The Charming Son-in-law: The Fire Dragon

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The Charming Son-in-law: The Fire Dragon

By: Debbie chocolate Updated just now

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Adonis has always been despised even before he became a live-in son-in-law. But he swore silently and waited patiently for the right time to make everyone who had discarded him bow before him. When he returned, he had just two things on his mind_Revenge and Loyalty!


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7 chapters
Chapter 1: The loyals
Adonis read through the letter, over and over again. It was the letter sent by Peter, the man he was partially grateful to. The letter arrived five years ago when the war was fierce. So, there was no chance for letters or dilly-dallying. It read, 'I don't know if this letter will get to you but if it does and you are still alive, then it's the best for me. I would probably be dead by now as I'm currently sick. All I want from you is a payback for all I've done for you. You are the only one I can trust my daughter with. Protect her, I beseech you, forever. From Peter.'Adonis had already planned to retire. In fact, he had sent out a letter of recommendation to the Omnilert corporation.Though, there was another reason beneath it."General!" A thick voice yelled suddenly and Adonis looked up at Finn."What's the problem?" He asked in a deeper voice, a dark frown marred his face."There's a problem, General. The soldiers found you. They are all outside, in the fort," he explained.Adoni
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Chapter 2: Secretly the powerful
Finn drove the car and within minutes, they were in the city. Finn pulled to a stop in front of a popular boutique. "Why do you think Owen is in this city?" Adonis got down even before Finn could round the car to open the door. "Because I still want to believe he hasn't betrayed me. Maybe he's trying to struggle but he wouldn't have carted my millions away. He would die if he did that," he responded in a thick voice. Finn nodded briefly, a bit scared by his words. Adonis was a man of valor, a man that must be feared and respected at the same time. If only the Lauriers knew who they were messing with. They both walked inside the boutique and a salesperson walked closer to them, with a smile on her face. "Hello, how can I help you?" Finn looked at Adonis, "I will gather some of the clothes, you don't need to stress yourself," he expressed. Adonis nodded briefly, confirming his request. Finn looked at the salesperson. "I will check around on my own. Though, you can do me the fa
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Chapter 3: Rate the General the lowest
"As I said earlier, hold onto this one so he wouldn't fall," Adonis responded, ignoring Stella's question. Drake felt embarrassed. "I'm going to take the cap for $5000. Refund his money!" The salesperson sighed. " There are more caps in the store. If you really want it, sir, we can get it for you but there's no way we can rescind the order. The company owns the account," she explained. Finn took the cap from Stella. " I will be taking this because it belongs to us," he looked at one of the salesperson. " Pack our orders!" Stella was shocked and embarrassed as Finn and Adonis walked out of the boutique with their bags. "Who is that lady that was trying to embarrass you, General?" Finn asked as he drove off. " My ex-girlfriend. " Finn nodded briefly. "Why aren't you revealing your identity, by the way?" Adonis looked out through the window. " Because of Peter's request. I'm going to do this favor for him. I'm going to protect Aubrey like I was protecting him. A general isn't fi
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Chapter 4: Very bold
Violet wasn't at all close with Stella. It looked like a lot has happened over the years. Though, they all seem to know about the breakup because it was streaming live on the school's social sites. This was why Adonis couldn't show his face in school at first.Stella was a bit confused. "I just saw you at the boutique. You got $3000 worth of cap!""This one can't afford that in a month. Do you know how much he earns per month?" Violet laughed.Stella laughed as well. " I guess he was showing off with the money he had saved up all these years. This guy is so pathetic," she insulted." Don't judge people by the past. Things could have changed for them just as they had changed for you," Adonis muttered. They would be in shock if they discovered he was actually the popular General.And what Adonis held was more important than them. He just had to be calm because of Audrey."Yes, you are right. At least, you don't earn $500 per month again. Your salary would rise above it. So, yes you are
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Chapter 5: The past came haunting!
"Miss Aubrey, are you uncomfortable with us here?"Aubrey regarded him for a moment and slowly shook her head. " It's ok."Adonis looked at Sam. "See?" He smiled softly and jerked Sam's hands off himself stubbornly. The door closed and the elevator started moving again. It stopped after a while and Adonis walked out, leaving Sam behind to bow for the ladies before hurrying out."Adonis, I'm going to subtract your money because of what you did_," Sam rattled off but Adonis wasn't even concentrating. It wasn't that the money meant anything to him anyways.Though it wasn't much, Adonis still had some money in his account. If only Nick hasn't gotten away with his money."So, make sure you are here by eight tomorrow," he finished finally.Adonis nodded briefly and walked out of the vicinity with the uniform still in his hands. He flagged a taxi and got in.He didn't want to give up, just not yet. It was Peter's last request and it was a must he do it. He would find a way to speak with Aub
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Chapter 6: The proposal
Adonia regarded Kevin for a moment and grabbed the heads tie before he rushed out of the room. Adonis was very good at hiding from the camera. He knew exactly where the camera would be and how to hide from it. But when he walked out, he had a mask on because he didn't know how careless he might be on his way out.There were two elevators on the floor. Adonis watched the one that seemed to be moving and showing where James was.Then, he went in through the other. Just as the elevator closed, James got off the other elevator.Adonis pulled off the mask as he walked out of the elevator, “I'm walking out.”“I'm in the car waiting, you need to change your clothes,” Finn responded.Adonis moved closer to the car. The whole place was in chaos now that people didn't have time for others.He entered the back seat and saw the clothes on the chair. He started to change.“Welcome back boss. If you were one minute late, you might have had to kill an innocent person which is what you hate,” he voi
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Chapter 7: Arranged
"But_" Adonis started but was cut off by Aubrey."I'm sorry we didn't discuss this but," she looked at him and shook her head briefly. "I have to tell grandmother the truth," she looked up at Everleigh. " I'm so sorry for hiding it from you all these while."Everleigh regarded Adonis for a moment. "Let him stay the night, we will talk about this by morning," she finished and walked inside before Aubrey would say another thing.Aubrey released the breath that she didn't even know she was holding.Adonis was shocked. "Why would you say that? What's that supposed to mean?"Aubrey's palm faced herself for a moment. "I'm sorry about that.""Then you better tell her the truth because this doesn't even look nice," Adonis advised.Aubrey shook her head briefly. "I'm not telling her the truth, Adonis. Don't you understand, you have to pretend to be my husband!"Adonis stared at her for a moment. "Are you kidding?""No, I'm not!" Aubrey said firmly. "I will offer you a big position or monetaril
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