4 Corners: Prologue

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4 Corners: Prologue

By: Grant D Koeneke Ongoing

Language: English

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Welcome to the strangest neighborhood in the world, where just about anything can and will happen. New people to the neighborhood meet their Realtor who seems to be just a bit different from any other human. In a new house, in an old neighborhood, the newcomers will be welcomed to the neighborhood!

1 chapters
It happened three weeks ago, three weeks that seems like enough time for me to grow out of my adolescence and into adulthood it’s been so consuming of every thought in my head. To be honest, I don’t even know what’s real and what’s fantasy anymore. Away at college, my older brother Ethan had told me fifteen would be a strange and difficult age to get through, but I have a feeling he wasn’t talking about this. Six months ago, my parents and I moved into a rather peculiar house on what has to be one of the oddest suburban blocks in all of America if not the world. Still, to this day, I remember my mom yelling out, “John! Stop running around the neighborhood and come look at the house,” waving her hand from the front porch of a house that could only be classified as “Steampunk Rustic”. Black wrought iron railing covered by a reclaimed barnwood banister greeted would be guests as it opened to more reclaimed barnwood for the entire front porch. It was obvious that the house gave of
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