a criminal who tried escaping the cops but got shot by a gangster who turns out to be her husband in her new world. Rather than being the tragedic heroine of the tale, she works hard to be the villian just to seek revenge over her murder who in this new world is a puppet king with various dark secrets.


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11 chapters
The stomping feet of the cops could be heard, they chased after a criminal in the cold, the rain fell heavily as it made it quite difficult to find this being. Every gunshot fired at this being were void as it's legs swinged, jumped and climbed over hurdles on the way. In a swift, the criminal got into a building and a police officer trailed after this being but shockingly, an old lady appeared before him. Her crooked stick ditched on his boot and he let out a wince, perhaps her dim eyes didn't catch sight of who stood accross her. Hurriedly he moved aside and asked;"Excuse me, have you seen any girl come across this path". The old woman blinked her eyes and nodded slowly while shivering in the cold. She was too feeble to talk and only signs were what she used to motion to the cop who intended to take a step further just in case he sees her but the old lady almost stumbled on him drawing his attention to her. He couldn't see her clearly, her quivering body and slow movement made him
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Chapter 1.
Soft music played, rattling sound of vehicles could be heard close to a school which probably was it closure. Parents were at the scene, picking up their wards while those who would use the school took to their heels not to miss it. A teenage girl could be seen coming out of the gate with a headphone on and pacing away. Her curious eyes met with a young lady waving at her to come over. A smirk escaped her lips, anxious legs stomp the ground, she moved pass this young lady who drew her back through the collar. This teenager groaned as took a glimpse at the lady, it was surprising for this student that her sister came up to check on her and either way, it makes no big deal to her."Keeping up with this mean attitude won't help Abigail!" She spat and the teenager shrugged her shoulders while shoving her sister's hand from off her collar."I'm better off without you" Abigail responded coldly as she glanced at her school gate and then this lady who was dressed responsibly."Are you mad at
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Chapter 2.
"I'm busy talk to you later"Those were her response to Fred who took it upon himself to put a call through to her, as for Abigail, nothing of such bothered her after all, she knew her sister better than anything. Fred always checked up on them during evenings, he was the typical kind of man one would wish to have, only that he wasn't wealthy yet tried all he could to make those around him happy. Perhaps Evelyn fell in love blindly as her sister knew she was crazy after money which of course Fred wasn't a match for that. Well the teenager wondered if Evelyn would ever make it her wedding."Goodbye" she waved at Fred who was off to leave having spent hours with his soon to be sister-in-law."Be a good girl, okay, don't be hard on her" he advised blowing her a kiss and she folded her lips as her eyes watched untill he was out of sight. In a short while, another knock was heard loudly, Abigail glanced at the time and let out a groan. Sluggishly, she flung the door opened and suddenly fou
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Chapter 3.
She had made up her mind to say goodbye after tonight's operation, having a chance to live a normal life without being noticed with her sister and fiance. The ring on her finger always reminded her that she had someone waiting and the pendant on her gave her hope that she wasn't alone. Being a boss wasn't easy on her mostly when it comes to stealing.Jimmy parked their van somewhere in the dark where it couldn't be noticed. Viva's notepad fell off again and Evelyn's eyes met with it. It had a writing which read;"Imagine you woke up and found yourself married to the man who killed you three minutes ago"."Get to work viva!" She barked annoyed by what this girl spent most of her free hours writing, viva quickly apologized and picked up the notepad which she threw in a box close to her. Alex lit a cigarette and poked the smoke on viva's face who pulled it out of his mouth and ditch outside. He intended to hit her but Evelyn had to quell them down, these two were always against each othe
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Chapter 4.
The sun rose steepily, resting on everything called nature and artificial. As it rode slowly, it's ray shone through a partly opened window and greeted the face of a mumbling girl. She jerked up immediately, touched her body intending to feel a sign of injury but everything seems normal, she was still subconsciously. Her blurry eyes finally got sight of an off white curtain covering the window. Where she laid was like a cradle and was covered with puffy blankets, the sun's ray was it's light over here. Pleasant perfume sway over her nose causing her to sneeze. It caught sight of an off white sheet that blew on her face which she pull out immediately while observing the place she was."I'm alive!" She declared with a sigh as she assumed whosoever helped her had brought her to a safe place but now she needed to leave. The thoughts of what transpired earlier flushed through her memory as she wondered how she got saved when the last thing she recalls was the cops heading towards her."Dam
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Chapter 5.
