Tamer of the Night

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Tamer of the Night

By: Autistically Ongoing

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Aiden was summoned alongside his classmates to another world with the task of defeating the Demon Lord. However, when everyone else obtained powerful abilities, he was given a monster tamer skill in a world were there weren't even monsters for him to tame. Cast out of the group for being useless, betrayed by the love of his life, the one he thought was his support and hope. Beaten and thrown into the deepest part of, one of the most dangerous dungeons to die. In such a situation. Would he survive ? Would he find a hidden feature of the power that everyone deemed as useless and get back up ? A demon king, or a hero ? what would he choose to become ? Would he forsake those who betrayed him, or would he finally accept the truth of the world and his own path in this new hell. ~ A little slow paced but I will try to keep update good ~No Ntr ~There is betrayal ~Gore + R-18


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9 chapters
Doruk plains, Planet of Negressea.Two knights in full plate armor were riding on horses through an open grassland, surrounding a third horse that was towing an unconscious man, who was being pulled by ropes and sliding across the ground.His eyes were swollen, black hair were half-fallen, making his scalp visible, and his body was covered in blood, dirt, and wounds.The white t-shirt and blue pants that he was wearing earlier were now nothing more than rags on his body, and his bleeding mouth had clothes tied around it to stop him from screaming.Travelling in that state, they soon came across a black portal that was like a giant fortress wall, stretching far into the left and right endless horizons.The horses didn't stop in their tracks and directly entered the abyssal black gate - also known as the 'Doruk Gate' of the first Demon Dungeon, one of the 12 most dangerous Dungeons that existed in this world.Entering the portal, their vision briefly went black, before returning to a co
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Aiden POV : As the darkness grew lighter, a statue of a young woman, perhaps 20 years old, with snow-white skin and golden hair came into my line of sight first. She stood there smiling with both hands raised, appearing to be holding the entire world in her arms. However, for some reason, I could sense a strange coldness in her smile, and I immediately felt a chill run down my spine.But I soon shook my head, collected my thoughts, and took a good look around.We were positioned on an odd ceremonial stage inside a large room with a dome-shaped ceiling, which was about three stories high. The interior of the building, which was glowing beautifully, was surrounded by the enormous pillars that appeared to have been built by stacking glossy white marbles on top of one another.Theresa's figure was also there as expected when I turned around to look.I was relieved that she did not appeared to be hurt, but strangely she didn't seemed as confused as the others; rather, she still had a ca
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Betrayal (1)
" You were all summoned by the goddess Romia's will. She is the Goddess of Creation who created this world, and she is our all-mighty mother. The Demons have begun sending small platoons to attack various locations on human territory, and the long-disappeared Dungeon gates have reappeared on the world. This is clearly a foreshadowing of the destruction. We prayed to the goddess, and she sent you to save us. So, with the powers she granted you, you must protect humanity and lead humanity in this war against the demons."The Pope said, and his words were all spoken in a very courteous tone, but there was clearly an underlying tone of certainty and authority, as if he wasn't asking us, but rather giving his final judgement of the situation.The fact that we have no choice and are helpless in this situation was confirmed to me after hearing his speech." Is this a joke or what? How can we fight in a war when it is so dangerous? You guys summoned us against our will, and now you want us to
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Betrayal (2)
The food was similar to what we normally used to eat on Earth, but it tasted so good that it even put some five-star restaurants to shame.Soon, everyone finished their meal, when suddenly a group of knights arrived and 'politely' asked us to follow them. There was no request for our permission as their intimidating aura was enough for some students to follow them, and when one moves, other follows.Following the Knight and the pope, while walking down the hallway, we all noticed the lavishly decorated walls, which featured paintings, and other works of arts made of gold and crystals. Some groups of beautiful maids also passed by us, bowing respectfully to us.The maids and other servants always had awe and respect in their eyes whenever we passed by them, and this only served to boost the students' already inflated egos as 'heroes'.*******The war cannot be fought solely with words; it requires skills, courage, power, and determination.But, where will some 17-year-old high school
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Betrayal (3)
