In The Last Days

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In The Last Days

By: Lord of Hallows Ongoing

Language: English

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"What will you do... If you found out, tomorrow was the end of the world?" ... "The Apocalypse... The End Days... The Final Destination... The Malefic Events of Destruction and Chaos..." ... "The Advent of the Annihilator.... The Absolute Armageddon!" ... "These are... The Last days!" ... Promptly after the mysterious disappearance of roughly thirty percent of humanity, the world instantly plummet into chaos and disorder, gruesomely devasting the remaining population. ... Finn Ian Baker soon finds himself in a fiendish and savage reality, where only the strong are allowed to survive, in an attempt to attain redemption while the weak are mercilessly slaughtered.

1 chapters
Chapter 1: The Beginning at the end
Huh-Huh-Huh!!Heavy panting could be clearly heard as a young lad ran through the rubbles of what seemed to be a destroyed and abandoned city. Smoke and ash could be clearly seen tainting the dark and dreary night. For some reason, the moonlight that shone onto the earth was extremely faint, making one vision in the night, seem blurry and obscure.They was a notable mix of temperatures, as major parts surface were freezing cold while some specific parts on the Earth were rather warm, while others were scorching hot. Judging by the scale of devastation and destruction, it was really to easy to deduce that a large scale disaster rampaged through the city. Apparently, it wasn’t only the City but the entire world had been severely destroyed beyond repair.Landscapes and terrains torn apart like toys, immeasurable death’s spanning across the several continents of the world, billions of property rendered useless.These were actually the Last Days.The Lad was seen struggling through the rub
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