Algea High School

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Algea High School

By: Aiden Ongoing

Language: English

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Algea High School is a gathering place for talented children from different countries. Even though it is known as a favorite high school, Algea's own high school in fact has many illegal acts that are always hidden from its students. Oliver who became a student representative from his own country. Trying to team up with his own classmates from different countries to solve the mysteries of their school. Not only that, Oliver also has a duty to help with personal problems faced by his classmates who have different backgrounds. Oliver, which is only a scholarship recipient, must be able to solve all these problems even though he often finds it difficult.


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Crazy Oliver
BUAKA fist shot up towards Adam's face."You're dead!" exclaimed Oliver, who was already furious with his classmate."You just died!" Adam exclaimed, pointing to Oliver with his middle finger. The boy then turned his body, and he was able to perform a small lock on his opponent's body.Despite having a lock on his body, Oliver easily let it go. Then Oliver grabbed Adam's collar and slammed him against the wall."DIE YOU!" he screamed, as if possessed.Adam immediately coughed and noticed some blood coming from his mouth. His body was crushed, but he had no time to complain because Oliver returned a kick aimed at his head. Adam quickly rolled to the side and ran to avoid Oliver's evil rage."Where are you running?!" exclaimed Oliver, who had gone insane. Of course, Adam's rage was justified because he dared to solve the problem of his classmate Nana.Oliver quickly catches up with Adam after passing through several other student crowds. He is currently outside of the classroom, or rat
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The Outburst of Rage
"I agree with you," Lay said as he launched a Chiang Tea attack (kicking upward in the shape of a triangle cutting under the arm and ribs) on Oliver, who was about to launch the Pulo Kali attack, one of his mainstay moves in silat."You block with your feet, while he blocks with your palms. Wow, I'm astounded "Nila made a comment that was meant to be mocking."So you'd better keep quiet. Do you think it'll be easy to fight this crazy dog? "Lay screamed as he fought Oliver, who was acting like a crazed dog."Don't complain, it doesn't match your fierce style, guys," Nila said casually."Oh shit, I'm really going to kill you, Nila!" exclaimed Lay, struggling to keep up with Oliver's increasingly insane attack.Nila was aware that his friend was in a dangerous situation, but he was unsure whether to attack Oliver. Because he could be the next victim. Nila tried to stop Oliver, but just as he was about to get an answer from his smart brain, he heard the deafening sound of a girl screaming
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A Little More Peace
"Your brother will be furious if he discovers that his older brother is committing such violence against others," Nila predicted."I'm sorry... I'm really sorry," Oliver said, disappointed in himself. Oliver's tears began to fall without his knowledge. He is the strongest in physical matters for his school, but he also has a very fragile heart. In stark contrast to his athletic appearance."Oh, dear. Who sprayed onion liquid on this place? "Lay exclaimed loudly. The boy is attempting to console his sad friend. Lay jumped out of bed and grabbed Oliver by the collar, staring at him with a cold stare. "When you first arrived at this school, you promised to be strong. And I sincerely hope you will keep your word!"Nila remained silent when she witnessed the Lay action. To be honest, he enjoys the part where Lay tries to console one of his friends who is becoming distressed. He enjoys this type of romance.Oliver makes a fool of himself by looking at Lay's face. "Sorry, it appears that I'v
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"Attempting to make amends for your friend? Oh, how romantic you are, "Mr. Ita scoffed, his face akin to Pennywise's clown. Mr Ita then kicked Oliver's body and immediately rewarded him with a whip. "Even though it's romantic, it doesn't make me feel sorry for you. I despise your stupidity and naiveté!" Mr Italy swung the whip at Oliver's body incessantly.This kid, honestly, I despise him... he reminds me of myself in the past, said Mr. Ita in his heart. To be honest, the young man recalls a similar punishment he received as a child. And every time he thinks about it, his heart sinks."Don't you guys want to replace this stupid child?" exclaimed Mr Ita, offering a commutation to the rest of his students.No one responded, and they all remained silent and expressionless. And Mr Ita, who saw this, grinned, knowing exactly what his protege was like. Their students, on average, are selfish and do not care about others except for their own benefit.And seeing such vices irritated Mr Ita.
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Excessive Talking
"They are all psychopaths, you are correct. It's not just our classmates who want to bring each other down the teachers here seem eager to kill their own students "Bandung continued to speak calmly. The teenager's mentality appears to have been thoroughly tested, as evidenced by his ability to remain calm thus far."Heh, instead of saying they're all psychopaths," Bangkok admitted, "I honestly got a little scared of you because of your overly calm attitude." After all, if he were in Bandung's position, he might choose to return home right away. How could such torture be considered insignificant or even amusing? Except for people suffering from certain mental illnesses.Bandung exhaled a sigh. "In a situation like this, you have no choice but to keep your cool. If you continue to allow yourself to be afraid of living in such a place. I'm sure you've known for a long time that you have a mental illness "Bandung stated."Manila irritates me greatly. He-he had been acting like a coward ea