Fate has a twisted sense of humour.Just when you think that everything is going well, something always comes along and ruins it.The happiness I had after seeing Theresa's status vanished like a puff of smoke as I returned my gaze to the holographic display in front of me.∆----------------------------∆Name - Aiden RiveraAge - 17Level - 1Health - 100% Mana - 100%[ Job class ] - Tamer of the Night ( This class is more focused on mana and mental capacity, so the user is granted extra intelligence stat point for each level up )[ Physical stats ]Strength - 2Agility - 2Constitution - 2Intelligence - 2Maximum stat potential - EAcquired Skills - N/A[ Class Specific Skills ]====================Monster Tamer -> ( This skill allows the user to tame any monster. The monsters that are tamed will loose the ownership of everything they possess and the ownership will be permanentely transferred to the master. - Current number of monsters that can be tamed depending on the level o
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Prison (1)
This wasn't a prison.It was a zoo of insanity and a room filled with brutal physical and psychological abuse.The crimson walls that connected each corner and created a precisely square chamber, looked like they were painted many years ago.The worn out paint on each of the four walls had a burden of memories, each scratch telling a tale of crazy men who as they drew nearer to death, started scratching at the walls eventually.The more I looked at them, the more driven I was being to just run away from this place.The screeching from the side walls, the sound of rioting, and the nauseating stench of the bathroom within the cell would all began with the bell ringing every six hours of every day, making me want to add the blood specks on this cold stone floor.The evil guards' shadows seeped into each cell in this zoo of madness at precisely the right time for the past two days.Every six hours during the day, all the captives would begin screaming and wailing for food, which was merel
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Prison (2)
" Why? What are you thinking? What happened to the time you spent with me? What about our feelings? was it all a lie, a hoax? "I tried to swing my hands and legs with full force, as adrenaline flowed through my body and the pain became numb, my sanity was fading by the second. I was getting crazy, trying to break free from these chains and compel her to answer me.Her next comments, though, brought my craziness to a halt." It wasn't a hoax. I loved you, I still do, and I will always love you the same way. I can't love anyone else other than you. " She talked with a pleasant tone as she continued to caress my face and wipe the blood from it with her fingertips; it wasn't a lie, but my mind wasn't ready to accept her statement." Liar, liar, at least be honest. No need to hide right now. I've already been sent here by you. What new tricks are you employing. " Again, I had a lot of questions, and I couldn't help but ask them out. "How can you possibly love me? Why do you treat me in
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Hidden Feature (1)
My consciousness returned when I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I vomited gastric acid, but the cloth tied around my mouth, prevented the outflow, sending the stomach fluids back down my throat and giving me a burning sensation.I was able to open my swollen blue eyes with some difficulty.The sudden change in light caused me to strain my eyes, and it took a second for me to get a clear vision of my surroundings, which revealed a dense forest with trees and wildlife all around me.My injuries hurt more in this humid environment, so I could only take small breaths from my nose. Any more than that caused a sharp pain in my chest as my lungs and mouth hurt while taking a deep breath. I could feel the fresh air and smell the scent of fresh soil, which was suddenly overpowered by the irony smell of blood.Two knight guards were still surrounding me even though I was no longer in my prison cell.'Where am I?'Theresa's words came to my mind suddenly, and I realised that I had already ent
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Hidden Feature (2)
My soul was worn, and my bones ached for some rest, yet, I did my best to move.The temperature in the cave seemed to drop as my body began to feel cold; I knew it was my body's reaction to supply more blood and heat to my organs in order for me to survive.I had lost all understanding about how to live the life with pain that I had to carry, and my eyelids felt heavy as my consiousness became blurry.— Doesn't that mean Aiden is a waste.— As a waste, he should stay away from Theresa.— His father abandoned him and his mother because of his cheap personality. Who knows how his mother acquired such wealth; you can all speculate what immoral acts she may have engaged in. — Please die for me Aiden." NOOO... "As I sat against the cave wall, recalling the insults and sarcasm that everyone had hurled at me, my eyes, which were about to close, sprang wide open, and I opened my mouth to scream.However, no sound echoed in the cave—only a little push of my breath that did not even rustle t
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