Being a billionaire

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Being a billionaire

By: Chessman Ongoing

Language: English

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Five years of hardship. Charles has to survive until he gets his money back. now he is back and ready to suffocate everybody that taunt him and revenge those that toss him to the ground.


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5 chapters
Chapter One
He crawls to the corner, it was dark and everything was blurring, the rain wasn't stopping, Charles thought it was an advantage but with the results coming out, he was one foot away from death. His mouth was wide open, he couldn't breath properly, not when he had large cut in his stomach region.“Look for him, check the corners” the commander of the gang's barks. Charles wished he was deaf, hearing this made his head drummed. “it's not safe here” he told himself, but he couldn't tell his legs. Standing up was death awaiting, hiding here was a sure death. Hot tears drop to his jaws, life has been cruel to him, his life has never been stable ever since that day, he cursed himself the day he borrowed from these monsters but looking back at everything, he will do same thing over and over. Charles rest his head, he was tired of running, he tired of having a pounding heart when somebody calls his name, Charles bites lips hard, “how did my life turn this way” more tears drops.“I should j
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Chapter Two
His normal life was scattered in less than a month, everything crumbles before him like a building, everything he owned, every dream he had disappeared, he never saw it coming. Charles opens his eyes, he was lying on the bed, he jumps up remembering yesterday. His shirt was on the floor soaked and dirty, Charles put it on, he had no clothes anyway, looking at the room he could tell it was her room, Charles escape to the door without catching eyes. He put on his shoes, they were at the door, he was lucky everything he wanted was orderly arranged.Charles finished putting on the shoe, he gazed front. Zoe was standing facing him, with the look in her face, she has been watching his escape.“Mom, he is running away” she points to Charles.'Gosh' Charles stands by the door waiting for the woman who saved him, he wanted to be thankful before leaving but for some reasons staying here will be dangerous.“Go inside, Zoe” Lora comes outside. Charles nods showing appreciation.“Thank you for s
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Chapter Three
Ernest walks on the hallway, everybody eyes on him, his hood covered his head and his eyes were down. “his father is shoe coupler” Ernest hears whisper from every corner, he continues walking without stopping his pace.“That not his father, he works has servant there” Ernest face squeezed, even a newcomer knows everything about him, Ever since he fought with Jeremy, one of the big boys in the school, his life at school was thrown into a pit, every secret about his background was revealed, posted in the school chat app and even printed.“His real father is a begger, he begs to survive” this one wasn't a whisper, it was loud and from a familiar voice.Ernest faces the direction, it was Jeremy and his gangs, they were up to seven."Hahaha" the people around laughed. Ernest clench his fist, he turns away, he has learned his lessons, they were saying the truth anyway.“I heard his father died some years back”Ernest zoom pass them. He came out from the school, he has to trek ten kilomete
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Chapter Four
Charles' eyes were down, he gazed up the clouds dark, he has reached the village, his legs were shaking which slowed his movement.Charles kept thinking what Mrs. Anita told him. The words breaking him down, hearing the name Kai made him mad.Kai was his best friend but when catastrophe hits him, he became his enemy, the worst among them. “Ernest, I am sorry, I know I failed you guys” Charles stops covering his eyes.“Daddy has no choice, one day you will understand” Charles massage his close eyes. He was happy his plan worked, he was scared Ernest will reject the money, so he hug him placing the money on his pocket. He was in front of Mrs. Lora house, Charles step to the door.“I thought you will be back already” Lora was coming behind him.“I did other things, what about you” Charles face her.“I am just coming” she step close to him. The door opened.“Mr Charles” Zoe dives Charles, Elizabeth stood by the door, she used to be like Zoe but since she is now teenager.“Welcome Mr. C
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Chapter Five
Elizabeth legs move swiftly, waters Slash on shirt and her sister face.“Mr Charles” Zoe has been crying. Elizabeth wanted to shut her up, but she wasn't in control of her body now, her brain was shut, the last order was to run.“Let go back” Zoe pulls her sister hands freeing herself.“Zoe!, didn't you listen” Elizabeth grip her hands. Zoe kept crying all the way, they reached their house, Lora was standing by the door, she was holding an umbrella, 'just like that day' she looks at the surrounding. This rain must've locked down Charles and the girls. She opened the umbrella, entering inside the rain."Thud" she gazed up, Elizabeth was coming, her sister was behind her, she was dragging Zoe. Lora drops the umbrella running to her kids“what!. is!, happening here!” she looks around, Charles wasn't with them.“Where is Mr. Charles” she gazed to Elizabeth, she stops dragging Zoe when her mother approaches them. Elizabeth stammered, “he…is—” “he is dying” Zoe jumps in. Lora's heart ski
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