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There are scenarios unfolding behind the human's vision could reach. Those are scenarios that determine the fate of the world. to avoid the continuously breaking of the world, each race give one representative to compete and settle their problems and misunderstanding. But one day, the proud clawed and fanged disappeared from the surface and they went to hiding so to save their dwindling population. Impaled and executed, they all are being judged as 'traitors.' One prophecy will stop the hunt and made each to focus in preparation of halting the impending doom. What course would they choose? Will they unite for Earth or wil they exact the doom to everyone by their own blades instead? Which in what, justice shall be exalted.


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Humans has been a neverending evidence of evolution that they all fight for when they are still wanting more than an individual's capacity of doing. Making it as one of the common requirements to be accepted as a part of a society.   They grow, multiply and some times stump to the thought of being stuck in time. Either way, they continue moving forward even without them noticing they are.   This is the time that smartphones had been normalized and become one of the necessity that will be hard to be out of practice. The 21st century where a lot of things were made to realize and matter.    Standing at the top of the society were the ones that gave both of the two traits the willingness and goal that one has to achieve in order to play Gods.    Money and power.   Even in the past, it has been the one that makes the people and the world goes round and like that, the presen
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The opened television a while ago had been turned off while the dignified boss was on the floor with one knee knelt down in front of the boy scanning the room which made the atmosphere inside quite fealty and that is all that is present in the man's face other than surprise, admiration and giddiness.  "Welcome back master." The boy lifted his hand before commanding him. "Rise." The man immediately follows and gestured the boy to sit at the sofa.  "I've just recently woken and notices that the world is very much different of what it was compared to before. Dominique, how many years did I rest?" While working on a drink he got on the fridge, the man smile and place a glass of iced orange juice before he replied.  "It has been 790 years since you showed yourself and got lost again. I've been searching for you but to no avail, my lackings cannot be pardon by just simply apologizing." Domin
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School is fun
It was almost a week now and the weather is great. The restaurant named Exalted that is normally serving food already is now close under some special announcement. A group of beautiful people were walking towards the highschool that had already gather the attention of many. Eyes were searching for clues while camera shots had been ringing while they spread the news to their friends and colleagues. It was compose of men but they were all gorgeous. No one can even tell them to be fast since they are afraid to be compared to their beauty. God might have been bless them today or whatnot, the student all suppressed their screams so not to disturb the walking disasters. But funny enough, the man in his thirties had been acting weird and ruining his handsome image. "Master are you comfortable? Did you bring all the papers that I prepared for you? Your money?" A sigh coming from the skinny man made Dominique look to his direction and glared. He is c
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Tricycles had been everywhere, helping people to get to their destination. It wasn't fancy but if you are mot comfortable to share one with others, you can pay for the whole ride, there is no problem with that.    It's pass afternoon and the bell had already rang indicating of dismissal. Carts and aromatic street foods are now waiting for students and that is the main customer in this street. The road is not wide which also helps for the policy to slow down on school zone and that is what the carts taken advantage of so customers will take a look of their food.    The sound of the gate opening makes them anticipate with glee. They clutch their bag that soon will be full of money and their smile to accommodate the children. This is going to be a fulfilling day once again.   The rush of footsteps that seemingly should be the one that out of fulfilled hunger from education but it was hurried and their lives depend
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