death triangle

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death triangle

By: Lole Ongoing

Language: English

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A love triangle? Oh no it's much worse than that. Rather, it is a death triangle. Her, him and a killer. Tanya Hombia has just arrived in Weird Town. She will be plunged into a deadly triangle in spite of herself combining love and murder. A serial killer has been raging in Weird Town for several months, and Tanya will become his prey for better or for worse.


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I sighed wearily as I put the last box back in my new room. Finally we had everything mounted, now a long storage session awaited me. Before, I had to say goodbye to my family who didn't stay longer. My father had already grumbled most of the day because I had asked them to take me here and help me carry my things. So he wanted to go back to us because according to him, the return trip was going to be long. I sighed again thinking that it was not going to be longer than the driveway which had lasted 6 hours, but either, if he wanted to leave, it was his right. So I joined everyone in the living room and it was time for hugs.My grandfather was there too. Both of us had a very special relationship, totally fusional. It was very different from the one I had with my parents. He hugged me tight, telling me to take care of myself and that if I needed help or just wanted to talk to him, I could call him right away. I smiled at him, telling him that everything would be fine and that I would
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“Hi, you must be Tanya. Tiffany told me that we were going to share some classes together and asked me to watch over you. My name is Gabriel, delighted! »I smile softly at him. It was nice of Tiffany, but most of all I felt like a child who was assigned a guardian so as not to leave her alone in the face of the danger of the world. Deep inside I was uncomfortable but I didn't show it. After all, Gabriel seemed like a warm and very friendly person. So I put aside my fear and began to discuss with him the time that the course begins. I wanted to move on, it was time to do it. I couldn't afford to continually run away from the male sex, could I?The amphitheater was quite large but in a rather bad state. On the walls, there were several graffiti of all colors and sometimes you could even see the exposed bricks. Some were even in bad taste with their obscene shapes that had no place in a classroom at all. The seats were wooden and weren't super comfortable. The tables were so small that
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My blood froze. Pity everything but not that. I lifted my head and looked at Miss Smith in dismay. I heard a smirk. I then turned my head to Shaze." Seriously ? I'm not going to work with the kid. She has barely come out of the cradle. Redo the draw.- No Shaze Obviously, she doesn't leave you indifferent. It will do you good to work with someone you don't like. It will make your feet and you have no interest in making life impossible for him. Besides, she's not a kid. »She was amused by Shaze's reaction, I wasn't at all and Shaze didn't seem to be amused at all by the situation either, on the contrary, he seemed more irritated than angry. he wasn't already. Great. I sighed softly as I raised my hand.“Excuse me Madam, but I would also like to change my partner please. I think it will be better for everyone. I doubt that our collaboration will be fruitful.- Exactly, the kid is right!- My name is Tanya.- Sorry. Kid. - Well, both of you, that's enough. My decision is final and irr
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However, I quickly realized that if she was disturbing. Obviously, Shaze was not well liked by my new friends.I was going to put the ice cream in the freezer to prevent it from melting during the meal. At the same time, the delivery man brought us the pizzas. Tiffany had ordered them for everyone, but since she didn't know Shaze would be there too, he didn't have his own pizza. There was also a seat missing. I was going to retrieve a pouf from my room and brought it to him. He had regained his amused smile. I suspected that seeing my friends uncomfortable in front of him amused him a lot. He nonchalantly sat down on the ottoman, winking at me arrogantly. I sighed rolling my eyes. This guy was just insane.I took my own pouf and sat down next to him so I could share my pizza with him. I wasn't going to let him starve and eat only ice cream, even if I didn't want to. He smiled at me when I handed him the pizza. His smile was no longer amused, it was different, almost sincere. I quickly
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Several weeks had passed. No new murders were to be deplored and it was a great relief for everyone. Life had resumed its course, people went out more often, fear was less present but the fear of a new victim was still ingrained in people's minds. Tiffany had offered us an evening at the bar to try to relax. The evening was on the theme of new talents. We were all around a table with our beers. There was a new one in our group. His name was Jason Arena. He was a very handsome boy with copper hair, his only problem was that he was a bit clumsy at times. It stuck with me pretty well too. He was also the captain of the college football team, so he had a nice, muscular build. Strangely, he didn't have a chicken IQ like most of his teammates. It was the first time I saw it, yet I already liked it even if it had small flaws.The latter gave him a touching touch.We watched the little shows of each person passing on stage. Some were more gifted than others. We had a good time with friends. T
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