The Moon Goddess and Her Mate

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The Moon Goddess and Her Mate

By: Priskila Wi Ongoing

Language: English

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"No matter what happens to you, never marry a mortal, even if your life is at stake!" "But why—" “No buts! Just carry out my orders without arguing!” Goddess Atvertha has been warned by her mother, Goddess Avtexia, to stay away from the mortal nation — a dirty, brutal, and murderous nation. The moon goddess just tried to obey, although inwardly she felt strange at the warning. Goddess Atvertha's heart began to waver when she met a man who was dying in the forest. She, who has never known love, now feels a strange flutter in her heart. What about the fate of the Moon Goddess after that encounter? Who is that stranger man and what will happen to the two of them?


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8 chapters
A Serious Warning
In a palace in the skyIn a wide room, there were two women, whose faces resembled each other, like they were sisters. However, what made the difference was that one woman was standing in front as if teaching something. Meanwhile, another girl sat on a chair, watching carefully.In a place used for studying, there are so many books neatly arranged on the shelves. In addition, it is dazzling in there, which makes any object clearly visible. It must thrill anyone who enjoys reading activities to be there, because the atmosphere is so comfortable, so it makes them feel at home for a long. We can say the place to is a library.A breeze enters the room, making the atmosphere cool, even though it is still noon. They created no conversation because only the voice of a woman was still standing in front, explaining everything she knew to the student who was faithfully listening to the lesson.The right hand of the silver-haired virgin seemed to hold a quill, which seemed to have been dipped in
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He Seems Dying
In a libraryThe lesson given by the ruler of the sun had ended, so in the room full of books, there was only a silver-haired girl. The memory of her mother's words forbidding her to marry a mortal flashed back in her mind, causing a thousand questions to arise in the owner's mind of the pair of violet eyes.Why do I say that about humans, huh? Are mortals really that bad? As a daughter, as well as a young goddess, of course, I have had no experience related to them. To be honest, judging without knowing it is unwise. But where do I go to find one of them? Ah, I do not know. I feel so pessimistic when I think about it, thought the only daughter of the couple, God Helion and Goddess Atvexia.Her right hand closes a bottle containing black ink with a lid, as a sign that it has been used. She plugged the quill that had been used earlier back into its original place. She does not forget that she neatly rolled the parchments that already contain the writing up. After finishing with such ac
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A Strange Feeling
In a forest on earthA slender woman seemed to be silent for a moment, looking at the man who was still lying weakly on the ground. A light breeze brushed against the goddess's body. There was the sound of an owl, which added to the solemnity of the night. The sharp-nosed girl let the wind hit her body, including her long silver hair."No. I can't do that. He could die if I left him alone,” said Atvertha while shaking her head slowly. "I have to find a cave, a safe one, so that there will be no more danger when I return to the palace."The pale-faced beautiful girl rubbed her hands again, then focused on them. “O agni, thatverth diontz et mortal tetzhiont!”Atvertha's eyes turned red again. She opened her palms, which started to see the fire from there. The violet-eyed girl blew towards the burly man, so the fire landed on the mortal male's head, then spread to the whole body of that guy.In less than a minute, all around the man's burly body was engulfed in flames. However, the fire
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The Bizarre Moment
The next dayIn a forest on earth, it was still dark, because the sun had not yet appeared in the sky. A spider that was in a cave seemed to stare at the bed where there was a burly man who had scars on his head, stomach, hands, and feet lying there.“I have never seen or heard of, if there was a god or goddess who was so generous in saving the life of a mortal, unless the humans were people who served in the temple, such as high priest, or high priestess. Could something have happened between them? Ah, I do not have to think like that," muttered the spider, turning his attention in another direction.The eight-legged creature was busy making a net in front of the cave, which was about to be completed, according to what the moon goddess had ordered. Not long after, the spider has managed to make a web, thus covering the target area. Spider looked satisfied, then started to jump on the wall, then walked the other way.Thirty minutes later, slowly but surely, the fingers of the mortal m
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Meanwhile, in a palace in the sky,A slender woman was sitting on a bench in the library room, rereading all the parchments that had contained teaching materials from her mother. While trying to concentrate, suddenly the memory of a handsome man who had been dying in the forest, but had been rescued, and then placed in a cave, began to appear in her mind, so Atvertha immediately shook her head several times."No. It is not right. I can't think about the mortal, because we are different. I am a goddess and it is an enormous difference between me and him," murmured the moon goddess.The pale-faced girl began to focus her attention on the parchment again, but the same man's expression returned. This made Atvertha flabbergasted, then accidentally hit a bottle, so that it fell to the floor, and spilt its black liquid contents. The sun goddess, who had just entered the room, saw her only daughter, who looked a little panicked.The wife of God Helion observed what her daughter was doing, so
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He Is Annoying!
In a palace in the skyA pale-faced young woman was seen walking with a lady-in-waiting. No conversation had occurred while they were walking. So, sunlight entered all the rooms in the palace, and the atmosphere became bright. The guards were seen at every corner to guard the designated area.Why did that annoying god even come here, anyway? What does he want from me? It is irritating because that weird guy is always looking for a way to contact me here. My mother even mentioned his name in class today. What a sucker! Atvertha became restless at the thought of a man who was so annoying to her.A few moments later, the two young girls arrived in front of a room. Two bodyguards were already standing there, so when they saw that two females had arrived, especially since one of them was the only daughter of the couple, God Helion — the ruler of the sea, and Goddess Avtexia — the ruler of the sun. They immediately greeted, "Good morning, Goddess Atvertha.""Good morning. Are my parents alr
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The Pieces of Advice from A Good Friend
Twenty minutes later“Fuck! Why do I have to go out with that damn guy, anyway?” grumbled a silver-haired girl. She looked out the window, where things were still brightly lit, including in her own room.Now, the only daughter of the couple, God Helion and Goddess Avtexia can only stay silent, even though she feels anger in her heart, because now inevitably the sharp-nosed girl has to go to a party that will be held by the Atmenth family with a handsome and playboy man."Shit! I am sure that it was happening because of my mom. She is indeed very annoying because she uses her own power to manipulate my thoughts, so the answer I gave was not from my will."A light breeze entered the room and then hit the two hundred- and seventy-year-old girl's face. An idea crossed her mind, so Atvertha seemed to open her lips. “O, Nyx, tut vetnth ionth. Tatmanth te oghtiz!”There was no need to wait any longer because there was a whirlwind of strong winds in the room. Atvertha observed what was happen
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Goes to The Party with Toghnath
The next dayIn front of the palace owned by God Helion and Goddess Avtexia, there were four immortals who were not far from the horse carriage, owned by the god of war. A beautiful girl is seen wearing a long elegant dress, standing to the left of a man who is also wearing neat clothes, like he wants to go to a party.“Be careful when both of you are on the way, Toghnath. Do not forget to always stay safe, even though we are from the immortal class." A woman with silver hair, but looking mature, seemed to give a message to the black-haired man. Beside her was seen a man wearing a crown on his head and carrying a trident.“Yes, Goddess Avtexia.” The man answered obediently. Meanwhile, the pale-faced girl seemed reluctant to go out together, but it forced her to do so. She chose silence while paying attention to other things because she could not pretend to be happy any longer."Atvertha." The owner of the name, who was looking the other way, was now forced to turn her head because som
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