City of Pearls

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City of Pearls

By: Sofia Ongoing

Language: English

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An ordinary asian family, who is scattered from East to West of globe plans a reunion vacation back at their hometown. Arzeena Baig, a middle born of Baig family is a 26 year young lecturer at University in London has her job at stake after being stuck in their hometown due to an unfavourable event during her stay at Boathouse. Zohan, a security official, is out to investigate a murder of his employee and Arzeena happen to be the last person to see him. Things spark up between the two during their private investigation. Building contacts, Arzeena's starts up organising event to display the city's finest Jewellery. Zohan almost fails the city after he discovers that a robbery had taken place. Instead of disclosing the big news he takes it upon himself to find the missing pieces before his rising-agency loses the contract. Soon enough Arzeena helps Zohan unfold a lot of mysteries of the City of Pearls.


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7 chapters
Chapter - 1
Narrators Pov:-Walking on the street of Bethnal Green, London, Arzeena made her way to Queen Mary Uni. She looked fabulous in her V-neck white blouse accompanied by black trousers and a long georgette shrug over it. Her hair tied in a bun and a scarf wrapped around her head.Entering the huge gates and crossing by the bushes shaped in Uni initials, Arzeena tapped her heels to walking faster, not wanting to be late anymore.Suddenly she was stopped by another Professor."Hello, Ms. Baig" said Bailey Stanon with a hint of arrogance in it, a faculty member who Arzeena could never got along with. "Hey, Mrs. Stanon" Arzeena said raising her brows, preparing herself of the bullshit that's about to come from Bailey."Do you know you have quiet a different methodology of teaching History?" Arzeena was sure this conversation is going somewhere."Mhm, yes I do" she nodded."But do you know, it's not always a good idea to impose your perspectives in the times like these"."Ok that, I did man
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Chapter - 2
Next morning, I woke up and dressed in a night-blue jeans and a long grey turtle-neck and a green scarf hung loose around her head. Passing through the doors rather quitely not trying to wake Aamer up. Reem was already downstairs filling her so called hydroflask. I headed to the kitchen, grabbed few potato wedges from the counter and stuffed them in my mouth. Took a seat and filled an empty plate with veg curry and freshly made hot Roti, that was probably made on Aamer's demand. Without any delay I began to eat. Aamer walked in "Aisa bhi kya hai, zara araam se khao insaano ke jaisa" (What's so hurry, eat like a human) I rolled my eyes thinking what could've woken him up, he was better off sleeping. "Uthgaye dum karne?" (So, you're awake to bother us?) "Looking at the rate of your eating speed, I'm assuming you are super late". He was right. I really needed to be at the university within 10 minutes. It was a short walk and that's why I always took my time waking up and getting
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Chapter - 3
Zohan's POV:Hyderabad, India.Light from the screens in front of me showered on nothing else but me. I kept working late, trying hard to crack codes. "Sir, we need you take a look at this" said a short man solemnly. Manik, worked under a strong security development coorporation managed by me, Zohan Sharief.I followed Manik to his private unit. On his screen I saw a cctv footage of a hooded guy placing his tab facing the machine for 45seconds and then something popped on the atm screen to which he entered some digits and what we see next is atm spitting out a sum of cash.The robber faces camera, his face covered with a camouflaged mask and shows the sum he was holding. Zohan banged his fist on the table and walked outside saying "No need to track him down"."But sir, the bank..." the security officer, Manik tried to talk to me but I closed my door on his face, leaving him all confused. I worked for another hour and created codes and next thing we needed to do was test it. A man
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Chapter - 4
Arzeenas POV:Nothing has ever felt as exciting as hearing about family reunion, and visiting the city of Hyderabad. It's purely a moment of joy and I couldn't wait to share it with Reem even though I was still in the middle of conversation."Are you serious? I thought you'd drop the plan overall this year. What about Ruhi? Will she come Adyan bhai?" I couldn't be more enthusiastic.My eldest brother was on another end of the call, "About that, I'm not sure yet because you are the first one I'm discussing it with."I squealed "Yay, I feel priviledged you have no idea how much I wanted to visit Hyderabad this year & also New Delhi since there's going to be Jewellery display of Nizams and it's going to be one time opportunity for us. Okay but did you speak to Reedan bhai?""When I say you're the first one to discuss it with it actually means you're first among sisters. Reedan is first in the family by default" he gave out a hearty laugh and I puffed out in disappointment. "And about New
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Chapter - 5
A mothers warmth is incomparable to any comfort in this whole world. The scent alone is enough to put you at ease. Their fragile heart wants nothing in this world more than seeing their kids at ease.Mummy was peeking through the balcony windows. Bhai parked the car inside the gates of our house. In no time I saw her waiting at the doors, Adyan bhai opened the door wide. I put my purse down instantly and almost jumped in her arms and she kissed me on my cheek lightly.She was in tears. I was holding my tears as well because before they planned to come to the city, I honestly thought I wouldn't be able to see her this year. My mom has a sweet caring heart and I didn't realize how much I missed her hugs and kisses until this moment when she started giving me loads of them.Reedan bhai smiled ear to ear saying "Been there" and placed the luggage inside. Adyan bhai hugged me from the side and took me inside. Ruhi is suppose to arrive at night. We all had lunch together. Just Shamna bhab
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Chapter - 6
Narrator's POV:Zohan Sharief was a work-oriented man, he was usually the last one to find out big decisions that have made at home. Not like he was least interested, the work occupies him so much that he rarely gets time or opportunity to focus on any other thing, even love. He has never fallen in love before, he doesn't even know what it feels like. All he believes in is that he has to work to take care of his family. "Wait, what? They said yes? Are we saying Yes back to them?" Thick brown haired man questioned his mom. "Yes and YES! How clear do I make it for you Zohan?" His mom clarifies his doubts about his sister Zaina. "That's great!" Expressing happiness was rare for Zohan and him making this remark with a grin reflected his true happiness. WIthin a couple of weeks an engagement at a huge wedding hall was held. Zohan tucked in the silver deer brooch on his Navy blue blazer. Knowing that everyone else has already left for the venue, he wore his rolex and fiddled his fingers
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Chapter - 7
-Zohan laid on a bean bag biting the chunk of magnum and licking what melted on his hand, "What a night!" he said releasing a sigh of relief and satisfaction. "What a night?" Zidan questioned with one eyebrow raised, "You literally stood like a robot, not speaking with a single girl out there, are you gay?" Zohan smirked "Calling people gay isn't insult anymore, what time are you living in? .... Besides, you were too busy with the chicks to notice I had eyes on some" Zohan sniggered. "Liar, I know you better. You can't flirt, cause you don't know how." "O bhai, I don't NEED to flirt to make someone attracted to this" He gestured at his own body and then winning the argument by saying "Unlike you""Stfu" Zidan laughed before leaving the sitting room. Looks like he couldn't impress a single girl tonight. Technically Zohan haven't either but man have he intimidated her and he was proud of himself in the moment and this dignified person stood up and moved his hips out of joy. The
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