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"So what if she requests a present? Do you want me to give it to you as well?" Bangkok appears to be irritated by Manila.When Manila and Bangkok were about to start fighting again, Bandung quickly delivered the contents of the durian fruit into the two friends' mouths.It can be determined that when the durian fruit entered the mouth, the two friends, Bandung, immediately realized their mutual hatred for the fruit."If you guys vomit, I'll go back and feed you three pieces of fruit at once!" Bandung threatens, a satisfied smile on his face."To... ha... mm..." said Bangkok and Manila at the same time. They both appeared to be having difficulty swallowing the fruit. Of course, the scent of the stiff fruit managed to make their nausea feel like a struggle."That's the punishment for two loud people like you," Bandung said cheerfully as he ate some durian meat. Unlike his two friends, who appeared to be tortured while eating the fruit, Bandung appeared to enjoy it.***The School Hallwa
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Psychopath Girl
In response to Kyoto's question, a Singaporean girl with long hair with the backs and bangs cut flat smiled. "Switzerland, he seems to be very busy. In addition, because I gave you the medicine, there is something I want to tell you "He spoke softly. The voice may appear subtle, but it sounded exactly like the devil's whisper to Kyoto.Kyoto ate his own saliva. The girl hesitantly attempted to take the tray from Singapore's grasp, but she almost succeeded. "You don't bother to do that," Singapore immediately said to Kyoto. You simply sit on your bed and allow me to administer this medication to you."No... no... sorry, I can do it myself," Kyoto shuddered.Singapore smiled. He then glared at him while holding Kyoto's hand with one hand. "Simply go with it. Do you want this to get any more complicated?" He spoke in a commanding tone.Kyoto remained silent, content to let Singapore take him to bed.BRUKSingapore and Kyoto sat on the bed, and one of the girls grabbed the other girl's ja
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"Please forgive me, Vienna. I swear I will never steal your cake again "He was terrified, he said.And anyone who witnessed this incident in Bandung could only sigh. "Are you guys starting a drama here?" asks a slacker.***"Nyum... nyum... nyum... it tastes really good," Sabah said solemnly as she ate Vienna's Sachertorte cake. He appeared to have eaten a cake sent from heaven."It tastes much better if you first ask permission from the owner," Bandung said."I'm sorry," Sabah apologized. Sabah secretly looked at Vienna to see what kind of expression her classmate was wearing."I forgive you; there's no need to dwell on it. But, in exchange for your apologies, may I ask you a question?" Vienna inquired, her gaze fixed on Sabah."Yes, you can ask me anything. It doesn't matter if it's about my love or my grades. Or even my pantyline, "At the end, Sabah interspersed dirty jokes.Vienna and Bandung looked at Sabah with disgusted eyes. "You pervert!" the two said in unison to Sabah."I t
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Bittersweet Vienna Memories
Bandung is deafeningly quiet. The boy sipped his tea slowly from his teacup."Sachertorte is a type of chocolate cake or torte invented by Franz Sacher of Austria in 1832 for Prince Wenzel von Metternich in Vienna, Austria. This cake is one of Vienna's most famous specialties. National Sachertorte Day is observed in December." Vienna abruptly explained the sweet snack they were currently eating."Why are you suddenly providing such an explanation? You're so erratic, "Bandung responded strangely to Vienna's explanation.Vienna grinned. "It's okay, a little background knowledge doesn't hurt, and the food we eat today doesn't hurt either," Vienna said. Vienna returned her attention to the face of her interlocutor after a brief glance at her Sachertorte. "I was suddenly reminded of my late mother. Sachertorte was her favorite. That's why every time I look at this snack, I'm reminded of my mother's face "he lamented.Hearing Vienna's words shocked Bandung once more, but this time she was a
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Wounds from the Past
"If you dare to challenge me, this is your punishment. Thank God I didn't plan on killing you today "Mr. Salzburg said as soon as he finished stepping on his own flesh and blood's hand. The man had absolutely no compassion for his own son."Rather than torturing me any longer, why don't you just kill me?" Vienna asked in a very small voice. Even though his entire body is battered, the boy is extremely strong; he can still speak."Are you still able to speak?" Mr Salzburg's face was tense as he looked at his son. "Stop babbling or you will really die here!" he warned.Vienna clenched her teeth. Despite the fact that his entire body was in excruciating pain, the boy had not given up. "KILL ME NOW, ALSO BASTARD!" he yelled angrily."You... hahaha... so amusing. Don't expect to die so easily. The more you struggle, the tighter the grip I put around your neck." Mr. Salzburg looked down on his son with contempt. "However, if you insist on dying, Father can give you a quick death." Mr Salzbu
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