The Xbreed's Curse: Silverians & Blackerians

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The Xbreed's Curse: Silverians & Blackerians

By: arrinknight Ongoing

Language: English

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[Sci-fi Fantasy based on Science Journals.] After being at the very end of the Goldinian Solar System for so long and being bullied by other immortals, Planet Silverian suddenly got new energy, a very strong dark energy. Flerix then used this opportunity to take control of Metal Galaxy. However, the birth of Keira, a Crossbreed, got in the way of his ambitions. He then messed up that girl's life, forcing her to hide on Planet Earth and concealed her identity. However, due to Flerix’s actions who did not stop targeting her and killing everyone around her, Keira was forced to decide to return to Planet Palladina and become part of the guardian of the Metal Galaxy. At first, she thought that her opponents were only Silverians. However, after Prime Minister Xyon told her a secret from the past, Keira suddenly realized that their real enemies were not the Silverians, but the… Blackerians. Unknowingly, a Blackerian, Hyerixon, had been secretly for a long time, controlling a huge black hole towards the Goldinian Solar System to destroy them all, to avenge Xyon. Keira only realized that her antimatter energy was limited and started to run out, after her previous fight against the Silverians. Could she fight those Blackerians and stop the huge black hole, also to find the person who had been playing with time and space, and then bring peace back to the Metal Galaxy?


