The Wizard's Era

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The Wizard's Era

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It's an Era full of secrets and lies behind the truth, the Mage Era is introduced. The Mage Era was supposed to mean peace but all of a sudden it changed because of a man's desire. He tried to conquer the world but failed. He got sent back to his own realm which made him mad and made him time to prepare. He said that he will come back once you're gone.


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6 chapters
Chapter 1: The Master Wizard
A woman was walking on a path. She was wearing a bright wizard dress and a hat. She was also wearing a coat. She has a bright blue necklace and she's a teenager.She was alone in the middle of the forest and was heading north. She was stepping on a stone path with her shoes. Around her were giant trees. It was an entire forest. She has bright red eyes. She also has a short sword on her right side. She was silent as she walk down a path. Suddenly she heard a horse behind her with a cart behind it. That made her turn around and see an armored soldier riding the horse and the horse was pulling a cart behind it.It was a giant cart and there was a blanket that hid the insides of the cart. She raised her right hand and reaches for her wizard hat. She lowered it same as her head. Suddenly her eyes light up and stare at the cart behind the soldier in the distance. Suddenly she can see what's inside the cart. She sees potions and weapons. It was enchanted swords. That made her smile and sto
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Chapter 2: The King
I heard you're looking for a mage inside this kingdom... I'm the guard of this kingdom... Tell me what brings you here young woman?" An unknown voice asked inside her head. "I need a team, I'm from the future and yes I know the future, but this past is different, unknown extraterrestrials will attack this current present of yours and that will equal no future... It's an unexpected event, if the current past got destroyed then there's no more future," she thought as she heard the unknown voice chuckling. "Make me believe you and we have a deal," the unknown said in her voice again. It suddenly goes away and the intense wind around her goes away. She looked up and sees someone in the window wearing a crown. It was far up and she sees that it was the king looking down at the window. He glances and sees her. As he looked down he manages to see a glimpse of the cloud shadow and it covers the ground. Suddenly he sees the woman vanished that was on the ground. That made his eyes widen an
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Chapter 3: The Master Wizard "The Grand Sorcerer"
"It was that man's desire to change all of us..." "But it was just a dream! A dream can't be real! Unless if you were a god or a witch!" "Yes, but! It connects in this reality! It's like it's here! It's not just his world! I'm very confused! Don't talk to me it's confusing!" "Then explain! Write it down so you don't forget about your dream!" "You're right brother! I should write it down everything, I just hope it's detailed!" "Yeah!""Have you finished it?" "Yes, I'm done! I foresee that you'll become a Wizard! A powerful Wizard! No one can stop you if you reached that goal! But you'll have to sacrifice someone...""But... I don't want to sacrifice anyone, I'm just a boy... We don't need sacrifices to make things possible! We could make possible things by undoing the impossibles!" "But how will you do it, brother? You're not on the level of mom and dad, and you can even barely do magic with your own! You don't even know what kind of energy you have!""Well, we will find that ou
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Chapter 4: The Village Graden
Kuroe Aka Kodai was with the Samurai in the middle of the forest heading south near the east. They were silent not until Kuroe started to talk. They were running non stop heading to the Village Graden. He wasn't giving any vibes. "Hey!" She shouted and he ignored her and she made an expressionless face. They were in the forest the giant trees were at least three hundred feet tall and the branches and leaves were spread out blocking the light of the sun. "Hey!" She said it again and he continues to ignore it. She was on his left side right behind him and was also running heading to their destination. They were passing by giant trees and stepping on the grass while they run. "Hey!""What?! What do you want?!""Okay sorry fine, fine! I just wanted to ask something specific," "What is it?!" "Calm down you're angry and irritated why are you this irritated?" "It's none of your business! What kind of specific thing you wanna asks?""It's about the Village Graden, what kind of village i
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Chapter 5: Wizard's and Sorcerer's
"As you see... You probably already know that I'm a sorcerer, a necromancer, you are probably Kuroe Aka Kodai, I've seen you in the woods traveling here to the Village Graden, I've used their corpses for my own desire and now I'm gonna use it again," the unknown man speak wisely and he speaks in a Dark Voice. "Who the freak are you?!" She asked furiously in a calm voice as she feels screaming souls inside of the unknown. She was terrified but now she's deadly serious. Her necklace was activated bright blue. "Hmm! A necklace of the southern sea... That's handy, but if that was the case you're holding such true power, you're worth defeating," the unknown man said as he stand menacingly right next to a giant tree to his left. Suddenly he raised his staff and it lit up violet colored and souls comes out of it. It flashes everywhere. "Who are you? What brings you here in this land? This land is no longer standing why would a wizard stays here just raise the undeads?" She asked. "The wi
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Chapter 6: Strange Place 
"Hey! Kuroe and Tadaki? What's the matter?" She shout out loud and all of a sudden Karthus started looking everywhere on the ground and was looking for the hole that the monster that Kathy fought. "Kathy! Where's the hole?" He asked as he stared at Kathy who was approaching Kuroe and Tadaki in the distance. She turn to her right and glanced at him and raised her right hand and pointed her index finger behind him to his right. "Thanks!" He said out loud as he talk to his eleven men to head to the Kingdom of Wisdom and Words, they all nodded quietly as the eleven of them approached the Samurai. "The Kingdom of Wisdom and Words is free to go in right? We'd like to call it home... We have nothing else to go," one of the eleven said as they reaches the three. They stand and stare at the floor. "Yes, don't make any stupid moves inside the village nor suspicious, or else it could be the end of you're lives, we Samurai's will hunt you all down if someone you all betrayed us, now head to t
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