Doomsday Card Captor

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Doomsday Card Captor

By: BlackDaisy Ongoing

Language: English

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William lived in the Cardocalypse for more than ten years. He died, still finding it utterly impossible such a thing happened to his world. When he woke up in the present day, mere hours before the apocalypse, he vowed to him self, he will not repeat his life filled with lousiness. This time around, he will have it all, the riches, the marvels and the miracles, even if he has to steal it straight from a tiger's maw. Watch as William goes from a little nobody to the man who ruled the best kingdom in the apocalypse.


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Start with a blast
The mana apocalypse ! It’s like a trite cliche situation from a web novel when someone says it out loud. However, William knew it’s an extremely real and devastating event heading towards earth any time now. Imagine one fine day all the food in all supermarkets vanished, all crops in any field vanished and none of the food could be grown again. Amidst this, each and every one of the people would get a super power. What do you think would happen? It was said one could destroy earth and in return, get a chance to start over once again. As compensation for being the biggest villain in history, he got a chance to return to reality a day ahead. However, one day! What could he achieve in a single day? Could he store enough food to save them all ? for the food owned by individuals did not vanish. That is, even the food stored by restaurants, as long as it is owned by a single person, it did not vanish. Could he give them enough knowledge to survive the upcoming apocalypse ? The an
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Skill acquired
Even if he has no great ability, William was still a veteran of thousand spats, and the worst ones at that. Unfortunately for the eagle, he was quite well prepared. The moment William saw the eagle, he brought the gun out. It had no silencer. It won’t need any, for the world would dissolve into mayhem very soon. He shot straight into the eagle’s head at point blank. Yet, the bullets only caused minor dents on the eagles’ skin. At best, they cut off it’s feathers. Meanwhile, the eagle was not a soft target. It lunged at William, biting off his gun mid shot. The gun got crushed, like it’s made of rubber. However, William gathered all his power, and punched into the eagle’s head. It is a do or die method. It’s another skill he picked up as it was floating near him. [ Kong punch ] [ punch out with all your attack value, using mana. Limited by the lower, attack value (or) mana. Caution: Use only as last resort, for host will have neither mana, nor vitality after the move. ] No
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It is said that a man plans, and god laughs. While the entire NYPD is busy with calls from here and there, they still found time to encircle the Statue of liberty with a firefighting team and a swat team. “ Attention ! Attention ! Please come down. Tourists and citizens are forbidden from climbing over the Lady Liberty at their own convenience. “ a helicopter circled the statue, and William along with it. The spotlight shone on him right away. ‘ Fuck ‘ Neil cursed internally. Iron skin is a good defense skill, but it can’t stop bullets. Kong punch is a good offense skill, but it can’t punch through a riot shield. Neil had no choice but to go with them. However good behavior will lessen the punishment.So, Neil did not refuse anything, he just carefully climbed down. This time around, he did not take the aid of the ropes, just climbing gloves and shoes, because he wanted to exercise his mana. In later times, it is said one could exercise their mana to do various things, like
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