The six raced out to discover what the fate of the fallen angel could be, while they ran, maids and men servants who happens to sight them joined in the race as the live of the princess was bestow on them and if any harm befalls her again then the 20 maids and men servants would be beheaded. The older ones amongst them were whined but kept pressing on. At last they all got outside to search for her remains but she wasn't there rather, they found someone standing beneath her window, his eyes stared at the woman who was running without stop. Earlier, this woman had fallen into his arms with a loud scream and then in a spur of a moment, she jumped off and sprang away. He had stood close to her window, gazing at the garden which was just a stone throw, he stretched his hands high as rain drop trickled on him not expecting anything to fall on it though but a woman did!"Your majesty!" They all cried and bow lowly at him. This young man could see that they were exhausted and any step furthe
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Chapter 6.
At the queen mother's chamber*"she survived" a serene voice said breaking the silence in the queen's chamber. She scoffed and stood up while posing in a way the painter would draw her."I'm flattered" she commented letting out a wry smile."Has gregoria heard about this?" The queen mother furthered as her looks seems devious. The two maids behind her bundled her blonde hair into dough, they aided her with everything needed for a beautiful potrait as she was known as the forever young queen mother who ruled the country indirectly through the crown prince who would ascend the throne once he get married. Now one could tell what she was up to as her innocent looking face made her seem like a saint in disguise."Not yet""Theodore, how many days to the wedding?" Her question was turned over to the man who gave a bow and said;"Three days time""Let's make it tomorrow then, the sooner, the faster the plan comes into fruition""But the princess just woke up...""I make the decisions here ha
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Chapter 7.
The chirping of birds could the heard as the cool breeze swept accross the brook and rested on hasley's skin, her grey eyes travelled through the place she stood awaiting the crown prince. She placed a letter in her hand close to her chest and smiled shyly. Her heart pounced as she heard leaves rattle behind, her face brighten up knowing who was heading her way through the fragrance. An arm went around her waist and pushed her gently closer as its breath rested on her neck making her feet curl."You kept me waiting your highness" she said fuming in a pretentious manner and he kissed her on the neck while letting go of her to face him which she did and gave a bow."I'm sorry" he said and she bow slightly at him. His gaze on her bore sadness as he heaved a sigh, held her hand and faked a smile."How about the princess, I heard she's awake" hasley began and he affirmed to that while staring at the babbling brook which crashed against itself. She bit her lower lips thoughtful if maybe thi
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Chapter 8.
The maid stood up immediately an announcement was made that the queen mother wishes to see her. Evelyn rubbed her ears and hissed because the queen mother was interrupting an important discussion over who this princess was."Tell her I don't want to see her" Evelyn snapped beckoning on Matilda to give a respond to her questions begging for answers."Your highness!" The court lady scolded breathing heavily and Evelyn shuddered. Wasn't she the one who was meant to be feared? Why was the court lady scolding her like a mother?"What?" She responded in between her teeth and the court lady gave a weary smile giving instructions that no one refutes the queen mother and it was best if she accepts her in."Let her in" Evelyn snapped and immediately the ten maids walked out giving room to the queen mother and princess. Evelyn strained her body and sighed ready to narrate her story to the queen perhaps with her influence, she could get to Abigail and her golds of course, she might have some mone
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Chapter 9.
Her paled face, cold body and closed eyes could tell that she needed a recuperation which the prince performed on her and she coughed out. He let out a sigh thinking that she was at verge of dead again, the princess coughed out water on his face and then exhaled loudly. She squinted her eyes at him, it got wider when the vision became clearer. The prince was about to get on his feet when she placed her palm on his cheeks and shoved his face to and fro as though to confirm over something."This isn't real right?" She asked with a blurry gaze at him as she couldn't believe her eyes at who she behold. The crown prince haul her hands away, grimaced and gave another attempt to stand up but she suddenly grab him on the neck and scoffed. Who would have thought she would find someone she knew and it turns out to be kelvin! He was dressed in royalty and had saved her twice without her knowledge. Finishing what he had started was all that rang in her mind. She intended to kill him right there b
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