A thousand years

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A thousand years

By: Kyng Ongoing

Language: English

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Their story seemed to have ended in a rather tragic manner initially only to be given another chance once again. Their love stood the test of a thousand years as they reconnected with each other once again after being separated by the boundary between life and death. A life full of joy and love seemed to await them, but the faith that brought them together also seemed to have other plans in store for them, a test and trial for them to pass. With the birth of new deities, an authority mandate journey, an immortal's descent, a half-deity ambitions, and a celestial awakening; their story is bound to be filled with more than enough excitement than they can seem to handle.


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6 chapters
Chapter 01
The sound of someone knocking against the door echoed out constantly with the doorbell ringing through the air. The sound persisted until the door was unlocked and pulled back. Yet looking into the house through the open door, there was no sign of the person that had opened the door. Eventually, after a few moments of silence, a middle-aged man with an irritated expression and a metal baseball bat held with both hands could be seen walking out from behind the door. He looked out through the door but couldn’t find the trace of anybody that could have possibly been the one knocking on the door so persistently like a thug. “How could someone have gotten in through the gates in the first place…” The man muttered to himself as he looked at the gates closely and noticed they were still locked. It was then that his ears picked up the gurgling sounds of a baby, a weird look appeared on his face as he instinctively looked down following the direction of the sound. “what the…” The man’s
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Chapter 02
Deep in said forest, a silhouette could be seen seated cross-legged at a place where the skies were unobstructed by the trees Suddenly, at that point, a star in the sky, partially hidden behind the rainbow streaks of light, bloomed with an indescribably bright light; a light that even the brilliant rainbow streaks of light could no longer suppress. The burst of light only lasted for a short moment though, a moment after, and it was gone as if it was simply a trick of the eye. At the next moment though, the starlight that had made it hard to perceive the silhouette clearly lightened and dispersed, revealing a calm face that was hard to still hard to see properly due to the long hair and beard covering it. A pair of eyes opened up at that moment behind the curtain of long hair. The pair of eyes seemed slightly dull and unmoving during the first few microseconds as if they hadn’t perceived the light of day for a long while before suddenly brightening up as abruptly as the star in the s
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Chapter 03
Bubbles rose to the surface of the ocean from the car while water from all directions rapidly moved to fill their positions.At this moment, the two people still in the car, unflustered or bothered by the amount of water rushing in or the very fact that they were going to be swallowed whole by the water and forced to give up on breathing, turned to look at each other again as they squeezed on each other’s hands tighter than before. Staring quietly into the other’s eyes, they could see the infinite images of themselves reflected in the other’s eyes as well as theirs, signifying their love for each other and the fact that they only had each other in their lives and no one else.To both of them though that was all that mattered.“I love you”The guy spoke up first, staring lovingly into the eyes in front of him. One arm held her hand while the other remained on the staring wheel albeit simply just holding onto it.The girl parted her lips the slightest bit, a bit of surprise flashing acr
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Chapter 04
"Hurry up, hurry up!""hey hey slow down a bit will ya""I ain't slowing down, I gotta see the fireworks and display up close this time around""There's still about ten minutes till midnight, at least don't run like you're being chased""Too late, I ain't stopping now, it's just up ahead""*sigh*"At 11:50pm, December 31st, times square seemed to be as overly congested as the space could, but it didn't seem absurd at all, since the fireworks and display to be witnessed during the crossover was one of the most beautiful ones all over the world. Chilly as it was, that didn't stop people from coming out to the square to have a look at the beauty of the festival.Every single person out there had a bright smile on their faces, talking either to someone beside or to someone on the phone or just staring at the exquisite placements of the fireworks. The locals took it upon themselves to organize a fundraiser for the event, they felt that way the people will feel more attachment to it since t
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Chapter 05
A figure could be seen moving along an expanse of wilting grass, no it wasn't a shadow it was a human, but the appearance of the human looked like one that had been moving through the desert for days on end. He felt terrible at the moment, the memories of the destruction of the place he once called home passed through his head, he was one of the lucky people who didn't need to move or run away from where his home was, Cincinnati was a lucky city, since the pattern of appearance of those tears never coincided with it and the nearest tear to it was a little far off, so when the people from destroyed cities came over to stay they were already relatively prepared for It and were able to hold off against them. It quickly became one of the recognized places to go to seek shelter with the places immediately around it. Until the emergence of the winged abominations that were at least three times stronger than the ones without wings. The city came under attack of a large number of the monsters
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Chapter 06
"He's a natural born talent I'll give him that, his moves and techniques allows him to adapt so well. This is basically the only thing he's good at, he spends all day playing, he's bound to be good at it"*ta-ta ta-ta**ta-ta ta-ta*The ball moved faster than most eyes could bare to follow, a mere line of white was all that could be seen and yet the two ping pong players seemed to handle it with relative ease, it didn't seem like anything hard for them but it was obvious it wasn't that simple as the two players had wet clothes on, not wet from water but sweat, with a smile on his face the younger one seemed to wane in concentration as his stamina was getting low and he knew he was going to lose once again and like the heavens heard his thoughts, a drop of sweat passed over his eyes and he lost his focus on the ball for a little while and although he moved the paddle in time, the spin on the ball couldn't be countered as easily. When the ball landed and bounced on the ground, his legs
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