Void King Unbound

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Void King Unbound

By: Arkbrave Ongoing

Language: English

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The world you know is but a tale of the old... A Millenium ago, The Human population was on the brink of total annihilation. Creatures from various mythologies emerged from the shadows and wreaked havoc across all lands. These creatures were soon to known as the Akashic Spawns. The Akashic Spawns emerged from portals around the world. Humanity was at its lowest. With over half of the world's population eliminated at that time, all hope was lost, until items emerged from different corners of the globe. These items were relics belonging to powerful beings from different mythologies and folktales. They bonded with the humans granting them the power to fend for themselves... Centuries later and the threat of the Akashic Spawns was erased. New civilisations were structured to replace the old The remaining Akashic Spawns were either hunted for their unique body parts or tamed as Familiars. Konami Kodo, an assassin-turned historian stumbles upon a Relic with the power to absorb anything. Certain relics harbour the souls of their original owners. "Boy, how would you like to rule the world as my Vessel?"


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6 chapters
YEAR - 784 ARThe wolves howled throughout the silent darkness. The crescent moon visible even though the clouds had gathered. Under the cloudy sky was a hooded figure. He held two shadowy daggers. The sound of his teeth grinding could be heard as he pointed hus daggers at the approaching enemies. Dozens of ninjas dressed like him circled around him. The man's breathing was orderly as he counted his enemies. He knew he couldn't afford to slip up here. Just then, the ninjas in the center moved to the sides allowing their leader to pass through. "I told you, you won't get anywhere, brother." "Keith," The man removed his hood revealing a pair of blue eyes matching those of his opponent. There was no doubt, these two were brothers. "We don't have to do this, let me go and you'll never hear from me again." Said the man. A chaotic aura swirls around Keith. "I'm afraid you can't talk yourself out of this bro-, no. Konami . From now on, you are an enemy of the House of shadows!" He e
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"Centuries ago, the world faced what had gone down in history as the most chaotic days in human existence.War ravaged, countries fell, destruction followed by every nook and cranny, all seemed lost and people had already given up on life itself until..."A silhouette of a man in his thirties could be seen raising a longsword high in the sky before charging towards demonic-looking creatures."A Hero appeared and brought an end to the chaos. Sadly that wasn't until most of the population of the world that time was destroyed"He stood atop a pile of the creatures as he shouted his battle cry..."His final words before he vanished were""When the six authorities have bonded, Ragnarok will rise once again""He was the first relic user"The man disappeared...A woman was revealed to be reading from a book titled "Last Days of the old era" before closing it and placing it back on a shelf amidst other books.She seemed to be in a library.She was clad in red armor like a knight and a cloak h
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Clash Of The Beasts
"Ahhhhhhhhh!!!"Axel was panicking and sobbing while the walls kept closing in on him."I know I was a petty thief, but I never thought I'd face an end like this".Meanwhile.Konami appeared at the end of the portal..."Huh, the portal didn't work!"It looks like the crypt would only allow for Axy to pass through.Konami clenched his fists at the thought of Axel not coming out of the portal, Self guilt is a terrible feeling."If I hadn't taken his damn hat, he would be here right now""You've got that right, you bastard!"A familiar voice shifted the current atmosphere."Axy!"Konami jumped on his feet excitedly at the sight of his teammate coming out of the portal.He quickly rushed towards his partner and gave him a bear hug while sobbing."There there you little demon spawn, I, the great Axel Star have successfully raided a crypt all on my own".He declared, recalling how he escaped from his previous predicament.A few moments earlier, Axel was being squished by the moving walls un
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White Void
In a dark and eerie room, three silhouettes could be seen.One of them seemed to be addressing the other two who were on their knees..."Your brother has been spotted in Ernia, you know what to do"."Yes father"The larger of the two spoke first, followed by the other..."What if he chooses to resist?""You may take away his relic"A devious smile could be seen on their faces as they vanished in the blink of an eye leaving the Man alone to his thoughts.'It's time you embrace your birthright, Konami'.He spoke in a cold dark voice that had absolutely no emotions in it."Let the hunt begin!"Varis shouted and charged towards ace with a hard knuckle only to be met with a foot to the face."He got him!".Axel who was still trapped inside the spherical mass of electricity was cheering on his partner.Konami quickly retreated his foot seeing as it didn't even daze his opponent and readied another attack, not letting the momentum go by."Shadow Bind!".He summoned his shadow to bind the beh
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Rada Khan
It was now four days after the battle between Konami and Varis.News spread far and wide across Ernia about the Brave that defeated one of the strongest district commanders.In an isolated area not far from Kondo, an army was being addressed by a man.He was tall and skinny, had silver hair, and was clad in Violet armor with a cape around his back.He was pacing about the filled with his hands positioned behind him."Soldiers, join our armies to become heroes the same way the legends of old did""They are born to rescue, to enter hell and conquer on behalf of the light!!""Let the children born of the hero's heart be the champions of the weary, let them take their strength and lift the broken, for they are the ones who would lay down life and limb to do what is right!!""So take up your arms and follow me as we go to battle against the accursed Relic users!"RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWAll the soldiers raised their weapons in unison and led out their war cry."All hail Cronoa!"They cheered."Al
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Rada Khan 2
On the fields right outside of Kondo, an army of hundreds were marching in unison. The one heading this party was Rada Khan."Hand me another Cannon".He took the cannon and with movements like a pitcher, threw the cannon over the walls of Kondo and a huge explosion could be heard.This went on a couple of times.As for the condition on the other side..."They're over 200 of them, I don't sense any relics from them though"He had deployed his shadow to spy on the marching army."What now!" The one who spoke next was Axel, he was panicking evident from how he was aggressively pulling his hair."What else, we fight""H-hold on!" Axel interjected"I didn't sign up for war, this is his problem."He was pointing at Varis."Axel..."WHACK!Konami slapped him shocking everyone around them."He is our Clan mate now, and we don't abandon our friends!"He exclaimed furiously.Axel had a puzzled look on his face as he held the spot he was slapped."You can either help us out or run away like a c
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