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43 chapters
1 Metal Galaxy
[Five chapters in the start may contain pieces of information for the readers to the whole story.] In a parallel world, it is said that the Milky Way Galaxy has a very close neighbor galaxy, called Metal Galaxy. These two galaxies are close together, however, their residents are very different. In the Milky Way Galaxy, precisely in the solar system, there is a star called the Sun with a total of eight planets orbiting it, however, only Planet Earth has life. Humans live and control almost all of the resources on Planet Earth, but the other seven planets are empty. In the Metal Galaxy, there is also a main solar system with the main star, Goldinian, with five planets that are orbiting it. Planet Palladina is the closest planet to the main star, Goldinian, and its residents can use cosmic weapons from light energy. Then there is Planet Halida, whose residents can use cosmic power from the energy of small stars in the Metal Galaxy. There is also Planet Ruthenia, Planet Osmia, and Pl
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2 Planet Silverian
Planet Silverian also, over time, its atmosphere became very thick and dark, even though it was very difficult to penetrate because of a hurricane that blew hard above its atmosphere so that no one who was not a resident of this planet dared to enter. At first, the residents who lived on Planet Silverian could only accept the bullying from residents of the other planets who were still in the same galaxy. Always, if there was a Silverian came to visit a planet, whether it was just for a walk, or other things he wanted to do, he would get bullied by the other people from other planets, just because Planet Silverian was very barren, dark, even all things inside it, was all black. They were even accused of being thieves, and this charge stuck with the Silverians for a very long time. *** Indeed, only Planet Palladina and Planet Halida had never been involved in afflicting Planet Silverian at all back then, because one, Planet Palladina is the sole guardian of Metal Galaxy until now,
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3 Suspicious Dark Energy
Flerix hesitated at first, but the woman spoke again, "You must also keep this secret from everyone, the origin of this dark energy of yours. If the secret between us is leaked, I will destroy all the dark energy that is here, without mercy." Flerix nodded, then quickly without thinking, he took the black pill and swallowed it whole. The woman immediately smiled at Flerix's quick action, then dark mist began to cover her entire body and she immediately disappeared from his sight. After swallowing that black pill, Flerix began to feel pain all over his body, and suddenly, his whole body began to be covered in a dark mist. "Arghhh!!" shouted Flerix in pain, but after a while, the dark mist that had covered him earlier disappeared, as if being sucked into his body. Flerix then stood up straight, raised his right hand, and suddenly a long black cosmic sword appeared in his grip. He then smiled sarcastically as he took a good look at his cosmic sword. "Get ready, you, Palladinas. Jus
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4 Become King In A Quick
Flerix then raised both his hands, and dark mist suddenly shot out from within his palms and began to spread throughout that dark planet. It was small at first, but over time, the dark mist became very large and spread everywhere. Of course, this was illegal, because it was called mind manipulation. However, this was only the fastest way to spread the impure dark energy, for the sake of Flerix's bigger ambitions, of course, and it requires a quite lot of energy. Flerix was ​​serious. He spread darkness everywhere until that dark mist was inhaled by all Silverians there, without them noticing. Although what he was spreading was not pure dark energy, but dark energy that came from within himself. "This is dark energy. The only energy left for this planet! I will share it with you. Be my soldiers. I will teach you how to avenge this long-cherished revenge on the planets that have ignored us! Make the best use of this dark energy because this is the only dark energy this planet has, f
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5 King Flerix's Actions
He had even finished building a very large spaceship, and its entire body and contents were made of dark energy. This time Flerix stood as the king of his planet, King Flerix, although without the official title of 'His Majesty The King', just because there had never been a coronation for him. There were no other planets that knew of Flerix's evil plans because everything had been carefully prepared within Planet Silverian. To trick the residents of other planets, Flerix then ordered some of his soldiers to keep watching around that dark planet's atmosphere. He told his soldiers to immediately attack all non-residents of Planet Silverian, even those foreigners were forbidden to enter, only into its atmosphere. Indeed, his excuse to all his people was so that these plans would not leak out, but he was afraid that his plans would fail once someone from another planet entered Planet Silverian. This could prevent his intention to become the only leader of this universe. Flerix, with
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6 A Cunning Plan
These refugees also began to talk about the brutality that Flerix had committed to their former planets. Of course, this news finally reached the king and queen consort's ears of Planet Palladina. They were furious, and even the king of Planet Palladina, Arnea, became angry with his troops, especially with a senior general who led all the troops of Planet Palladina, Senior General Xyon. *** Xyon, a man with tall stature and a slightly muscular body, with dark purple hair and grey eyes, turned out to be the same age as Arnea, which was ninety years. While Arnea has dark blue hair with both dark blue eyes. He ruled the planet with his wife, Her Majesty Queen Consort Klara. The queen consort had white hair and white eyes, was also ninety years old, and they had both ascended the throne for about sixty-six years on Planet Palladina's kingdom. *** Arnea immediately summoned Xyon into Planet Palladina's Royal Palace, as soon as he got the news about Flerix's actions. As soon as Xyon
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7 Unbalanced Combat
After receiving news that Arnea was looking for him, he then ordered his pilots to fly Silvir, to tour around Planet Osmia. *** Indeed, Flerix did not order his pilots to go directly to Planet Palladina, for the reason that he wanted to take Arnea far away from his planet. He had prepared a well-thought plan for a long time, and it was indeed very cunning. After his spaceship, Silvir stopped some distance away from Planet Osmia, he patiently waited for Arnea's arrival and he believed that Arnea must have known where he was now. *** After patiently waiting, the long-awaited finally arrived. From a distance, the interplanetary train that belonged to Palladina's kingdom was seen flying with great speed towards Silvir, and it did not take long, Silvir and Arnea's interplanetary train, were now facing each other. Arnea immediately got out of his interplanetary train and began to float in the vacuum of space. He then sped off for a while and stopped in front of Silvir while staring at
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8 Injured Senior General
The atmosphere became very tense. Of course, Klara had just realized that her goal of joining this battle as a healer was already too late. *** Flerix then put his face next to Arnea's ear and whispered again, "You thought you were the only guardian of this galaxy. But you are so weak and very unfit to even be the guardian of this your own life. Only I, Flerix, the Silverian, deserve to be the sole ruler, as well as the guardian of this galaxy because our dark energy always exceeds the power of your light energy. Now, go in peace, Your Majesty." Arnea could only glare sharply at Flerix. Then, quickly, Flerix drew his sword that had been stuck for a long time through the chest of his enemy. "You're not a Crossbreed...!" said Arnea quietly, before death picked him up. Suddenly, Arnea's body turned into a speck of dust which then disappeared into the vacuum as soon as Flerix's black cosmic sword was pulled out from his stab wound. Time seemed to have stopped, and all the people who
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9 Death Whisper
He quickly shot up toward Xyon and caught the senior general's body. Blood started flowing from the stab wound on Xyon's left abdomen. "Hey, Xyon! Xyon! Hang on!" cried Arex. He then hugged Xyon, then sped along with the senior general, toward their interplanetary train which was still standing some distance from where they had been. Arex immediately asked a female maid to give Healing Renovatio to Xyon, and without further ado, the maid agreed. *** He then immediately placed Xyon's body at the entrance of the train, and the female maid immediately raised her hands in front of Xyon, and the Healing Renovatio process began. "Faster!" Arex said to the maid who was trying to heal Xyon. Arex then turned to the queen consort who was still in the distance and saw Flerix who was now face to face with Klara, surrounded by the bodies of Palladina's soldiers and the weak and wounded Silverian troops surrounding the two of them. *** Flerix smiled slyly after seeing the injured Xyon and
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10 Late Regret
Of course, the act of eliminating himself or teleportation, is a cosmic power called Televortare, an action that requires quite a lot of energy, so Flerix rarely used it. He just did it just out of necessity, so that Xyon wouldn't go after him and kill him.***"Damn!!! Where's that guy?!!" Xyon shouted as he began to pay attention to his surroundings.All the soldiers, servants, and even Nordian, Weim, Sey, and Arex also searched for Flerix and Silvir's whereabouts, but they didn't see anything."What kind of power does he have? Does Planet Silverian still have any more energy since the last incident?" Weim muttered with an irritated face.Xyon was furious when he saw his opponent disappear suddenly like that. He immediately ordered all the soldiers, guards, and servants who were there and participated in the battle earlier, to return to the palace of Planet Palladina, full of anger."I'll deal with them later!" Xyon muttered in his heart.***Meanwhile, inside Silvir, Flerix can now
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