Throne of valor: World apocalypse

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Throne of valor: World apocalypse

By: Lürd ñazzy Ongoing

Language: English

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8 chapters
Chapter one: The Genesis
"So we need to get some flour, baking powder... ""Ugh!... " Beric whined audibly as he steered the car. His fingers constantly tapped on the wheel as he was getting impatient. "Can we just get to the store, before you make my ears bleed? " He teased her but she looked unamused."Oh so I make ears bleed now, isn't that right? " Tina asked him, as she lowered her hand, with a paper on it. On the paper was the list of things they had to shop for Mila's birthday.Tina was Beric's best friend and also a good friend to his wife and a better aunt to his daughter, Mila. She was no doubt, beautiful. She had a set of pearly white teeth, brown eyes, and a cinnamon brown skin tone.Her lashes were long and dark and her lips were thin, glossy, and inviting. She had a seductive body with curves, that could attract a man easily."You know I did not mean it like that..." He responded apologetically and gave her a side glance. "Ok, I was kidding... I'm sorry, jeez. " He added."You better be," Tina
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Chapter two: New Quest
( World reset unsuccessful, going through an evolution in 3...2...1...0 )Another message flashed in their retina but everyone ignored it as their eyes were fully focused on what they were witnessing before them."Holy crap!" one of the policemen uttered as his hand froze slightly above his pistol, in his gun belt.The clouds darkened and right in the air up above the sky, was a tear in space. It looked like a purple line in the sky and occasionally, one or two screeches could be heard from whatever creature was behind the clouds.*Rumble!!!*The Earth shook again, throwing everyone off balance as another tear appeared slightly above solid ground, right in front of the survivors.The tear was so long that it was taller than a tree but was extremely thin. This time, they could hear roars coming from the new tear."What is going on?" A young lady asked in fright as she grabbed her daughter's hand. She looked quite scared, all of them were."I don't know but I can't stay here to find out
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Chapter three: Level up
Beric dodged the beast's attack by quickly moving to the side and stabbing the beast again, as it crashed to the ground in pain.The beast was having difficulties getting up but Beric didn't even want to let the opportunity slide, so he rushed over and stabbed it furiously with pent-up anger.[Quest Completed: You have killed a level 4 shadow lynx beast and have acquired the shadow ability skills. Agility+8 Stamina+28, Hp+20, Mana+8, strength+20 ]A message flashed in his retina but he did not acknowledge it as he kept stabbing the creature. Tears fell from his eyes as he stabbed and stabbed until the creature turned into wisps of light and entered his body.[You have leveled up and reached level 1. You have received two points to distribute freely][You have leveled up and reached level 2. You have two points to distribute freely]He sat down there on the ground and tears fell from his eyes. He couldn't believe that he almost lost his life and had it not been for Tina's warning, he m
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Chapter four: Shoot or die
"Let's get going then," Beric said as he did not get a reply to his question. She nodded and they both headed out of the coffee shop.They both stopped In their tracks, as they noticed that the once beautiful city was in Chaos. It looked like a world-destroying missile had been dropped as there were fallen buildings, Jets, and choppers in flames from an explosion.There were only a few people on the street, either running and getting chased by beasts, or sitting down helplessly with one or two missing body parts as they await death.A beast ran towards them, in an attempt to devour them with its mouth but seeing that the level of the beast was very low at level one, they both did not run away.As the beast lunged at them with its maw wide open, Beric slapped it so hard that it fell with a thud and died instantly.[You killed a rank 1 level 1 shadow lynx. You have 2 points to distribute freely]"Useless." He muttered as he noticed that it did not give him a level up. He kicked the body
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Chapter five: A dominator beast
The room fell silent as the survivors stared at Beric with fear. They felt an immense Killing intent coming from him and their eyes flew to Tina.A woman who had wanted to yell at Tina before, gulped loudly as she wondered what would have happened if she had done that. These people were not the kind of people she should upset as she had no idea what they were capable of doing.Although Beric did not do anything other than the slap he had given the young man, everyone was still slightly afraid of him and his threat. They couldn't afford to find out if he meant what he said or not, so they all kept quiet and reserved their comments to themselves."We need to find some vehicles and get out of here." no Beric said to Tina as he walked towards her. "Staying here will only make things worse," he added to which Tina nodded."What about us?" A woman asked as she stared at them, with streaks of tears on her cheeks. "I can't speak for everyone but... Please let me come with you." The woman begg
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Chapter six: New feature unlocked
Three vans were packed meters away from the battleground where the beast horde and the military fought. The vans seemed untempered and there were no beasts around them. Not even the winged beasts, as there was no sign of humans in the vans or around it as well.After Beric left the building, three soldiers walked into the building with their weapons. "We need you to follow us now." the female among them told the survivors.They informed the survivors that they were instructed by their captain, to take the vans outside and move the survivors to the military base."And why should we follow you?" the young man from before asked. "Have you seen what's happening outside?... I think it's best we stay here." He looked quite afraid and his words got to the rest of the survivors."Either way we might die." Tina interrupted as she agreed with the soldiers. "If we stay here, this building will collapse on us but if we can make a run for it, we might have a chance to live," she added, as she noti
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Chapter seven: New enemy
The horse creature was engulfed In green-colored flames and ripples were constantly discharged from its body. It was standing like a human and had claws for fingers.It stared at the retreating soldiers as they scampered towards the vans in fright. It did not move, it did not even budge but just stood like a statue and watched."Move!! " the Captain yelled at the cadets as he stood outside the vans with Beric. His hands shook on his gun as he watched the creature standing still and watching them."Why isn't it attacking?" Beric wondered as he got into a defensive position with his knives. His eyes locked onto the beast and he was able to notice its leg move a bit. "Huh?" he muttered as his eyes were fixed on the legs."Is the creature waiting for something? " Tina asked as she aimed the horn at the beast. She looked tired and blood seeped slowly from a wound on her lower lip."I don't know… " Beric began but was interrupted by a system notification.[System alert: Wind dominator beast
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Chapter eight:
Sounds of gunshots could be heard as the soldiers fired at the blurry figure, and with a loud thud, a cheetah-like beast fell with its body full of bullet holes."We need to leave now!...there are more!" Beric shouted and brandished the two knives. He moved to the side, avoiding a direct hit from another cheetah-like creature, and drove the two knives into its skull.[Killed a rank 1 level 5 devil horned Cheetah. You have two points to distribute freely]As they made their way out of the valley, towards the road, they could still hear roars coming from almost every direction.Tina could occasionally blast beams of frost at some creature or used physical combat on them. She was already tired from running too much and was panting hard.The soldiers kept on firing bullets at anything that posed a threat to them. Since the beasts moved faster than they could see, they just fired at almost anything. Trees, grasses, and even their comrades were not spared from their bullets.They had almost
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