Wings of Momentum

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Wings of Momentum

By: Natashia_Lou Ongoing

Language: English

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"It was just a question. No need to get upset, its protocol for me to ask what the issues are and try to resolve them, before inevitable violence comes our way. I am here to protect you, not judge your length, of ego, or any such thing. It was merely an assumption and suggestion."~Ayda.... Unlike any other creature the Almighty created, Ayda was specially made for the job he assigned to her 20 years ago. She could die, but with countless souls in Heaven at her disposal, she doesn't. The job as a bodyguard to the scaly and furry was about to get serious when her current assignment, a big, prideful wolf tries to lay claim to her heart. She stops him in his half clad tracks, but will he still succeed to stake his claim on her?


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"I'll kill you, by the Almighty, I SWEAR!" My scream echoed in the cobble stoned room. I could feel the moisture against my back, but I wasn't sure if it was blood or the dark moldy dampness that stuck along the stones. With my hands in rusty shackles pulled above my head I struggled, sweat and blood dripped down into my eyes when he hit me again."Emmm, oh yes, please, struggle more, MORE!" he said probably thinking I was trying to struggle to get free. His smooth and wicked tone gave me the goosebumps. He was sick, twisted and too damn handsome.I kept struggling just to buy time. King Lou knew I wouldn't stay dead, instead, he'd kill me and a damned soul would take up residence bringing me back good as new. I hated souls of the damned, unlike souls from heaven, the damned felt foggy in my head. Years of torture, past lives of being murderers, thieves, degenerate slime, gave them a power to sometimes cloud my judgement. All that hate is a powerful thing.My clothes were ripped, and
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The Job
While looking back from out the coffee shop window, there was no point for me to huff and puff to gather my breath, the fog of smoke was so thick in there. I barely could see Michael sitting across from me. Meeting here for about the last 20 years made us regulars I suppose. It'd become the point of job delivery. It wasn't far from my home, and the location was prime also for hearing tid bits of gossip from the smokers and sippers that monopolized the free Wifi with a coffee.The coffee shop was located on the corner of Nimble and Main, adorned with brick colored awning and brown faded stone walls on the outside. It boasted only about 7 booths and a handful of high sitting tables. It was somewhat comfortable, the walls faced you with the yellow tinged glass and frames of pictures showing various plants, coffee beans, and famous faces that had become strangers to the newer generation.Beth and John called the place their little 'Corner of Bliss'. Literally the name was plastered on the
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I wasn't an Other, Angel or Devil. I was something close to a Reincarnate but not quite. I can't die, since I already did once and came back with a nice fresh and shiny soul. That way I can keep serving for eternity was explained by Michael, in a way he thought was useful."Consider every time you die, you get a new dress, or pair of shoes. You put them on, and wear them till they are ruined. It's the same with the soul you get from Heaven. You try it on, or in, rather, until its ruined, and then it gets replaced. The soul isn't damaged, but wearing the same one too long can wear it out also. Heaven creates the souls that inhibit each of the Almighty's creations. You just borrow them, with a few small changes to your appearance, but your still you. Your mind, that big heart. Still Ayda. Like a dress, as I said." I kind of understood, but the mechanics of it were too much for me to wrap my mind around.My inner thoughts were pushed aside when Michael laughed. I looked up at him to see
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Gently turning the handle of the door, it was suddenly ripped inward. All I could see were shining yellow eyes grab my attention as I was yanked forward and then slammed back into the cold gray wall of the stair well. I closed my eyes as a loud "Oomph," escaped my lips echoing off the stairs. My back went numb. My brain stopped rattling inside my skull, and suddenly I could feel a hot breath on my face. All I could think of at that moment was 'Damn, I'm caught.'From the smell of his moist breath and the aura pressing against me, almost trying fill me from the inside out, I knew it was Cash. I wasn't careful enough, but should have known he'd be waiting for a chance to take me out. Can't blame him for his natural instincts. I shook my head and opened my eyes."WHO ARE YOU?" His hot breath hit my face harder with those words and I could feel the anger riding the waves of his aura.He tightened his grip as I was gathering my thoughts on how exactly to answer. I was on my tip toes at tha
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After he reached the top where I was perched, I scooted off the rail onto the platform to face him. I pulled my wings in with a touch of aura, then all that was left was the hum of a human soul. My hoodie was ripped to shreds on my back, so I unzipped it and folded it over my arm. I could feel the cool air of the night creep into the stairwell, it made me shiver.At that moment the Wolf turned to his left and walked to the door opposite of the one at my back. The first platform had only 2 doors, one to the right, 101, and one to the left, apartment 102. In the center, a brushed metal elevator door. The stairs continued up the center right of the platform to other apartments. I thought I was wrong on guessing his apartment door as he stood at the door in front of apt 102, the other name with the first letter C. He then knocked, so guess I was right with 101. The moment the door cracked open I could tell. It was a Pixie.Peering around the Wolf I could see her blue icy eyes and pale sk
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The air had a slight damp chill to it now, the lack of extra cover on my back didn't help matters. I took in a deep breath as I went down the handful of concreate steps. Mixed in with the smell of crispy fried chicken was something that made my nose twist. It was a Shifter. I felt out with my aura a little bit it couldn't sense anything nearby. If only the smell remained, then it hadn't been here too long ago. Shifters are scarier than most Others. Unless you knew a person's eyes and dental make up, you wouldn't even be able to tell if they took over a loved one's life. Gabbing the bags of food and a couple beers, I gave my thanks to them for staying open 10 mins longer. I had just walked in when they were stacking chairs. Chittlers is a mom and pop chicken joint that has its regular late-night drinkers and munchers to keep it open. They aren't elaborate, about 10 tables big enough to seat 4-6 people, a self serve water table on one side and bathrooms on the other. Their walls aren
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Cash's comment laid claim to my thoughts in that moment. 'It's your death, not mine.' It's my job, so why would he even attempt that pathetic dig at me. Not that I enjoyed dying. It hurt, very much. No matter what way I die, I reanimate with a new soul, a few changes to my appearance and the pain is gone. I can breathe again.When Cash finally came out of the bathroom, the water dripping from his wet hair riding down his chest like a ski slope put visuals in my head. I gathered enough with first glance to know his body was as dangerous as his words, but in a different way.I attempted casual, looking away from him, I pretended to admire the ceiling fan. Even though I was purposely avoiding his gaze, I could feel him staring at me."I need to go out and get some supplies. There's a corner market a block down Main Street that should still be open at this hour. Do you need anything while I am out?" I got no response. I looked over my shoulder to realize he was no longer standing where
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Hi, below is an excerpt from my latest chapter for Wings of Momentum. Read below, and if you want to read more, the rest of the novel can be read on Goodnovel, another great platform, see the link below. Please enjoy! :) her, Cash stood.“You were in such a rush to sit earlier, now is your chance. Sit.” He said as he stared fiercly at me.I could feel the tension speed up my heart beat.What was he trying to do? Dandaline was right, I wasn’t one of them, but on the flip side, I was in charge of keeping him alive, which had been lacking so far.I glanced at Reggie for help, but her eyes told me she had no clue what to do either.“Sir, if I may suggest something?” The old butler chimed in suddenly. I never even noticed he had entered the room.“Yes, go ahead?” Cash said now eyeing the dress I was wearing.“Since the young lady is our guest, it would be our privilege to have her sit to your left, as is cu
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